Take Away My Loneliness Prologue

By Aeon of Misery

"Never forget them..."

"..Forget? Forget what? What're you talking about?"

"Never forget them..."

"What are you trying to say? Who are you?"

"Never forget them..."


How strange, yet terribly painful for young Tidus to hear the gentle voice of his lady summoner after....the incident. Yuna's voice seemed to echo through his ears as if she had shouted across Spira with just the tone of a hushed whisper. His eyes were then forced open and found himself underwater. Anger and sadness suddenly rushed through his veins and he shut his eyes once more, hoping he could fall into a dream again and hear Yuna...maybe even see Yuna. Or, perhaps he'd just sit underwater and....simply die. But he was not successful in either and he ended up surfacing in what appeared a lake..a lake in where he was in the center. The area seemed rather familiar.

"....This place...? I ended up...b-but...but how...? There's no way...."

He knew very well what he had done. His arms had been wrapped around his lovely Yuna once more, and then threw himself off of the Al Bhed airship and saw the trio who had defeated Sin last...Braska, Auron, and of course his father Jecht. The next thing he remembered, his vision became black and awoke underwater. But, he was...here..?

"..This's some kind of joke right? Yeah, it probably is."

Where was he? It was the last place he would ever imagine he would be after jumping off of the airship...the last place he would've even been likely to land in after such a long fall....it was that small lake by the tall shimmering tree in the woods of Macalania. The place where him, Yuna, and the other guardians had seeked shelter too after escaping Bevelle...the place where Tidus and Yuna shared their very first kiss...he was here.

"No way..I mean...back in Spira..? Returning here..to this EXACT spot? I..I must be going crazy!" he chuckled to himself, feeling as if he really HAD gone insane. But he couldn't think of anything else to do or what to say. With a sigh, he swam to land nearby and sat against a short tree. With a sad shimmer in his baby blue eyes, he stared out onto the ripply surface of the lake. So many memories here...he wasn't sure if he could even handle these flashbacks. In fact, some of these flashbacks seemed so real that he thought he heard Yuna's voice again.

"Never forget them...Never forget them...Never forget them...."

These three words repeated themselves over and over in Tidus's mind...and the voice who spoke these words are what baffled him most....it was the voice of Yuna.

"Yuna...why do you keep talking in my mind...? I feel like...like I've lost you forever..." but all Tidus could hear was Yuna's voice repeatedly saying"

'Never Forget Them'.

"Hmm...If..if this is really Macalania Woods..and if this really is Spira...then beyond here should be the Calm Lands.."

Tidus suddenly jumped to his feet and looked to the path that led to that intersection. As fast as his wet and tired legs could carry him, he dashed through the path, breathing and panting hard with every quickening step. Past the final path segment of Macalania Woods, he finally saw a bright light.

"Aah...too bright....what is this...?"

Well of course light was suddenly a nuisance for his eyes...he had been underwater for quite some time. But finally, his vision had adjusted to the soothing light and looked out onto a large valley from a slightly tall cliffside. The sun shone brightly, and the grass of this long valley swayed gently along with the tranquil breeze blowing by. Nearby, the call of chocobos could be heard...they seemed happy and saw about three of them run across those soft green blades. He then fell to his knees and sobbed...but they were tears of joy, because this could only be one place--The Calm Lands.

"Aaaaaaaaahahaha!!" He let loose a powerful cry of joy, which was slightly shuddered by his quiet sobbing. He then placed his entire body on the ground and let his skin gently caress against the Calm Lands' grass. Then with a happy heart, he leapt off the cliff he stood from and flipped forward several times, landing on his behind. But he didn't care...as he was very much back in Spira. From the corner of his right eye, he then saw that girl on a chocobo, the one who always was friendly enough to lend him one of her chocobos

"Hey there! Long time no see! Sin is defeated, but this time for good! Summoner Yuna truly is the greatest summoner of all time!! This may not be much..but I am letting you have one of my chocobos..permanently!" A happy smile spread across the girl's face as she turned and let out a call, which made a chocobo stand at Tidus's side.

Tidus wearily stood and could only nod as he wiped his face of tears. His fingers graced against the feathers of his new chocobo...and then his mind suddenly became alert again. The girl had mentioned Yuna. Oh how much he had wanted to see Yuna.

"Thanks kid, this chocobo will come in real handy for me"

"Anytime!! Oh rejoice, rejoice!!" And with that, the chocobo girl rode off to the far-west sides of the Calm Lands.

Tidus then mounted his new chocobo and once again pet its feathers near its head. Then, sitting erect and holding on tightly to the chocobo, he now had his mind set on what was going to do now.

"Yuna...I'll come back to you...I'll return, I promise..I just want to see your face one more time.." And with that, Tidus made the same chocobo call as the girl, and he rode on across the Calm Lands.

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