Liana Is No More Chapter 3

Shinra Meets Delos and Sirea

By Amber Gehrke

It was close to three in the morning about now, most other workers had left, except for two lonely janitors sweeping and cleaning the floors and a couple people getting in some overtime hours, which included Shinra's secretary on the lowest level. He could hear their footsteps below him, on the dank floors. He wasn't trying to put in more hours of work. Something was on his mind, and he couldn't get the thought out.

It was mysterious, all of a sudden, as he grabbed his coat to leave, the thought occurred to him, rising in his head like a vicious quick ocean breeze. Why, he would think of the blue Mako at a time like this, he wouldn't know. But, this thought was becoming more disturbing inside his head every moment he stalled, so he had to find the file that concealed the information about the blue Mako before he would blow his top. So far, he had dug through his entire office trying to find it, and a little bit through the filing cabinet in the secretary's waiting area, otherwise, he was left with nothing. It was time to see if Doctor Hojo was still in his laboratory, though he doubted he was. To make sure he was right, he signaled down to the secretary's desk on the lowest level.

"Jana? Still awake?"

He paused, awaiting her answer. He heard a yawn.

"Yes sir, barely. What… can I do for you?" she yawned again.

The President smiled. "Has Hojo checked out yet?"

"Uh… Hojo, the head of the laboratory… uh, let me see…" The President heard a few clicking noises as she checked in to the computer. "… No sir. Hojo is still in the building. I doubt he's awake though."

"Thanks Jana." The President said, letting her off the line. He dashed for the door, hoping he could catch Hojo on time. Hopefully, this thought in his head would remain strong, so he could find the file and get it off him before it got real nasty.

He stepped into the elevator, and pushed the button to head down for the level Hojo's laboratory was on. It bleeped when he pressed his finger down and the doors closed shut. He turned his body around, which seemed like a hard task to do now in an old age such as his.

The President of Shinra Incorporations, at fifty-nine years old already, widower and father of two sons, one of whom was out roaming on his own and away from the family, and one working with his father and Shinra. The President gazed out over the outlook of the city that had flourished his great company, which would become in the future, a company, a grand empire in the hands of his youngest son, Rufus Shinra. Somehow the city looked more lit up tonight than it had before. More brighter and shining than on other nights. Perhaps it was a sign, a sign that his company was going to continue to grow. A sign that his family will continue to rule Shinra almost in the way of a powerful family. A reign of power from one generation to the next. Rufus Shinra, following by his sons or his daughters, and then his children passing the tradition onto their children. Maybe, maybe Rufus wouldn't have children; perhaps his older brother would let his children take on the job of Shinra. In the future, yes… the future was not far off…

Or maybe it was the tint of the windows that made it feel Midgar was a little brighter tonight.

The President shook his head as he awoke from his small daydream. The elevator slowed and finally stopped, with a small beep from the elevator, the door opened and he exited.

Hojo's laboratory wasn't exactly your normal everyday playground. Then again, it didn't look like your mother in-law's either. But, somehow, the feeling of the place, seemed to shake his emotions a bit, jumbling them all up inside.

"Hojo? Doctor Hojo, are you in here?"

He heard shuffling noises as he stepped closer inside the lab, but after the shuffling noises were gone, he only heard his footsteps.

The President didn't want to run in with him much anyway. If he found the blue Mako information on his own, he would have as much hassle. If he found Hojo, the mad scientist would take twice as long to remember where he put the file.

President Shinra heard another couple of noises off to his left, but he didn't dare search for what it was. He softly made his way across the tile and into Hojo's office, where obviously, it hadn't been cleaned since who knew when. It wouldn't be easy to find. In fact, he didn't even know why he was searching, but every time he tried to pull away from it, the thought engraved itself deeper in his head, and he could guarantee it, the President didn't need another sleepless night. His thoughts would be bungled enough.

He sifted his way through stacks of high papers, cigarette cartons, and broken bits of beer bottles on the floor. He had several filing cabinets in the room, none really looked all that interesting, but he spotted one in the corner of the room, all beat up and tainted with a bolted lock on the top door. And as his eyes scanned the area around it, he spotted a couple other things as well. Ah… a sniper and a pistol. With the silencer on.

He knew he had found it. Carefully, he slipped through the piles of junk on the floor and went up to the cabinet. Of course it was locked and he would have to find a key, but he wanted to get home and soon.

