About Cold Fusion

I bet you're wondering What is 'Cold Fusion'? Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn't be looking at this. Well, Cold Fusion is my latest idea to bring even more interest into the world of fanfiction. Cold because it's an innovation on the site of Icy Brian (that, and I had to throw an 'ice' pun in there somewhere.) Fusion because it's a fusion of authors to make one great story. Or, as the case may be, many great stories.

Multi-author stories have been done before, but I plan on doing this one differently than the others. They've been done where a group of authors get together and discuss plans for the story, and then write it accordingly. They've been done in a forum setting with multiple authors and continuing storylines, but those can become a real mess. For Cold Fusion, I've mixed elements from different styles of multi-author stories and thrown in some original ideas of my own.

First off, I contacted the authors I had chosen for the project. Which authors are involved, however, will remain known only to me until chapters begin to be posted. The authors have no contact with one another to discuss plot elements. Once I had a complete list of authors involved in Cold Fusion, I contacted several of them to write the first chapter for a given story (each author will write a full chapter, not a section of the chapter.) After they're finished, I'll contact another author and ask them if they're able to write the next chapter. If they are, I will send the previous chapter to them so that they may continue the story, and it will continue on like that. The author of chapter one will be named after chapter two has been written, two after three, etc.

I think this will make for many interesting stories with a lot of different styles. The object for the author is to keep the story flowing and concentrate on making the story look good, not on making themselves look good. I'd like to instill one of the codes of improv into the project: giving gifts. If you set something up for another author to do well, it makes the story look good, and it makes the authors involved look good in the process.

As I said above, there will be multiple stories for multiple games running at once. Here is the list of games that Cold Fusion is currently writing stories for. The number in parenthesis shows how many stories are being written for a particular game:

Chrono Cross (2)
Chrono Trigger (2)
Final Fantasy 6 (1)
Final Fantasy 7 (2)
Final Fantasy 8 (1)
Final Fantasy 9 (1)
Final Fantasy 10 (1)
Final Fantasy Tactics (2)
Lunar: SSSC (2)
Suikoden (2)
Xenogears (2)

Cold Fusion currently has a total of 40 authors involved. Bear in mind that no author will ever be asked to write more than one chapter at the same time (so as to not overload them with work.)

Just to be clear on something, Cold Fusion is a project in which I select the participants from the authors writing on my site. Please do not email me asking to be involved. Thanks.

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