Hearts and Heartbreak

By Aeris Strife

Chapter I: Morning

Link entered Lon Lon Ranch just before sunrise, riding on his horse, Epona. The sky was a light pink this morning. He saw Malon singing in the corral, like she did every morning.

Link left Epona at the fence, and walked out to Malon. The pink colors from the sky shone on her red hair. Link walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist. "Good morning, Sunshine."

Malon turned around and smiled. "A little early, aren't you, Fairy Boy?"

"It's just so beautiful here, in the morning," said Link.

"Maybe you should return to Kokiri Forest, your 'girlfriends' will be worried about you," said Malon, then she began to giggle.

"I suppose I should be heading back," he said, a little sadly.

"Just don't forget our picnic this afternoon," said Malon.

Link kissed Malon's cheek lightly and walked back to Epona. He mounted the horse, and kicked her flanks, "Let's go, Epona!"

Link and Epona rode out of the ranch, being watched by Malon in the early morning sun.


Chapter II: All in Love

Link rode into the forest, the early morning sun following close behind him. He got off Epona and quickly climbed the ladder to his home.

"Just in time to get a few hours of sleep," Link mumbled to himself. He lay down on his bed, and instantly fell asleep.

A few minutes later Saria climbed the ladder to Link's home. "Link! You have to get up! It's morning!"

Link moaned as if he were dying. "Saria, it's to early."

"No it's not!" she protested. "This is the time we get up every morning."

Link sat up, "Well, alright." He brushed the blonde hair out of his blue eyes.

Saria jumped down the ladder. Link followed her slowly.

The Kokiri girls all gathered around Link, every one of them were in love with him. He smiled at the little girls.

"I'm sorry girls, but I have to leave this afternoon," said Link.

"Why?" asked the girl named Redo. "Do you not like us anymore, Link?"

"It's that I'm not a Kokiri child like you, I'm a Hyrulian and I have to get out into the world."

Saria ran walked up and gave him a hug, "Be safe."


Chapter III: The picnic

"Bye, girls!" Link yelled from Epona's back.

"Saria, I dare you to follow him," said another girl, called Fado.

"Fine I will, If you two," she pointed to Redo and Fado, "come with me!"

"Okay," they said in unison.

They tip toed pasted the sleeping Kokiri boy at the tunnel. They then ran out after Link and, for the first time, saw Hyrule Field. The sun shone brightly over the green grass. Small trees and little flowers also grew here.

"Wow, it's so petty!" said Redo.

"Come on, let's hurry!" said Saria.

They ran after Link and Epona for awhile over the beautiful landscape. Link then went into a Hyrulian's dwelling.

He rode in. "Hello Talon!"

"Link, are you taking Malon out again?" asked Talon.

Malon ran out of the house carrying a picnic basket, and that answered Talon's question.

Malon got up on Epona, with Link's help. "Bye, Daddy. I'll be back before dark!"

They rode out to a shady place.

Saria, Fado, and Redo were still following them. Saria wanted to know whom this girl was that dared to steal Link from her.


Chapter IV: The Truth Surfaces

Malon situated the old, checked, green blanket she had brought, so that she and Link could sit. Malon rested in Link's arms. She could feel his sky blue eyes watching her.

Link could only stare. Her radiant red hair tumbled down over her shoulders. He leaned forward and kissed her hair.

Saria saw this and tears began to fill her eyes, "No," she whispered. "No!" Saria ran off, Redo and Fado followed her.

Link and Malon never heard her cries. Lost in each other's gazes they felt as if time had stopped for them. Link leaned forward and kissed her one more.

* * * *

The day was long, but it did end. Link had to drop Malon off at the ranch, then rode back to the forest. He went to his room, ready to sleep. When he got there, Saria was waiting for him.

"So that's where you have been! Off with that girl!?" Saria couldn't control the anger welling up within her. "Sneaking off behind my back to see her?"

Link shook his head. "I don't understand, Saria."

