The Return

By Aeris Strife


Link and Malon had been married for twenty years now. They had two daughters, Katina, age 15, and Angeline, age 13. They also had a son, Dalamar, who was 19. Nabooru, the Gerudo, had a daughter that was 16, named Nabila. Queen Ruto had a son herself who was 18 named Dimitri. Zelda also had a daughter, named Zorana, who was 19. Together these six teenagers could bring peace to Hyrule, and to themselves.


Chapter I: An Omen

Angeline was in a deep sleep. Suddenly visions came to her eyes. A dark cloud rose from the Temple of Time. Then six lights came and eliminated the cloud. One from Zora’s Domain, one from Hyrule Castle, one from the Gerudo’s Fortress, and three from Lon Lon Ranch.

Angeline sat up; her dark blonde hair was wet with sweat, and her dark blue eyes opened wide. "Daddy!" she screamed. Even at the age of 13 she was timid, shy, and easily scared.

Link walked in slowly, his eyes still sleepy. "Did you have a nightmare, Angel?" He asked brushing Angeline’s bangs out of her eyes.

"I’m not sure, it was strange. This dark cloud arose from the Temple of Time, then six lights came forth one from Zora’s Domain, one from Hyrule Castle, one from the Gerudo’s Fortress, and three from our home," she finished.

Link recalled Ganondorf’s last words. Link went over what she had told him in his mind again. "No," he whispered, "his spirit has been freed."

"Who’s, Daddy?" asked Angeline, her eyes full of curiosity.

"Never mind, go back to sleep," said Link calmly. Angeline closed her eyes again. Then Link bent over and kissed her forehead. "Sleep well, my Angel."

Link walked to his son’s room. There he lay; Dalmar’s fiery red hair across his pillow, and beneath those closed eyelids were baby blue eyes. "He will soon wield the Biggoron Sword, and hold the Mirror Shield, as I did."

Link then walked to the room were Katina slept. Only Katina wasn’t sleeping. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, thinking. Her auburn hair was so long, it began to make a pile on her bed. "Soon she will wield the mighty bow, and the Hyrulian shield," whispered Link.

Katina turned to look at him, her perfect navy eyes looking at her father. She was the bravest of the children. She never even cried when she fell off a horse at the age of ten and broke her wrist. Her eyes, however, shimmered with tears.

"Kat, what’s wrong?" asked Link.

"I’m not sure, Dad. Something is strange, and… I fear it," said Katina with a shiver in her voice.

Link shook his head, "Go back to sleep."


Chapter II: Weapons of Light

The next morning Link spoke none of what Katina and Angeline had told him. However, after lunch he told them all to come to his and Malon’s room.

"Dalamar," Link said proudly.

Dalamar stepped forward. He was the strongest and smartest of the children. "Yes, Father."

Link held out the Biggoron Sword and the Mirror Shield, "Son, there are indescribable evils returning to the lands of Hyrule, fight them with these."

Dalamar took the sword and shield gladly. He put the shield on his back and put the sword behind it.

Link then held out his fairy bow, a quiver of forty arrows, and the Hyrulian Shield, "Kat, fight the darkness with these. I suspect that you will be just as good with arrows off a horse, as on."

Katina took the bow, arrows, and shield. She thought they were so beautiful. She put the quiver strap over her arm and the shield on her back; she decided to hang onto the bow.

"Go, my children, and defeat the darkness," said Link.

Angeline walked up to him, "Daddy, you forgot me."

Link didn’t want his baby to leave, but knew she must. He held out his Fairy Slingshot, Boomerang, and Deku shield. "Here, my Angel, use these with pride."

Angeline put the shield on her back; and the slingshot and boomerang in her pack. "Thank you Daddy."

"Wait," he said holding out a pouch. "I know you have magical abilities, so take these. Within are the spells Din’s Fire, Farore’s Wind, and Nayru’s Love."

"Thank you Daddy," she said again.

"Go fight the evil my children, but first, visit the places Angeline saw in her dream," said Link.


Chapter III: Dimitri

Angeline, Katina, and Dalamar hadn’t even been traveling a day, but were at the gate of Zora’s Domain. The crystal clear water flowed over the opening to the Zora’s home.

"How do we get in?" asked Katina.

"Not sure… Hey, what does that say?" asked Dalamar. "To enter, one must play the melody of the royal family."