Instead of finding the key, he just calmly picked up the pistol to see if it was loaded. It was, so he placed his palm around it, held it tightly and aimed. His finger pulled the trigger and the bullet snapped the bolted lock right off of the handle. Unfortunately, it made quite a racket as the lock jumped off and smacked into the other cabinet beside it, but as the President stood there for a few moments, he didn't hear anyone come running into Hojo's office. He dropped the gun and pulled out the drawer.

Great… now I have the sift through all of this… and with only time to spare…

The President could tell which files were clean and which had been used often. The laminated ones were likely to contain some important information about blue Mako, but he didn't have the time to look through them all.

Softly, he grasped a couple files and checked the names. Luckily, on the fourth one he grabbed, it happened to say blue Mako on it, so he placed the others back as orderly as he could and turned to head out of the door…

… When he found a gun pointed to his head. The man holding it had a sly and almost evil smirk planted on his face, and the shadows cast across his bony features. His black hair hung down in small strands, wet with sweat but straight as the gaze from his coal black eyes. As they both realized whom the other one was, they stepped back and almost gaze a startled scream.

"P-President Shinra?! What a-a-are you doing here at th-three in the morning?"

The President breathed a sigh of relief as Hojo pulled the gun down from his forehead. "Same thing I was about to ask you Doctor Hojo. I was only looking for information about the blue Mako."

"Ah, you felt it in your mind as well?"

The President gave a slight glance of surprise. "Yes indeed. But my mind… somehow it still isn't at rest. Where is the capsule?"

Hojo sighed, beckoning him to come. "I'll show you something sir."

The President followed the scientist, to where he must have been working just moments before. Computers and machines were still on and running, lights were brightened across the room from their bulbs, and the smoke from Hojo's cigarette in his ashtray had drifted into the President's nostrils as soon as he stepped inside the next lit room.

"I found out something from this capsule." Hojo said, sitting on the stool near the table. "President Shinra… before I explain this, did you read the article in the… yes, I assume you did?"

"That's correct." President Shinra nodded.

Hojo scowled, his black eyes drifting to the blue capsule that was sitting peacefully under a strange green lamp with cloths underneath it. The green lamp somehow seemed to mix with the blue Mako, but not really. As the colors combined, the green and blue drifted together and made… a black brownish type of color, not attractive at all.

"Sir, this… this…" Hojo lifted his fingers and curled them tightly around his chin. The smoke continued to rise from the ashtray. "This is n-not the… blue Mako…"

The President somehow seemed to jerk his right hand slightly. The next thing he knew, the beakers resting on the table next to him had shattered on the floor. The glass exploded everywhere.

"What?! W-What are you talking about?! This is the blue Mako!"

"Lance has fooled us again President. I'm sorry, it's true. I'll prove it." Hojo reached inside one of the desk drawers and pulled out some type of photograph. The President came over and looked from behind Hojo's shoulder, to take a peek.

"Sir, if this really was the blue Mako, the two colors, blue and the green Mako from underneath the Mako reactors in Midgar, would actually form this type of color." He held up the photographs to the light. "Orange sir. It's a type of new Materia."

"This isn't true!"

Hojo sighed. "President, this is not the blue Mako! If this were the Mako, it would make an orange color, which would produce… well… I haven't come up with the name yet. But it's a new type of Materia. See here? The minerals together here combine into a black type of color, which is about as useful to us as yesterday's garbage. This is blue bird blood, not the blue Mako!"

The President took a soft step back, his eyes seeing truth, but his mind was crossing other paths.

"I can't take no for an answer! This is either the blue Mako, or I'll go out and kill Lance Himmemya myself!"

Hojo only gazed away, his features on his face cringing with a type of sorrow or depressing figure. "You could try and kill him, if you find him. But I doubt you'll make it in time."

The President clenched his fists and gave a threatening glance in Hojo's direction. "Dammit Hojo, I don't have time for this! You be-"

"President S-Shinra!" Hojo screamed, getting up from the chair and forcing his body in the direction of the President.

His white lab coat slid off the chair and waved back and forth beside Hojo's waist. "You can't f-find Lance! It is too late!!" His hands came around and swiped all of the materials and beakers off of the desk. They clashed on the floor and sprinkled bits of glass and chemicals spread around the room and on the tiled floor. "He's going to do something so terrifying, the world is going to e-end at your fingertips! That's why your stupid brain is reacting to the blue Mako! Whomever is in rightful possession of the Mako will r-react to it once someone is trying… t-t-trying… dammit!!" Hojo flung his hands up to his forehead and gripped it tightly.