"What is there to understand? Are you that blind?" she asked. Saria ran off into the Lost Woods.

"Saria! Don't go!" he yelled after her. He never knew she was seriously in love with him. She was a Kokiri, he was a Hyrulian, and Malon was too. It could never work with a Kokiri and a Hyrulian. He had to leave the forest; she feared the world beyond. Would she ever understand? They were only childhood friends.


Chapter V: Summons From The Palace

"Zelda, are you sure about this?" asked Impa worriedly.

"Yes, it is time he knew that he is meant to be the next King of Hyrule," said Zelda.

"But, Queen Ruto--," began Impa.

"Should stick to her own kind!" Zelda walked off in a huff.

* * * *

Impa rode into the Kokiri Forest on a beautiful pure white horse. When she dismounted the symbol of the royal family on the saddle was visible. Impa walked to Fado, "Can you tell me where Link is?"

"Sure!" said Fado. "He lives in that house, right over there." She pointed up at his home.

"Thank you." Impa walked to the house and climbed the ladder. She looked inside and saw Link looking up at a bare wall.

"Link, you are summoned by Princess Zelda to come to the Palace of Hyrule," said Impa.

Link looked at her, then back at the wall.

"You could be arrested for not doing as the Queen, Zelda, wishes," said Impa.

Link sat up, still never speaking a word. He went down the ladder, got on his horse, and rode off. On the way to the Palace he stopped to see Malon.

Malon ran out of the barn to come and see him. Her arms flew around his neck, and her lips met his. "I wasn't expecting you today."

"Neither was I, but I have to go to Hyrule Castle to meet with the Queen Zelda," said Link.

"Well, I need to get back to work, and it sounds like you are pretty busy too," said Malon giving him one last hug. "Good-bye."

Link mounted Epona and continued on his way to the castle. He stopped at the bridge to think. 'Why would she want me?'

He slowly rode through the market, then to the castle grounds. He rode up to the guard at the gate.

"Who are you?" said the guard in an ancient scratchy voice.

"I'm Link. I was summoned by Queen Zelda, and told by Impa," said Link proudly.

"Go on ahead," said the old guard.

Link proceeded on horseback. He soon had to leave Epona at the gate. He would have to walk the rest of the way.


Chapter VI: Queen Zelda

Link walked through the many halls of the castle. He walked until the courtyard. This place was so beautiful, so familiar. He looked forward and saw the queen. Her radiant blonde hair fell below her shoulders, her blue eyes seemed to stare right through the things she looked at, and her dress was long with many radiant purples and pinks.

Zelda looked at Link and smiled. "I have been waiting for you, Link."

Link looked at her strangely, but then offered Zelda his arm, as he knew was proper, and they began to walk. "Why have you summoned me, my Queen?"

"Link, you have been chosen by the three goddesses to be the next King of Hyrule. I had a dream… no a prophecy," began Zelda. "A Hyrulian that lived among the Kokiri children came forth from the forest. He held out his hand to me, and I took it. Then light began to shine brightly, meaning he would bring forth this age of great peace. You are the only Hyrulian that lives among the Kokiri children, so it could only be you." Zelda looked at him and a smile crossed her lips.

"But, I love Malon," said Link, a little dazed at what Zelda had told him.

"Yes, there was also a red-haired girl that came from Lon Lon Ranch, begging you to stay with her. Link, you were chosen to be a great king, one that would make peace among the Hyrulians, the Zoras, the Kokiris, and even the Gerudos." Zelda's smile grew larger.

Link just looked at her, his gaze never wavering. "I said, I love Malon!" he screamed out at his own queen.

Zelda let her head fall. 'How can this be? In the dream he gave her his hand, not the other way around.' "You need to be given time, she will betray you. I will wait for the day you return!" Zelda stomped off and never looked back.

Link walked off, still thinking about what she had said. Peace between Gerudos and the rest of the world, never had her heard anything so absurd! It was nearly impossible that Malon, his only and truest love, would betray him. Zelda was lying to him, surely to make him change his mind.