"Those tunes Daddy always whistles!" shouted Angeline. "One of them is the melody of the royal family!" She quickly whistled the six notes, and the water opened around the entrance.

Dalamar jumped across first, then Katina, but Angeline hesitated. "What’s wrong?" shouted Dalamar over the sound of the crashing waterfall.

Angeline shook her head and jumped. Katina patted her on the back. "Great job little sister!"

They walked into Zora’s Domain. The waters were so beautiful. Angeline caught a glimpse of a Zora. She thought they were so beautiful.

"Come on," said Dalamar walking on.

They all began to walk to the thrown room. There they saw Queen Ruto. She wore a necklace of pearls, and amethyst earrings. Her fins and skin looked the most beautiful of any of the Zoras they had seen.

"Hello, children of Link Forested," said Ruto with a smile.

"Hello, Queen Ruto," said Katina.

Angeline stepped forward and knew what must be asked. "Queen Ruto, do you have a son or daughter?"

"Why yes," said Ruto, "His name is Dimitri and is 18. I have taught him to not be afraid to get his fins dry or dirty."

"May we see him?" asked Angeline.

"He’s in back telling his ‘problems’ to Jabu-Jabu," said Ruto.

Ruto walked them back to the place where Dimitri sat, she then returned to her thrown room.

Katina walked forward to the young male Zora. "Hello, Dimitri."

Dimitri turned to her, "Hello, miss."

Katina found herself captured by his blue eyes flecked with purple. She shook her head and walked back to her brother and sister.

Angeline then spoke up. "I am Angeline," she began, "this is Katina," she pointed to her sister, "and this is Dalamar," she pointed to her brother. "You have been chosen as we have. Only after you we are at a dead end, we don’t have much of a clue of who our Gerudo friend shall be."

Suddenly Dimitri’s jaw dropped. "You look familiar… That dream!"

"You had it too!" said Angeline and Katina together.

Dimitri shook his head. "Please come with us," said Dalamar.

"Yes I shall, but the sun is beginning to fall. Let us sleep here tonight," said Dimitri.


Chapter IV: Princess With Power

The next morning the four traveled to Hyrule castle. Dimitri had armed himself with a Zora Spear. They had some shopping to do before they went to the palace.

"Dimitri, since we’re here, why don’t you buy a Hyrulian Shield?" asked Katina, who had quickly grown fond of the Zora.

"Good idea, Katina," he walked to the weapon shop, and came out with a new Hyrulian Shield strapped to his back.

They were about to proceed on the path to the castle. "Stop!" yelled out Angeline. "I want to test out a spell before we go." She began to chant the words of Farore’s Wind. A green light appeared around her, and a small green globe floated in the air for a moment, then darted into the dirt, as if to hide. "Now we can go."

They walked up the path, a young guard stood there. "I am Prince Dimitri of the Zoras, and these are my friends, we wish to see the Princess Zorana."

The guard nodded and let them through. They walked until they reached the castle. They saw a warrior there. The warrior wore steel armor, and was practicing with a large sword. At the warrior's belt hung a small blue wood instrument.

The warrior saw them and turned. "And you are?"

"Dimitri, prince of the Zoras," said Dimitri.

"Angeline, dreamer and I have magical abilities," said Angeline proudly.

"I am Katina, you can’t find a better shot on horseback," said Katina.

Dalamar didn’t say anything.

"And you sir?" the warrior pointed to Dalamar.

"Dalamar, what is it to you?" said Dalamar.

"Oh nothing." The warrior took off the helmet to reveal long blonde hair and sky colored eyes. "I am the Princess Zorana."

Dalamar could have sworn his heart stopped when he saw her eyes, and she the same. Never had he seen such a beautiful woman.

"You must be the fifth light from my dream!" yelled out Angeline.

"You had the dream as well?" asked Zorana curiously. "Well, we must all be on our way to find the sixth light at the…"

"Gerudo Fortress," said Dalamar, this was the first he had said about the dream.

Zorana nodded. "Yes, the Gerudos Fortress." She looked at Dalamar, and began to blush a light red.

"Let’s walk back to the ranch and spend the night there," said Dalamar.

"Hold onto me, everyone," said Angeline. She then began to chant the words to Farore’s Wind again. They were all transported back to the place where Angeline had originally cast the spell.


