Cthulu Trigger Bloodlines

A Slight Explanation

By Amrath

On my 14th birthday way back in 1995 I got two SNES games for Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger. I think about a year on before I even knew about fanfiction. I had the idea for writing a story about the characters from Chrono Trigger, a sequel to it. I wrote about two or three chapters, and abandoned it for reasons I can’t remember.

A few years later while searching for stuff on Chrono Trigger, I came across something I didn’t expect The Shadows by Keith Adams, and found it to be a very well written piece. I suspect in some way it influenced me into writing fanfiction again. While doing my GCSEs (Exams for all you non-British people) I started writing again, a chapter a day and got up to about five chapters. Once again I stopped, later on that year I started going to a Role-playing games club. The first game I played was Call of Cthulu. This also influenced me I got into Lovecraft and read Brian Lumley’s Titus Crow series.

Then one day on the bus back from college, I had an interesting idea a Chrono Trigger fanfic with elements of the Cthulu Mythos in it. The result was Bloodlines, thirteen chapters (one of which never made it online) and a prologue. Two of the chapters were from my earlier CT story. Then of course the inevitable happened I stopped writing it again.

Cut to the present then. A couple of month’s back I decided to rewrite Bloodlines, having realised just how bad the original was. So I started working on the prologue and after some time finished it. I think the new prologue is actually longer the whole of the original Bloodlines put together.

A few points

The story of Bloodlines takes place a year after the events of Chrono Trigger. It follows the ending that the Epoch survived the battle with Lavos.

Having waited several years for a sequel to CT, I got Chrono Cross in the latter half of 2001. Now knowing some of CC’s plot and how it’s linked to Chrono Trigger. I note that it takes place in parallel universes.

Bloodlines is set in what can be considered to be a parallel universe. Chrono Cross suggests two alternate Guardia exists but there is of course the fact that multiple universes may exist. A universe where Serge lives and one where Guardia castle doesn’t burn to the ground. This universe is where the events of Bloodlines takes place.


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