"Doctor H-Hojo?"

"Dammit! It's going to happen!!"

The President stared at Hojo with a most puzzling, and flabbergasted appearance on his face. He stepped up to Hojo, his boots crunching bits of glass underneath. "Hojo, calm down. What's wrong?"

"You fool! This is it!" Hojo yelled, slamming his fists into the wall. Upon impact, it made loud muffled sounds. "If Lance succeeds… w-we'll be done for!"

"I don-"

"We can't let this happen!!"

The President only gazed at him. Somehow, the article in the magazine fell into place of all this. He had read the article… but he didn't know who wrote it. There never was a name with it. It stated that he himself had assigned the Turks to find it. He had, but the Turks had said they had come back w-

Wait a minute here…

The President let out a long yell of rage. He hurriedly dashed over to the intercom on the wall, which summoned to the secretary's desk on the lowest level. He pushed the button.

"Jana! Jana!!"

He heard a few noises, like she had been doing something she shouldn't have been. "President Shinra? Something wrong?"

President Shinra only clenched his pudgy fingers on one hand while his other fingers pushed the button.

"Get me… the Turks!!"

Well, it hadn't exactly been a peaceful sleep for Rude anyway, as he was sleeping in his bed, but when his phone started ringing loudly, it was probably way down on the list of things he wanted to hear right now. He also had a feeling who it was.

He rose from his sleeping position and rested his hand on the phone. Groggily, he asked, "Hello?"

"Rude? Wow, are you awake?"

Rude yawned. "Somewhat. That you Tseng?"

"Yes," Tseng replied. "The President wants the Turks to report to his office immediately. I have a feeling it's about the blue Mako."

"You knew as well?"

"Of course. We all do. Reno's already on his way over there. Rude… take it from me, the President did not sound too happy about this… or whatever this thing he wants to see us about is. I assume it's the blue Mako. I also talked a little bit with Doctor Hojo as well, he uh… uh… I um, very upset about whatever this is. I believe he said that it was going to be all our fault's."

Rude sat up from the bed and dangled his bare legs over the side of the bedcovers. "Excuse me?"

Tseng replied, "Hey… do you, by chance, uh… know a girl named Liana?"

Rude shivered, his fingers curling up. He licked his lips. "… Yes I do. Why?"

"Reno wouldn't tell me anything about a girl by that name."

Rude heaved a long sigh. Dammit… he's already met Liana. I bet he took her back to her hotel after the meeting with President Shinra…

"I know her as well, but I haven't seen her in so many years…" Tseng sighed over the phone. Rude could feel something through the line, a longing? Perhaps. "Anyways, Hojo said he needed her here as soon as possible."

Rude nodded. "Well, I don't know where she's staying, but I could go look if you wanted me to. Why don't you just head along ahead of me?"

Tseng replied, "I guess. One less Turk in the meeting wouldn't matter. Hojo sounded really upset about this, he said he needed several things, but they're all impossible to obtain. Liana isn't. If you should happen to come across anything such as the blue Mako or the Dark Bahamut Materia, make sure you take it. Oh, and before I forget, the Materia is red colored."

Rude nodded again. "All right."

"I don't know how long it'll be. I'll say you have an hour or two before the President is going to blow his top."

"I see. I'll be there."

"Hojo's lab. Two hours."

"I'll see you there."

Rude quickly hung up the phone and pulled the covers of his bed away. He proceeded to take off his clothes and get changed to find her.

Two hours. Rude didn't have much time.

"How could you, one of the most cunning, evil, and most looked up to group of workers in Shinra, how could you even lose the blue Mako! Dammit, you're the Turks, you aren't paid to screw up!"

The President's face was a fuming red color, and his nostrils were flaring up and down. His chest was heaving with strong gulps of air.

Tseng calmly sat in his chair, though his senses were getting pretty intimidated. He hated facing up to the President like this, but the Turks had been looking for Lance, however, not without the President knowing. They knew they had taken the wrong capsule, but it was too late and Lance was long gone.

"Sir, I know how upset you are." Tseng said, folding his hands over his chest. "I can understand this, I know how being tricked is. I know how it feels."

"You're damn right you know! This is the third time you've looked for him and come back with absolutely nothing!"

Tseng cringed slightly. "President Shinra, try to understand. We will find him even if it takes us years."