Chapter V: The Master Sword?

The six companions walked into Lon Lon Ranch. Link saw them and waved at them. "Hey!"

Angeline ran to him and gave Link a big hug. "Missed you Daddy!"

Link looked at the people that his children had brought along. "Who are you?"

"I am Prince Dimitri, of the Zoras," said Dimitri.

"I am…" began the princess.

"Zorana," finished Dalamar.

"Those things look familiar, may I see them?" asked Link. He reached out for her sword and ocarina. "The ocarina of time? The Master Sword! You are the one that released Ganondorf’s spirit!"

Zorana looked at him strangely. "Who is this crazy man?"

"I’m Link," he said.

"Link Forested? That’s you? I find that hard to believe, old man," said Zorana.

Link glared at her, "Just because you are a princess doesn’t mean you can talk down to adults."

"Okay… lighten up," said Zorana, who was clearly offended by what Link had said.


Chapter V: Dreams Come True

Dimitri was lying in his room. His fiery hair was spread across his pillow, as always. He felt a shadow cast upon him from the door. He could hear the person approaching, almost silently. He moved his hand beneath his pillow, where he hid a dagger. He clutched the hilt tightly. He saw a reflection in his window; the person was now standing next to him, now bending down. He reached up grabbed the person and held the dagger to their neck. "Who are you?" he whispered harshly.

"What is it to you?" asked the person, obviously female.

"Zorana… I’m sorry, I d-d-didn’t know it w-w-was you," stuttered Dimitri.

"It’s okay, I’ve been feeling a little jumpy, too," said Zorana, as she seductively ran her hands through her hair. "That’s why I was practicing back there."

"Mm hm," said Dimitri trying to avoid her eyes. ‘She trying to seduce me, I know it,’ he thought.

"I can help you take you mind off this whole thing," said Zorana. She laid down closely next to Dimitri.

Dimitri sighed and didn’t say anything. He knew it was rude not to answer her and finally said something, "How’s that?"

"Well, you need to look at me first," said Zorana.

Dimitri turned around and first realized the princess shut the door. "Okay." Dimitri then sighed again.

Zorana reached to her back and unbuttoned her shirt exposing her breasts. "So, what do you want to do?" She grinned mischievously.

Dimitri leaned forward and let his lips meet her own. Her bright red lips tasted like strawberries. Zorana reached around his back and pulled him closer. In that moment Dimitri forgot all that his father had taught him about honor. He slid his left had down her shoulder down to breast, while still kissing her. Zorana in return untied her skirt.

* *

Katina lay in her bed. She felt cold and began to shiver. She heard someone creep through her door and rolled over. She slightly opened her eyes, so that she could see who it was, and they wouldn’t realize. She was surprised to see Dimitri. He walked forward and knelt next to her bed. He kissed her cheek, "You are very beautiful, Katina," he whispered. He began to walk away.

"Dimitri… thank you," she said. He walked out smiling to himself. "My dream has come true," she whispered as she fell back to sleep.


Chapter VI: Little Problems

Link was walking through the halls early the next morning. He stopped at Dimitri’s room, noticing that his door was closed. He opened the door a crack and his eyes opened wide at what he saw. Zorana was in Dalamar’s arms. He looked more closely and realized that she was wearing nothing, and saw her clothes on the floor. "My son," he whispered, "have you forgotten what I taught you?" Link walked off, know he would speak to Dalamar of it later.

Link walked back to his room, where Malon was sleeping peacefully. He sat beside her and traced the scar on her left cheek, then on her right.

Malon’s eyes fluttered open. "They are going away," she said with a smile.

Link smiled, then saw Zorana walk past the door. "I’ll be right back, Malon." He kissed Malon on the cheek and walked to Dalamar’s room. He walked in, and stood before his son.

"Morning, Dad," said Dalamar.

"Dalamar, what were you thinking last night?" asked Link.

"How did you find out?" asked Dalamar.

"I saw you this morning. All that I have taught you about honoring women, burnt up in a second!" yelled Link.

"She came onto me! What the Hell do you know!?" screamed Dalamar. "What about you and Mom, how was that again? You messed around behind everyone’s back, and more than once! I do it once and I get chewed out! Well, fuck off Dad, I’m leaving now!" Dalamar grabbed his sword and shield and left the house. Link saw him mount his jet-black horse, Thunder.

