Chrono Crystalline Chapter 1

Kage Searching

By Akira03

The Dark Ages-

Kage, in a trench coat, went wandering about the bleak last earth village looking for some sort of sign that Crono had gone through. But none was to be found. ‘Maybe he died, of the bitter cold,’ Kage chuckled to himself. He then looked up at the never forgiving onslaughts of snow and then thought again. ‘No. . . I don’t think he would die like that, it would be much too easy of a death for someone as strong as him,’ Kage kept wandering through the streets trying to think of a place to look. Where would Crono go?

Kage strolled into a bar, not looking for a drink, but for at least some information. The bar was crowded, and smelled of some vomit, obviously from the drunk that was sitting in the corner, head bent forward, but all in all it had a homely feel to it from the glass chandeliers to the furs on the ground.

Kage sat himself down at one of the few un-occupied tables and called a waitress over. She strutted over in the usual waitress fashion and she just said. “What’ll it be,” Kage started by just making chit-chat.

“The town’s grown, hasn’t it?” Kage asked in a smooth voice.

“Yea, ever since that Crono and his friends helped us live after the island fell,” the waitress replied. “Now can I get you something or not?” the waitress said in an impatient tone.

“Information,” Kage said. “Has Crono gone through recently?” Kage asked as he placed a few gold coins on the table.

“Well,” The waitress started as she took a deep breath and scooped up the coins. “Some of the weirder folk say he’s coming right now, to this very town. He’ll be here in a couple of days, he’s a great guy, some of the stranger guys already started a welcoming party for him,” The waitress explained in one breath.

Kage managed to get out a weak “Thanks,” (he wasn’t good at that kind of stuff) and the waitress just said “Your welcome,” she then winked at Kage and waltzed over to some other customers.

“Hey, was you hittin’ on me wife,” a large man bellowed as he stepped over to Kage. Kage could only glare at the man and his complete stupidity. “Yea, I thinks you was,” The man bent over Kage and looked him from top to bottom. Kage did the same, except now he realized there were seven men all around Kage. All of them were big and burly and had some sort of weapon drawn. “Me, and me buddies don’t like people hittin’ on me wife,” the man bellowed. Kage then stepped up and in a calm voice started.

“You don’t want to do this,” ‘Or maybe they do,’ Kage thought to himself. It had been a while since he last had a worthy opponent, but this probably wouldn’t suffice.

“I had enough of you,” The man roared as him and all his buddies rushed at Kage. Kage then did a back flip over the head of one of the men and waited for all of them to rush at him again. They all did come running, but in a much disorganized manner. Kage dropped his trench coat revealing his loose black assassin’s outfit. He then pulled out a Katana he had strapped to his side and waited for the lead man, and when he came by and then Kage took a swing, the man ran past Kage. Then stopped, and he fell over dead. Kage then came in like some great demon and sent all the men flying, except there leader, the ‘husband’. “Look what you did to my buddies,” The man grew scarlet to the face and charged with his mace. Kage parried the first swing and then cut his waist, and both wrists. Kage then left the bar and the men to die in pools of their own blood. Kage then let the red bodily fluid slip off his katana and then put it back in his sheath. He then put his trench coat on all while the people in the bar stared at him. Kage then strolled out of the bar and all the people fell dead with knives in their back, for they had seen Kage, and seeing Kage, meant death. . .

The Present-

Ozzie was in the town’s square in front of a great crowd of Mystics. There were roughly a thousand of them all ready to fight and die for Ozzie’s malicious cause. The sky was grey, the perfect day for an army to be born. “Today,” Ozzie began. “Is the day that humans shall fear forever. For it is the day, that the mystics raise a great army again,” Ozzie waited for the loud roar of approval to quiet slightly. “We have been trampled on and treated as a second-class people. It disgusts me to see us look like that. So now, it is our turn to return the favor,” Another wave of frenzied mystics whooping and hollering to interrupt Ozzie’s speech began. “But, we are not strong enough right now; we must wait, train, and grow in number before we conquer the humans! So now, I ask you to be patient, and to prepare for our time! Long live the Mystics!” Ozzie roared with his hand in the air. He then left the crowd in almost a state of riot.

“Brilliant master,” was all Blueklaw said.

“I know, I know,” Ozzie replied.

So, now two evil concoctions have been set into motion, Kage in his pursuit of Crono, and Ozzie preparing to start a war that may tear the world in two. But what of the other member’s of Crono’s team? What part will they play? It’s all too early to tell. . .

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