Chapter VII: Saria?

Link laid in his bed, staring into nothingness, still thinking about what Zelda had said, and where Saria had gone. He hadn't seen her for three days, now. 'I have to find her' he thought to himself. Link ran from his home to the entrance to the Lost Woods. He stopped when he entered, how would he find her in this place?

Link looked down and was about to walk out. He then heard Saria playing her ocarina. The song was slow, and sad, unlike her usual song. She usually played happy tunes that would brighten anyone's day. This song made Link strangely sad. "Saria!" he yelled out. She didn't reply.

He walked forward, and followed the sound of her ocarina. He walked until he arrived at the Forest Meadow. Small fairies flew through the area. Everything was green and alive; so beautiful. No monsters now inhabited this place, so Link easily made his way through.

He arrived at the opening where the tree stump, that Saria always played her ocarina, stood. He watched her, sitting there, the girl he loved as a little boy. He took a step forward and a twig broke under his weight.

Saria stopped playing and opened her eyes. "Link, why are you here?" Saria only blinked her bright blue eyes, unknowing of why he would come look for her.

Link walked up to Saria and took her small hand in his own large hand. "Saria, you have to understand. I love Malon, and if you were a true friend you would be okay with this." Link took his hand away. "Do you understand?"

Saria could only nod yes.

"Just think of me as a big brother," Link said, and then smiled at her. "Let's go back."

Saria and Link walked back to the Kokiri Forest together, hand in hand.


Chapter VIII: The Worst News

Link rode out the next afternoon to see Malon. He stopped at the tree outside on Hyrule Field, and saw Malon crying there. Link dismounted Epona to talk with her.

"Malon, what is wrong?" asked Link.

Malon said nothing just let her head fall at the sight of her true love.

Link sat next to her and lifted her chin. He looked into her red tear-stained eyes. "Malon, tell me… please."

Malon broke down in sobs on Link's shoulder. "Father has arranged for me to marry some one, a man I have never met." Her sobs became more severe.

Link held her close and stroked her hair. "We will get through this, as long as we love each other." Link leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

"Malon, get in here now! You are not to leave the ranch until you are married!" yelled Talon, at the sight of Malon in Link's arms. "You had best leave her alone, boy. You will only break her heart." Talon sighed, "I know you love her boy, but this is for the best, you gotta let her go."

"Talon, you are the biggest ass that ever walked this earth!" yelled Link. "If you love your daughter so much why are you breaking her heart!?" Link couldn't contain his anger. He brought up his arm and punched Talon across the face. "That is what any man deserves that cares more about himself than his own daughter." Link mounted Epona and rode off to Hyrule Castle.

Link rode up to the old guard at the gate, "I am Link, here to see Queen Zelda!"

The guard let him through. 'I will do as she wishes, but will forever love Malon,' he thought as he rode through. He ran into the courtyard, a fierce anger eating at his soul. "Zelda, I am here to accept your request."

Zelda turned and ran to him. "I am glad that you trusted your instincts on this one." Zelda leaned closer to him and kissed Link.

Zelda's lips were soft and tasted of raspberries, but Malon's would always be his favorite. Link took her hand, and they went inside.


Chapter IX: The Perfect Night

Link laid in his room, staring at the wall, as he did when he thought. He then sat up with an idea. "I have to see her," he whispered to himself. Link looked out the window. His hand escaped to his belt, the long shot was there. He aimed at the tree outside his window, and let it go. He dropped down from the tree, and ran to the market. The bridge was up; he used the long shot to overcome this obstacle, as well.

He saw Lon Lon Ranch, and began to run. The only thing on his mind was Malon; nothing else could enter. He stopped at the barn at near the home, and began to breathe heavily. He heard Malon singing, and began to run to her. "Malon!" he yelled out.

"Link!" Malon yelled back. She ran to him and flung her arms around him. "Oh, Link, please stay with me."