Zorana ran out of the house. "Dalamar, don’t leave without me!" she yelled. Dalamar pulled her up on the back of his horse.

"Wait," yelled Angeline, as she, Katina, and Dimitri ran out to their horses. Angeline mounted her snow white horse, Star.

"Dimitri, we’ll take Archer," said Katina as she ran to her brown and white horse. Dimitri pulled himself up behind her.

"Come on I don’t want to be here longer than I have to," said Dalamar as he kicked his horse in the flanks. The other’s followed him. His speed went unmatched, with it was his anger. He was riding, jumping, making his way to Gerudo Fortress. He was at the entrance, sitting waiting.

"Dalamar, you’ve never ridden that fast before!" said Katina. "I could hardly keep up!"

"Well, it’s time for something new. Let’s go," said Dalamar as he began to ride his horse into the fortress.


Chapter VII: Gerudo Fortress

Dalamar slowed his horse to a stop; a woman stood in his path. Her hair was long blonde, and her eyes blue. She wore a Gerudo guard’s uniform, but wasn’t one.

"What is your business?" asked the woman.

"I must see the Gerudo, Nabila," said Dalamar, just when the other’s rode up.

"You," the guard pointed at Katina, "you look like Malon, of Lon Lon Ranch."

"She is my mother," said Katina.

"You may go, the rest must stay," said the guard.

"Fair enough," said Katina. She dismounted Archer and looked back at Dimitri.

Dimitri looked back at her, sadly. ‘If only I could go with her and protect her from all odds…’ thought Dimitri. He sighed and then looked back at her, a bright smile on his face. "Go for it, you’re only hope… this time."

Katina turned and walked forward, her head held high. "Where will I find Nabila?" asked Katina.

"In the training building," said the guard, and she pointed over to a building.

Katina walked over to the building, slowly. She peeked her head in the door and saw a marvelous scene.

* *

Nabila stood proud, her sword in hand. She rose it above her long red hair and let out a battle cry. She jumped forward at her instructor. She made a move to hit the instructor and missed. Her instructor quickly slashed back and caused the young Gerudo to fall back.

Nabila stood back up, and picked up another sword. Unlike the one she held before, with a silver blade and golden hilt, this one was a golden blade and a silver hilt. She stood waiting for the attack. The instructor let out her battle cry and jumped. Nabila blocked her by crossing her swords. ‘This is it,’ she thought, ‘I have to do the spin attack!’

Nabila kept her swords crossed and slowly stepped forward, her instructor stepped forward as well. In a flash, Nabila raised one sword over her head and let the other a waist level; she spun quickly. The instructor fell back. Nabila crossed her swords over her chest, and thrust them out. The instructor nodded to her defeat.

Over in the doorway Nabila noticed something. Crossing her swords she walked over. She pointed her swords out, and saw and arrow pointed back at herself. "Damn."

"I have no intention of fighting you," said the shadow.

"Fine," Nabila said as she put down her swords.

* *

Katina walked into Nabila’s presence. Katina looked at her for a moment. She wore deep green and white silks. Her hairpiece had an emerald set in it. She looked so much like her mother. In her hands she held two swords. ‘The perfect warrior,’ thought Katina with a smile.

"Why have you interrupted my training?!" asked Nabila.

"I have some things to ask of you," began Katina. "First of all have you had a dream, in the past few nights, about people or lights destroying a darkness?"

"Why, yes I have," said Nabila, clearly amazed.

"Then we need you to come with us!" said Katina.

"On one condition, we spar," said Nabila, drawing forth her swords.

"I accept," said Katina. She moved to the center of the room, unguided, and drew her bow.

Nabila followed after her. They circled each other for a moment, until Nabila let out her battle cry and leapt forward. She slashed just as Katina pulled out her shield to block the blow.

‘Kick,’ Katina’s head was screaming, ‘kick!’ Katina did a back flip kicking Nabila’s golden sword beyond her reach, then pulled out her shield once more. She charged into Nabila.

Nabila fell back in pain but, bravely, got back up. She stood with the single sword in hand. She pulled her empty hand back, and thrust the other forward, then began charging Katina. Nabila slashed the side of the shield causing it to fly off, far. She pointed the sword at Katina’s chest, "Surrender?"

