Greetings; I am called Glarryg. I am 21 years old as of 2001, and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Influences on my works include (but are not limited to): Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), Hayao Miyazaki (Nausicaa), Rumiko Takahashi (Ranma 1/2), Masami Yuki (Patlabor), Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes), Jim Davis (Garfield), Chuck Jones (Wile E. Coyote cartoons), and Tex Avery (Droopy and a host of other MGM cartoons). I welcome all constructive criticism of my work. Here's hoping you enjoy my stuff.

Chrono Cross Fan Art

2001 Kid (10.8 KB)

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

2002 Frog rehearsing a scene from "Taxi Driver" (10.2 KB)
2001 Chibi Crono (8.67 KB)
Chibi Crono hurling a lightning bolt (9.8 KB)
Chibi Prophet (2.02 KB)
Collage of CT cast (27.5 KB)
Collage of heroes (14.1 KB)
"Crono Chigger" (5.96 KB)
Crono with sword (54.4 KB)
Helminthes from "Parasite" (11.7 KB)
Imp portrait (2.67 KB)
Jonny (5.22 KB)
Masa (2.38 KB)
Mune (2.39 KB)
Meridio from "Parasite" (12.5 KB)
Nu and frog (4.16 KB)
Octopod (1.46 KB)
Ozzie casting a spell (10.1 KB)
Sketch of Ayla (7.53 KB)
Sketch of Crono (52.5 KB)
Sketch of Frog (3.81 KB)
Sketch of Lucca (5.14 KB)
Sketch of Magus (35.9 KB)
Sketch of Marle (7.97 KB)
Sketch of Robo (6.66 KB)
Sketch of Schala (8.81 KB)
The Cliff (14.5 KB)
The Mystic Guard from "Parasite" (30.7 KB)

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art

2002 Aeris (8.82 KB)
Cloud (12.1 KB)
Tifa (6.75 KB)

Legend of Mana Fan Art

2002 Escad (12.3 KB)
Flameshe (6 KB)
Golem (3.97 KB)
Hero and Heroine (22.3 KB)
Louie (3.94 KB)
Rubens (9.37 KB)
Sandra (6.49 KB)

Seiken Densetsu Fan Art

2004 Amanda and Lester (29.9 KB)
2003 Hero (19.6 KB)
2002 Amanda (36.8 KB)
Battle between Hero, Lester, and Davias (15.1 KB)

Seiken Densetsu 3 Fan Art

2004 Lise decked out in an improvised Halloween costume (58 KB)
2003 Duran (34.8 KB)
Lise (25.8 KB)
2002 Angela (11.6 KB)
Carlie (6.02 KB)
Duran (10 KB)
Hawk (7.13 KB)
Kevin (7.24 KB)
Lise (10.1 KB)

Secret of Mana Fan Art

2003 A Secret of Mana Christmas (47 KB)
2002 A miniaturized Mantis Ant (3.2 KB)
Moogle (2.24 KB)
Popoie (16 KB)
Popoie fighting a Pebbler (9.51 KB)
Purim (7.06 KB)
Purim fighting a ninja (10.7 KB)
Randi (4.91 KB)
Randi fighting an Armored Man (37.4 KB)
Randi showing off the Thunder Saber spell (9.57 KB)
Shade (1.88 KB)
Watts (5.42 KB)

Super Mario RPG Fan Art

2001 Booster (3.94 KB)
Geno (5.67 KB)
Goomba (2.07 KB)
Goomba in color (12.5 KB)
Mallow (3.66 KB)
Mario (7.15 KB)
Mario sketch (3.24 KB)
Snifit experiencing a crippling head cold (4.81 KB)

Sword of Mana Fan Art

2004 The Hero, beset upon by Rabites (41 KB)
The Hero as a Fighter and the Heroine as a Magician (41 KB)
The Hero as a Grappler and the Heroine as a Cleric (47 KB)
The Hero as a Ninja and the Heroine as an Amazon (47 KB)
The Hero as a Sorcerer and the Heroine as a Weapons Master (28 KB)
2003 Hero & Heroine (32.9 KB)

Chrono Cross Fan Art
Chrono Trigger Fan Art
Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art
Legend of Mana Fan Art
Secret of Mana Fan Art
Seiken Densetsu 3 Fan Art
Super Mario RPG Fan Art
Sword of Mana Fan Art

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