The President's angry face remained. "Dammit Tseng! You won't have any more missions until you find Lance! And if he should summon Dark Bahamut before you catch him, I swear I will have your fucking throat slit and your goddamn corpse be burned to ashes!!"

"President enough talk of this! You're wasting our time as it is!"

President Shinra glanced over to the other side of the room, where Reno was enjoying a cigarette and his fingers were playing with the lighter, flicking it on and off.

The President yelled, "And what do you have to say for this?!"

Reno raised his head up to his voice, his green eyes greeting him. His fingers grabbed the cigarette, pulled it out, and set it down on the table's ashtray, crushing it slowly to grab the President's attention. Then, with a low and reasoning voice, he replied, "You know, I really wish you would stop getting on our fucking cases. Lance has deceived us more than once, I don't see why this should be such a surprise to you. And besides…" Reno said, shrugging his shoulders and folding his arms over his chest. "I just think you're using us to get revenge on Lance."

"You Turks don't understand the meaning of revenge!! This isn't just revenge, this is fucking war!"

Reno closed his eyes. "Hmm… so I see your point now. Lance wants to destroy the whole world in hopes of getting revenge on you, and you only want to kill the bastard before he does it. Hmm… very interesting."

Tseng nodded. "I agree President, you shouldn't use your workers for a personal gain."

The President stood silent, his eyes squinting, and a drop of sweat falling from his forehead. His pudgy fingers closed into a fist, and they slammed hard down on the table, making a large thud fly across the room. "Tseng, Reno! You don't understand how drastic this situation is! If Lance succeeds in summoning Dark Bahamut…" President Shinra turned to the window of the room, gazing out onto the vast city that Shinra had based itself in; Midgar. If Lance were to summon Dark Bahamut, his great empire, Shinra Incorporations, would fall into the sewers, with years of work and determination following it. No, he wouldn't give up yet. "If Lance finally does it… Shinra, will be nothing. Years and years of work, sacrifice, and labor would be vanished. Not to mention that the Planet would be destroyed entirely. If-"

"Sir?" Tseng said, rising from his chair. "You know that if we continue Shinra at the rate we are going, the Planet would dwindle away anyhow…"

"True, but it wouldn't disappear as quickly. It wouldn't shrivel up as fast. If Dark Bahamut should come, the Planet would be gone before you could blink your eyes. You would be dead before you knew it."

Reno raised his eyebrow. He slipped his lighter into his pocket. "If… if… That's all I'm hearing is if! You don't have to use if! President, try not to tell us what might happen, tell us what we should be doing to assure what won't happen."

There was silence in the room for a few moments, before they finally heard a door open.

"Dammit… I fear it already is too late…" Doctor Hojo gently let the door slide open. He walked in, with his hands tied behind his back, ruffling his white lab coat. "I just received a report from the Cosmo Canyon police. Lance is already on his way to Nibelheim."

Reno lifted his head and gazed up at the ceiling. "It won't make much of a difference if he goes there. Sure, there's Mako, some Mako, but that's green Mako. He'll need blue Mako to summon Dark Bahamut."

"True. He has it." Hojo replied. "He has enough to summon him."

Reno snickered, his lips peeling back to reveal his teeth. "Haven't you ever heard of the legend Doctor Hojo?"

Hojo glanced at the Turk with sneaky eyes, darting his way. He answered, "No. Was there a myth? How do you know it's true?"

"Because they always turn out to be true. Listen to me. It says in the ancient legend, that Dark Bahamut had an ancient sorceress in the ancient times, where the Cetra still roamed. Dark Bahamut turned to the side of evil. The Cetra sealed up Dark Bahamut in crystal stone and transported him to space, where his brother, Bahamut ZERO, or Jade, to the Cetra, would watch over him for eternity."

Hojo and Tseng nodded at the same time.

"There were five Bahamut brothers. In order from oldest to youngest, there was Jade, Bahamut ZERO, Cecelia, Neo Bahamut, and then there was Cetran, which was considered either White or Mystical Bahamut, whatever. This was the protector of the Cetra civilization. The two last ones were Zodia, the middle Bahamut brother, and Delos, the last Bahamut, Dark Bahamut."

"Very interesting…" Hojo said, rubbing his chin. "How would come across this myth?"

"Actually… Tseng told it to me…"

Hojo's dark brown eyes darted over to Tseng who was smiling at Reno. "Wow…" Tseng sighed. "I'm surprised you remembered all of it."