Katina answered by kicking the sword out of Nabila’s hand, and drew out her bow, placing it against Nabila’s right arm. "I ask you the same."

Nabila looked down in defeat, "Yes, and I shall come with you now."

Katina picked up her shield and walked back out. Nabila followed her, and there she saw the companions. She looked at Dimitri, his eyes looked into hers, locked. Katina looked between the two and ran to Archer. Tears burned in her eyes as she left the Gerudo Fortress.

Katina rode to Lake Hylia, but was not sure why. It was strangely dark and it gave her an eerie feeling. She looked around and saw nothing, so she got down off of Archer, and led him to the water’s edge. She looked to see her reflection. There she saw herself, plain, redheaded, and blue-eyed. She let the tears fall from her eyes.

Katina looked back into the water once more, only the reflection wasn’t hers. It was a dark man’s. His arms reached out of the water and grabbed her shoulders. A shriek left her lips first, but she then screamed, "Dimitri! Save me!" The arms pulled her under the water.


Chapter VIII: I Will!

Dimitri looked at the sound of his name. "What was that?" He stood on the bridge where her had heard it. "It came from that way…"

"That leads to Lake Hylia," said Nabila.

"It could be a Zora, I will return," Dimitri said as he jumped off the bridge. The splash hurt his frail skin. He went under the water and swam with the current. He swam between the large rocks rolling on the bottom of the waterway. He fell into Lake Hylia only to be grabbed by two monstrous hands. He felt himself being pulled with great force. He hit his head on a rock, as he was being pulled through the mud at the bottom of the lake, and fell unconscious.

* *

Dimitri awoke to the sound of quiet sobs in the corner. He sat up and looked over. A girl with auburn hair in a bun and silver armor sat in the corner. "Katina!"

Katina turned and looked. Her eyes were fearful and it was obvious she had been crying for some time. The sadness didn’t leave her eyes when she saw him; it only increased.

Dimitri walked over to her, and looked into her sad eyes. "Katina, don’t cry, don’t be scared…"

Katina looked away from him. "You don’t understand!" Katina screamed, and it echoed loudly.

"What should I understand? You won’t tell me," said Dimitri sadly.

"Just, you know how I feel, and you seem to denounce my fe..." Katina stopped and looked into his eyes. They were so beautiful she couldn’t resist. She leaned forward on her toes and kissed him.

He returned the kiss. When it ended he ran the back of his hand over her blushing cheeks. "Do you know who’s holding us here?" asked Dimitri.

"I didn’t see him very long, but he had very dark skin, and bright red hair, and some of his armor had Gerudian patterns on it," said Katina.

"Could it be the King of Darkness… Ganondorf?" Dimitri asked himself.

"There’s nothing we can do about it now," said Katina. She shivered from the cold dampness of the place they were in.

Dimitri wrapped his arms around her. "Don’t worry, I’ll protect you."

Katina closed her eyes. She could hear Dimitri’s heartbeat and she could feel the warmth of his body. She drifted off, and all that could be heard was the slow dripping of water.


Chapter VIIII: You Knew

Angeline stood at the entrance to Lake Hylia. The skies were dark and the water was gray. Angeline backed away. "There is pure evil here…" she said quietly. "I believe that’s what happened to Katina and Dimitri."

Dalamar stepped forward, "If anything happened to Katina, whoever or whatever did it will pay!" He drew the Biggoron Sword and was about to charge forward.

"Wait," said Zorana, as she gently placed her hand on his shoulder. "We should rest… It’s past sunset."

Nabila nodded, "Yes, we will need strength tomorrow.

Dalamar sighed; he wanted to be sure Katina was safe. "For all we know they could be killed tonight! She’s my sister… I can’t let that happen." Dalamar walked forward. "You can’t stop me!"

"Wait!" yelled Angeline. "I have an idea, and I will go with you." Angeline pulled out her crystal containing Farore’s Wind and she chanted until the green sphere appeared and buried it’s self in the ground. "Let’s go."

Nabila and Zorana exchanged looks. "This is insanely dangerous!" yelled Nabila.

"It’s partly your fault this happened to her," said Dalamar.

"What are you talking about?" asked Nabila.

"I’ve seen how she looks at Dimitri, and do you think no one noticed how you two were looking at each other?" asked Dalamar fiercely.

