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I aslo have a homeside

If you want to talk more to me my MSN is: and AIM: GreatMasterVamp

I'm also member in the forum RPGchat under the name Prophet if you wnat me anything


Chrono Cross Fan Art

2002 Kid (31.1 KB)
Kid (18.3 KB)
Kid (25 KB)
Lucca and Kid (18.4 KB)

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

2003 Taban (21.2 KB)
Zeal (32.4 KB)
Zeal (17.8 KB)
2002 Ayla (56.6 KB)
Ayla (11 KB)
Azala (19.4 KB)
Chibi Ayla (26.9 KB)
Chibi Prophet (36.3 KB)
Chief Ayla (30.9 KB)
Collage of characters (61.6 KB)
Crono (36.8 KB)
Crono and Marle (20.2 KB)
Fiona (15.7 KB)
Flea (43.3 KB)
Flea (47.7 KB)
Flea and Slash (18.6 KB)
Frog (23.6 KB)
Janus (10.9 KB)
Janus and Schala (54.3 KB)
Janus killing a snake (33.6 KB)
Leene (24.9 KB)
Leene and Glenn (19.1 KB)
Lucca (10.4 KB)
Magus (32.1 KB)
Marle (12.4 KB)
Marle (37.2 KB)
Marle and CT guys (54 KB)
Marle casting Ice (28.5 KB)
Prophet and Schala (72.7 KB)
Schala (43.2 KB)
Schala (26.2 KB)
Schala and Janus (35.5 KB)
Schala and Magus (35.1 KB)

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art

2002 Aeris (65 KB)
Chibi Vincent & Sephiroth (56.2 KB)
Cloud and Aeris (67.6 KB)
Jessie (31.6 KB)
Lucrecia's Dream (30.8 KB)

Legend of Dragoon Fan Art

2002 Lisa (13.1 KB)

Legend of Zelda Fan Art

2002 Link (39.2 KB)

Suikoden Fan Art

2003 Riou and Jowy (42.2 KB)

Chrono Cross Fan Art
Chrono Trigger Fan Art
Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art
Legend of Dragoon Fan Art
Legend of Zelda Fan Art

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