"It's kinda hard not to." Reno responded, his left eye winking at him. "But wait, there's more to it."

The President and Hojo both sat down in chairs to hear Reno out. Tseng calmly stood from the table with his hands tied neatly behind his back, waiting eagerly for him to tell the story Tseng had told him many years ago.

"So, when Delos was transported to space, his friend and fellow companion, an Ancient by the name of Sirea, was sent to an old cave near the Forgotten City and sealed for eternity in the stone of amethyst. They placed a curse under Sirea. After three thousand years had passed since the sealing of both of them, Sirea would be reborn into a child that held the Cetra ancestry, with the blue Mako inside of the child.

"Since the Ancients believed no one would ever find out about the blue Mako, they suspected that Sirea would be reborn into a child with no blue Mako inside of her, and wouldn't be able to summon Delos anyways. They sealed away the secrets of the blue Mako inside their old texts and buried them, where scientists believed was around Nibelheim. Legend has it, that three thousand years after the sealing, that Sirea would be reborn, then attempt to summon Delos back to the Cetran people."

Hojo frowned, still rubbing his chin. "I don't understand, why couldn't they just not put a curse on her?"

"The power of amethyst rock wouldn't allow it. Supposedly, back in ancient times, the most powerful and hardest of all rocks required curses placed upon whatever was sealed inside the rock to have the chance to once return." Reno shrugged his shoulders. "Beats me, I didn't make the rules! So now, that's the story. To summon Bahamut, you need the Materia, the blue Mako, the girl whom is supposed to have the Cetran sorceress Sirea, sealed inside of her, and green Mako."

Tseng scowled, his young features partially wrinkling. "How could there be a piece of Materia for Dark Bahamut?"

Reno got a confused glance on his face. "Good question…" he said, his eyes running around the walls of the room. "I don't know. Perhaps Lance was lying about it. Not many know about the legend of Dark Bahamut."

Tseng's smile returned to his face. "So I suppose you're wondering how I knew…"

Reno responded, "As a matter of fact, that was my next question."

"You can have a guarantee from me, this is going to be a long story. But, to make a long story short, I heard it from someone else. A girl, named Liana."

Reno, President Shinra, and Hojo all of sudden turned their heads to Tseng and said, "What?!"

Tseng took a small step back. "Huh? What's the matter?"

The three said simultaneously, "We know a girl named Liana."

Tseng laughed, a laugh that sounded too young for him. Low pitched, yet it wasn't old enough for his age. "Goodness. She sure is popular." He features remained the same though his mind raced his opposite effects.

Dammit! I can never let them know Rude is searching for Liana! But… they haven't asked yet, so I won't mention Rude's name. If they do, I have to make up an excuse… something believable.

"Well," Tseng said, taking his seat. "This sure has been very fun. But now you know, President and Doctor Hojo, that Delos cannot be summoned anyways, unless you find the girl whom holds Sirea's power."

President Shinra lowered his head unto the table. "It will take forever to find her! We have to, before Lance does. He most likely knows anyway."

Reno snickered under his breath. "But you know what President? The only use for us to find him is the blue Mako. That's the only thing he has that is of danger to citizens. As far as I know, I don't think the Materia is really Dark Bahamut. Not at all. He may have green Mako too, but that doesn't matter, someone can always find green Mako."

Tseng nodded, his head bringing along a headache, most likely form thinking too much. "All he needs is Sirea."

Reno nodded as well. "True. So, myth logically speaking, Lance isn't a threat to us, unless he finds Sirea and heads for the Forgotten City. He's in Nibelheim, or so Doctor Hojo said. Nothing can really happen."

The President looked convinced, but by the gaze on his face, Reno knew Tseng, Rude, and himself weren't quite off the hook yet. "Still…" President Shinra replied, rising from his chair. "Lance is still on the loose with the blue Mako. We need it back to avoid the summoning." Reno flinched. He knew it.

"At O-700 hours, you can begin heading for Nibelheim." President Shinra turned to Hojo. "Doctor Hojo, I need to you come with me. We can search for Sirea. All we need to do is follow the tracks of Aeris Gainsborough. She may be the one. After all, she is believed to be the last Cetran living." Hojo only nodded, watching as Tseng walked across the room to Reno. He replied, "Oh yes, yes. Perhaps…"

"As long as Sirea is living, Dark Bahamut can always be summoned."