"I… I… well…" Nabila could think of nothing to say.

"I knew you would understand," said Dalamar as he turned back to Lake Hylia. "I knew you saw the defeat in my sister’s eyes… I’d even call her my baby."

Nabila didn’t know what to say. "I don’t understand…"

"How blind are you already!" yelled Dalamar as tears began to sting his eyes. "For all I know, she’s dead…"

Zorana stepped forward to hug Dalamar. "She’s okay," whispered Zorana, "I can feel it."

* *

Katina awoke in Dimitri’s arms, in the corner she saw another woman. She got up and walked to her, "Who are you?"

"Twinrova, I was one of Ganondorf’s minions, Katina," she said.

"How did you get here?" asked Katina.

"We wouldn’t kill you by Ganondorf’s command. We saw it unfit to kill mere children," she said.

"We, but you are one person," said Katina.

"Not exactly…" said Twinrova as her body split in two.

"I am Kotake," said one side.

"And I am Koume," said the other.

"We were in the other form because we thought you would judge us this way," said Kotake. "Kind of for our own safety."

"I see," said Katina.

"You like that boy, that Zora," said Koume.

"Yes, I do," said Katina.

"I noticed how you smiled while you were asleep in his arms."


Chapter X: Betrayal and Error

"Everyone follow me, and… be careful, we will need everyone," said Dalamar. He jumped into the water, feeling the darkness close around him. He felt himself being pulled. He arrived in a room alone. No one was near him; Angeline had disappeared. He unsheathed his sword and walked forward.

* *

Angeline, Zorana, and Nabila were in the same place as Dimitri and Katina. Angeline’s eyes lit up as she saw Katina. "Katina!" she yelled out running to her sister.

Katina turned and opened her arms as Angeline jumped at her. They hugged closely. "Angeline!" Katina looked at everyone. "Where is Dalamar?" Katina asked as she broke the embrace with her sister.

"I don’t know, he was ahead of me, then we were separated," said Angeline.

Kotake and Koume flew forward on their broomsticks and Kotake began to talk. "We know a way out of here!"

"Yes, yes," said Koume, "a way we know!"

Katina looked at them suspiciously, "How do we know this is not a trick?"

"I would never trick a child," said Kotake.

"Never could we!" said Koume.

"Koume, transform!" said Kotake.

They flew in a circle, their bodies merged together. They screamed as fire and ice met, but then a beautiful woman once again stood before them. "This way!" she said.

"Hurry," urged Katina. Katina ran, followed by her friends. Dimitri followed closely behind her.

"This way," yelled Twinrova.

Soon they stood at an altar; Twinrova did nothing. "Where are we?" asked Katina as she walked around it.

Silently Twinrova separated again. Koume got a look on her face, a dangerous look. Her broom caught fire.

Dimitri looked up just as Koume fired it at Katina. "Katina! No!" He ran in front of her and was hit with the flame.

"Naryu’s Love!" screamed Angeline and then ran to Dimitri and Katina, being followed by Zorana, and Nabila.

"We can’t attack until it is dispelled," said Koume.

"You idiot! You’ve killed the wrong child!" yelled Kotake.

* *

"Dimitri," Katina gently lifted his head as tears formed in her eyes.

Nabila was about to run forward to him, but Zorana and Angeline held her back.

"You heard… them," said Dimitri. "You can… still… win."

"Dimitri, the win isn’t worth it if you are not there," said Katina as a tear dripped from her cheek onto his sensitive skin.

"I’ll… always… remember you," began Dimitri. He reached up and brushed a small bit of hair, that had escaped her ponytail, behind her ear. "You are the… most… beautiful…" he began to cough violently. "I… love… you… Kat…" his last words.

"No!" screamed Katina, "no…"

Katina stood and drew her bow and one arrow, "Angeline to my side!"

Angeline stood next to her. "Evil is to tear love from an innocent heart!"

"I will avenge his death!" she screamed, the words hurt her throat. She drew back an arrow and drew it back on her arrow. She let her fingers open and the arrow flew to Koume’s arm.

Angeline slowly closed her eyes. She began to chant spidery language to the Goddess, Din. Her eyes flared open, dangerously. "Din’s Fire!" she screamed out pointing at Kotake. The fire flew from her finger hitting Kotake.