Link looked into Malon's eyes; they were begging him to stay. "Malon, your father…"

"I don't care! I love you." Malon kissed Link, and wouldn't let him go.

There was so much more to this than the kiss Zelda had given him. The passion saying she wanted him and the love saying that she needed him. Link held her more tightly, never wanting to let her go. "I'll stay with you."

They walked to the shed, on the other side of the ranch. They crawled into the back room of the shed, where a pile of hay was. Link sat down, leaning against the wall, and Malon sat back in her arms.

Malon turned to face Link, and kissed him again. Link kissed back slipped her shirt over her pale white shoulders.

* * * *

Link woke up at sunrise. He looked at Malon, sleeping so peacefully. The morning sun was shining through a window, and made her hair look brighter. Link walked grabbed his clothes and put them back on. He walked back over to Malon and kissed her forehead.

He sadly walked away from Lon Lon Ranch and began to run back to the city. He got in the same way he left. Link walked to his bed and laid down, only thinking of Malon. He closed his eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.


Chapter X: Caught in the Act

Link awoke to Zelda standing over him. "Link, where did you sneak off to last night!?"

"What? I was here, of course!" said Link.

"I saw you sneak out, with that damn Long Shot!" Zelda stopped. "Where is it, give it to me!"

Link was glad that he hid it when he got back. "I don't have it with me… I'm sorry Zelda."

Zelda stomped out. Never looking back. Link had never seen a tantrum over something so stupid, in his life. All he knew was that he had to see Malon again.

Link quickly wrote a letter that read:

My Truest Love Malon,

Please meet me here tonight. Avoid the guards at all coasts! I will watch for you, and come out to get you when I can see you are near a suitable spot.

Love you forever,

Link walked to the letter carrier. "Deliver this letter to Malon Lon Lon of Lon Lon Ranch."

The carrier mounted his horse, took the letter from Link, and rode off. Link could only wait now.

* * * *

Link watched out his window for Malon. He saw her light silhouette against the white light of the moon. He waved out at her to stop, and aimed his Long Shot near the tree, where she was standing. He grabbed her around the waist, and aimed to return to his room.

When the arrived in Link's room, he couldn't let Malon go. He held her close as he dared, afraid he would break her.

"Link, what's wrong?" asked Malon.

"I just, never want to lose you," said Link, and a tear appeared in his eye.

Malon kissed him. "Don't ever worry about that, you'll always have my heart." Malon kissed him again.

They both sat on Link's bed, and Link kissed Malon. He pulled Malon down with himself. Just then Zelda opened the door to Link's room.

"I knew it!" she screamed.

Malon got up off Link's bed and walked to Zelda. "I know that my father was told to arrange for me to marry someone." Zelda began to blush. "Could that have been you?"

"I...I… d…" Zelda looked down at her feet, "did."

"Never interfere with true love," Malon slapped Zelda and walked back to Link's loving arms. "Let us be, forever."

Zelda walked out. Malon snuggled into Link's arms. "We're together forever, now," said Link.

Zelda and Link walked back to the ranch. "Father, the deal is off! I can be with Link!" said Malon.

Talon walked up to Link and gave him a hug, "Good job, my boy."


Chapter XI: Finally Together

Malon was getting ready. She wore a long white dress with lots of lace. Her veil was set in her hair with a crown of flowers. Malon looked over at Talon, who had tears in his eyes. She threw her arms around him. "Let's go, Daddy."

Malon and Talon walked down the aisle together. Malon saw Link, wearing his plain green tunic and smiling brightly. Their walked together ended, and Talon kissed Malon through her veil. He then gave her to Link.

Malon and Link held hands tightly through the ceremony, afraid to loose each other if they would let go. Then came the part that they had both been waiting for.

"Link, you may kiss the bride," said the priest, with a large smile on his face.

Link turned to Malon and kissed her passionately. Malon held him tightly. The kiss ended and Link picked up Malon, and carried her down the aisle.

Link mounted Epona, and helped Malon up behind him. They rode off, and would be together forever.


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