"… True. Yes…"

President Shinra gazed at Hojo. "Are you feeling all right?"

Hojo glanced up at him after Tseng had reached for his phone under his shirt. "Oh yes. I'm all right, just thinking."

"Well hurry and get some sleep. At seven, we're leaving."

"Yes, I'll hurry up now."

Hojo peered over to the corner of the room where Reno and Tseng were talking. As the President pushed him along out the door, he watched with his piercing brown eyes as Tseng and Reno disappeared from his sight. The President was halfway in the hall when suddenly, he asked, "Tseng? Where is Rude?"

It caught Tseng by surprise, but he hardly moved a muscle. "I don't know President, he most likely fell back asleep when I called him."

The President replied, "Damn fool. Call him and give him a wake-up call. Rude needs to be here at O-630 hours. Give him the news."

"Yes sir, President." Tseng responded, and he watched the door click shut. Tseng turned back to Reno.

"Reno, I need to call Rude."

Reno frowned. "What for?"

Tseng made sure that the President's footsteps had gone the hall before he would speak again. He whispered, "I think I know who Sirea is… but I'm not sure. I sent Rude to go after Liana, who's here in Midgar."

Reno shuddered slightly. "Dammit! You think that Liana is actually a Cetran?!"

Tseng nodded, his fingers turning on the phone. "I think. She was the one who told me about Delos and the legend."

"But how could you think that? She hasn't been injected with blue Mako…" Reno gazed over to Tseng, his glimmering green eyes falling on his face. "… Has she?"

Tseng answered, "I'm not sure. The only thing I can do is call Rude to find out his status. Perhaps he knows…"

"Doubt it. You can try though."

Tseng waited for the phone to beep on, then he dialed Rude's cell phone number. He waited and waited, and maybe about fifteen seconds later, just before Rude's recording came on, he heard a click, then a-


"Rude! Where are you right now?!"

"Tseng? That you?"

"Yes. Give me your status."

"I found her hotel but I haven't gone in yet. Is the meeting over already?"

Tseng nodded, his reflexes most likely. He knew Rude wouldn't see him anyway. "Meeting's over. You need to be here in…" Tseng gazed down at his watch. It read: 5:02. "You need to be here in an hour and a half. We're searching for Lance near Nibelheim. Rude… I have a little question to ask you…"

"Yeah? What?"

Tseng squinted his brown eyes. "Well… uh… do you think that Liana has to do with something about Dark Bahamut?"

"Dark Bahamut? Well, don't… you need blue Mako to summon him?"

Tseng nodded again. "Uh huh."

Rude coughed on the other line. "Well, I heard from Doctor Hojo, that he had taken Liana's mother, a woman… I don't know her name, but he had taken her and injected them both with blue Mako. Believe me, I could tell I wasn't supposed to know this, because I could smell his breath, and it smelled like wine or something. He was intoxicated. Hojo said that Liana was born with blue Mako. I even commented on that to her when I saw her recently."

Tseng's eyes widened as Rude's voice continued to speak over the phone.

"… And that her mother died when Liana was twelve years becau-"

No… no… this can't be… Liana… She can't be Sirea! Dammit, it just can't be true! It doesn't make sense! The pieces… they don't fit into a puzzle…

"… Her father was… oh I can't recall h-"

Goddamn it to fucking hell, I won't believe this! Liana… I knew her too well. She would have known it! She would have known something about it!

"So, since the Preside-"

Reno gazed at the phone as he heard Rude's voice chatting away. "Damn!" Reno said. "That's the most I've ever heard him talk!"

Tseng's lip began to tremble. He held the phone loosely, and it was about to slip soon. "Uh… Rude…?"

Rude's voice stopped. "Yes Tseng?"

"I… I-I… have to go… now. Yeah, I have to… go. I-I-I'll keep in touch. See… you at six thirty."

"Tseng? Something wrong Tseng? Tseng! Hel-"

But his voice was completely cut away as Tseng closed the phone. Reno gazed at Tseng's face, confused. "What's wrong?" Reno's voice echoed through the room.

Tseng replied, slowly, "Liana… s-she is… dammit!" His fingers began to close over his head, and his legs began to buckle underneath him. "Damn it all to hell!"

Reno hunched down as Tseng slipped to floor. "Tseng?! Tell me, what's wrong!"

But Tseng only answered with his trembling lips, "Liana, s-s-she's Sirea!"

Chapter 4

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