"Ahh! Pesky little brat!" yelled Kotake. She flew forward in a attempt to charge Angeline, but was stopped by Naryu’s force field.

Defeat is impossible to change, minions of darkness, said a strange voice, seemingly from no where. You will be defeated, and there is no escape!

Fire flared down around Kotake, and engulfed her. Ice surrounded Koume killing her slowly. Letting out a final shriek, it was over.


Chapter XI: Stories Retold

Before Katina’s own eyes, three beams of light shot down. First a pink, then a green, then a blue. They materialized into three women; one resembled a Gerudo, one a Zora, and one a Hyrulian. They were all adorned with the symbol of the Triforce.

"Greetings young heroes," said the Gerudo as she stepped forward. "I am the Goddess, Din." She bowed her head, causing her pink hair to fall over her shoulder.

"We come to help you," said the Hyrulian. "I am Nayru."

As the last was about to step forward, she saw Dimitri’s body. She ran over to him "One of my own… How can this be?!"

Nayru walked over to the Zora. "Farore, please don’t be sad. We saw it written to happen."

Nayru stood, slowly, and she stood proudly. "I am Farore, and I understand your pain, Katina." She glanced over at Dimitri’s body.

Katina looked at the Goddesses; they seemed so strange. Not how she expected.

Din was the strongest looking. Her hair was back in a ponytail reaching to her thighs. Her nose was not as large as a Gerudo, but she still resembled one. She wore a pink tunic, white leggings, and boots.

Nayru looked like a mage. She wore long green robes, with see-through sleeves. Her hair was shoulder length and seemed to glow. Her eyes were a deep blue, like the night sky. Around her waist was a belt, a Triforce in the center, from it hung her spell components.

Farore looked the weakest and shyest of the three. She wore a tight blue dress with boots passing her knees. Though she was a Zora she had long deep blue hair that reached and dragged along the ground. Her eyes were a light purple, like lilacs. Three daggers hung at her side.

Slowly, Katina bowed down before the Goddesses. "Dear Goddess, Nayru, what service may I offer you and your sisters?"

Nayru smiled, "I know I am Goddess of your people, but the daughter of The Hero of Time need not bow to me."

"Hero of Time…? Father?" asked Katina.

"Yes, Dear," began Din. "You see, years ago your father was thought to be a normal Kokiri child. He learned he wasn’t at the age of ten. With the help of a small fairy, named Navi, he went through the peril of many tests."

Nayru stepped in and said, "Soon he found three scared stones of Hyrule. Then the young Princess Zelda taught him the song so he could enter the Temple of Time. He saw the Master Sword and pulled it from the pedestal, but was to young and weak to wield the mighty blade. We put his spirit to rest in the temple while his body grew. Seven years later he was old enough, but Ganondorf had taken the lands."

Farore quietly began to speak, "He had to go through even more trials, now guided by Navi and Princess Zelda disguised as a Sheikah. He then awakened the Sages of the lands, Saria, Daruina, Ruto, Impa, Nabooru, and Zelda. They helped him through Ganondorf’s castle. They watched over as he fought Ganondorf, and as he turned to Ganon, in the Final Battle. Zelda used her power to hold the beast and Link delivered the final blow. Then the sages used their power to trap Ganon in the World of Darkness. Zelda turned him back to his child form and after he placed the Master Sword back in the pedestal, we took everyone’s memories, and only we remembered."

"Then I must ask, how did we get his weapons? Where did they come from?" asked Katina.

"Well," started Farore, "We recovered the memories of some involved and returned the weapons, which you use."

Zorana unsheathed the Master Sword and looked at it, "Am I the one who released Ganondorf?"

Nayru turned to her, "I am sorry to say, but you did, young princess."

Zorana turned in shame.

Farore turned to Dimitri, his cold body still lying on the floor. She picked him up. "Sisters, we must tell them what to do."


Chapter XII: Follow Your Heart

"We must return to watch over Hyrule," said Din.

"But, what must we do?" asked Katina.

"I will guide them," said Nayru, stepping out suddenly.

"Nayru!" scolded Din. "We are not to meddle in mortal affairs."

"This will be a hard battle, Din, I have foreseen it. I take it upon myself to protect them, in my mortal form," said Nayru holding her chin high.

"Fine, if you are injured…" began Din.

"Stop!" commanded Farore. "It is her decision and she followed her heart. I know you will protect them well, sister."

Din looked at Nayru angrily, "Fine, go. I don’t care what danger you put yourself in." The pink light shot down around Nayru and she was gone.

Farore held Dimitri tenderly, as if she was afraid to drop him. "Katina, you must follow your own heart to right this evil wrong. Your friends will help you," she bent down by Katina’s ear and whispered, "only you can save Hyrule."

"I understand, Farore," said Katina.

Farore smiled then sighed realizing what she was taking from this girl. The blue light surrounded Nayru once more. When it was gone Dimitri was too.

Katina sighed, knowing there were tears in her eyes. She turned to Zorana, Nabila, and Angeline. "Are we ready?"

The three girls nodded. "Good," said Nayru. "We must hurry, your brother’s time runs short."

"Dalamar!" yelled Zorana

* *

Dalamar was piled in a corner. He had battled Ganondorf bravely, but was no match. Ganondorf paced in front of him, sometimes stopping to strike him. Dalamar felt he had been hit everywhere, a million times.

Ganondorf continued pacing, then turned to Dalamar. He pulled out his sword and slashed it across Dalamar’s chest. Blood slowly oozed from the wound. He then placed the sword tip to Dalamar’s chest, "Let this be a lesson to all those who defy me!"


Chapter XIII: Victory

"Stop!" yelled Zorana as she charged at Ganondorf. She jumped on his back and Ganondorf dropped the sword.

Ganondorf threw the girl from his back. "Princess Zelda, you still wish to… ha… you are not Zelda. You must be her daughter!" Now Ganondorf held the sword to Zorana’s neck.

"Do it now," whispered Nayru harshly. "Shoot the light arrow!"

Katina pulled back the string on her bow and fired the shot into Ganondorf’s chest. Katina began to run forward as he screamed wildly. She picked up the Master Sword that Zorana had dropped as she ran. She charged him, stabbing the sword in his stomach, and through his back. She then pulled it out, quickly.

Ganondorf began to scream wildly, flailing about. Blood began to pour from his mouth as he weakened. He fell, and something on his hand came off slowly, as Ganondorf’s body shuddered, and he drew his last breath.

The symbol on his hand floated and imbedded itself on Dalamar’s hand. Another one appeared and burned into Angeline’s hand. The last slowly settled upon Katina’s hand. They put their hands together and saw the Triforce.

Katina’s eyes widened as she turned to Nayru, "The Triforce has chosen you three to be it’s guardian’s protect it well. Dalamar, you’ve been given the Triforce of Power. You fought with much power, but in the end your courage left you. Angeline, you’ve been given the Triforce of Wisdom. You are very wise and do well in your magic, and foresights. Katina, we’ve awarded you with the Triforce of Courage, without you Hyrule would have died." Nayru stopped and sighed, "I must go now, thank you for helping this beautiful land for us." The green light surrounded Din and took her back to be with her sisters."

We shall help you one last time.

Before any of them knew what happened they were looking out over Lake Hylia again. The skies were now clear and the water. Dalamar held Zorana in his arms. Stricken with grief for Dimitri, she called Archer, and began to ride home.


Chapter XIV: Last Visit

Katina sat up late writing a letter to Queen Ruto. It read:

Queen Ruto of the Zoras:
     I am sorry to say that your son, Dalamar, has died in our mission to defeat Ganondorf. He died bravely protecting me. If I would have died, the rest of Hyrule would have as well. I’m deeply sorry for your son. He was very sweet and honorable to me.
     With Deep Regrets,
          Katina Forested

She sighed as she read over the letter. It was strange at home now. Angeline had gone to a magic school in Kakario Village that was eager for her attendance. Dalamar had gone back to Hyrule Castle with Zorana. It was just Katina, Link, and Malon.

Then she saw a light in the corner of her room. She got up and walked over to it. Her eyes widened as she saw Dimitri stood there. She ran to hug him as tears of happiness blurred her vision. "Dimitri…"

"Katina. The Goddesses have let me free, I can stay with you now," said Dimitri as he leaned forward to kiss her.

"Wait, I must do something first," said Katina, breaking from his embrace. She walked to her desk and ripped the letter in pieces. She then walked back to Dimitri, "Now, we may continue."


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