Genesis Through Revelation Part 4

Let There Be...

By AnimeLuva1

"Sugeeeeeee!" Sono cheered, "Iwannameet'emIwannameet'emIwannameet'em---" With the news the patients were awake, he snatched his Masamune from its display and ran downstairs.

"Sono! Get back in here!!!" Jacki commanded.

He skidded to a stop, standing just before the door. "Hai?"

"Take a shower and change your clothes---NOOOW!!!"

"H-HAI!!!!" he stepped out of the lab and hurried his stride towards his shower.

"OI!!!" Neka hollered, gesturing them to follow her. "What dija get?"

"Stuff," Chrono replied, receiving an elbow to his arm from Marle.

"We got weapons and supplies from that army surplus store." Lucca informed, pointing out the shop a block away.

Neka glared at her for a while at the store. "How much was it total?" she mumbled.

"About 15000Gs altogether." Marle responded with a sheepish grin.

"WHAT?!?" she shrieked, she put her hands on her hips and shook her head, "Mazey used his tourist pricing." she growled.

"'Mazey'?" they all asked.

"He's a 'Nam vet." she replied, feeling her stomach growl. She looked at the Clock Tower on Guardia Castle then at McDonald's. She dug into her endless pocket and took out a roll of bills and some change. "Y'all hungry?"

"HAI!!" Chrono agreed.

"Follow me then."

They had to admit, their meals did look and sound unusual. "BigMac," "Diet Cola" and "French fries" didn't look exactly like a king's feast. But even Chrono, with his almost pitless stomach, had to admit it was good.

"Y'all done?" Neka asked, sipping up the last of her shake.


Neka leaned back on the chair, casually putting her feet up on the empty table next to them. "So whatcha wanna do now?"

"C-can we see the Epoch?" Lucca requested.

Neka knitted her eyebrows and looked up at the ceiling. After some quick thinking, she considered it.

"Don't worry," Neka assured while switching the light on, "It's in better shape than it looks."

Lucca gasped at the site before her. Wires were moved in and out of the main engine, either hooked up to a monitor or left alone to send out small charges of electricity. The protective metal was piled into an enormous, fragile stack. The repairing and monitering left the Epoch itself in its basic steel frame.

"You looked like you've seen a ghost, Lucca," Marle giggled.

"Don't worry 'bout it Lucca-chan," Neka reassured, clamping her palm into one of Lucca's shoulders, "I just wanted to know how the thing worked, that's all." She stared at her time-traveling friend, letting a sigh leave her chest. "Here, watch me," Neka walked over to the Epoch, putting on heavy duty gloves before beginning to detach a set of wires from a smaller section of the engine. As the minutes passed, they witnessed the transformation of the Epoch from a heap of junk to something close enough to be a newly waxed sports car.

"Ya know," Neka commented, pulling her gloves out like they were made of soft lace, "one of those wires in the navigation system got fried."

Lucca snapped her fingers. "So that's how we got here in the first place." she exhaled.

"It took me forever to get that thing---" she shook her head, "---Yai-sanneveracceptsabargain."

"KOOOOOONNIIIIIIICHIIII WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Sono greeted, skidding across the floor before nearly falling on his back.

"Hey Sono," Neka mumbled, testing the control panel of the Epoch.

Sono nodded and turned to Chrono.

"Whoa," they both exclaimed.

They paced around each other, taking in the eerie similarities; the other's stride, face, hair. The only real difference was clothing. While Chrono wore a thick vest over his classic everyday wear, Sono wore an bright orange gi with a sapphire blue shirt, and matching blue boots with an arange strip.

Chrono finally stopped walking in circles and stood still. "Where dija get the suit, kid?"

"My gi?" Sono wondered, feeling his body start to shake, "Neka oneechan made it for me, it's offa Son Gokou's clothes. And my name's Sono, sir."

Chrono raised a brow at Sono. His gi was clearly too large for his frame.

Neka laughed, "I made it so he can grow into it. Ya shoulda seen him when he first put it on."

"Who's Son Gokou?" Marle asked.

"He's the greatest fighter in the universe!!!" Sono remarked enthusiastically, punching the air with his fist.

"--In a comic book that is." Neka added, getting off the Epoch. "Son Gokou is this guy from a story called 'Dragon Ball.' This little man can tell you the details later."

The people seemed to yell out in unison, making an attempt to flee. Behind the mass, a hover tank glided on. Minus the dust, the infamous Seal of Lavos was embossed.

"That's right!!! Run you flies!!!" Bakudan threatened, "The end is near!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA---"

Neka stopped her testing, noticing her obaasan's pendant glowing brighter than usual. "Chikuso," she mumbled, leaping off the Epoch and heading for the door, "SONO!!! Get over here!!!"

Sono put on his his "game face," as Neka would say, and tailed behind to the exit of Neka's home.

Marle blinked at her now busy hostess and new, young companion, turning to see her friends with almost the exact look. "C'mon now!!!" she scolded, putting her hands on her hips, "let's help out!!!"

With that, Lucca and Chrono followed Marle's lead to their next battle.

If there were 3 words that Neka had to use to describe Bakudan, she'd say: insane, intelligent, pyromaniac. It was obvious to see why she called him "insane." His frizzled royal purple hair and sea blue eyes were ruined with his soot-covered army attire and sand-blasted body. Neka has been fighting against him after Schala's death. He overrated the end-of-the-world scenario and made an army by claiming he will protect them with the "almighty Lavos". She, as well as 80% of the population, was against it. Since then he can snake his way out of a problem to fight another day. Her decision led to her last description. He fell in love with destroying things from when he started the aristocracy. It was rumored he even blew up a mosquito with a double-sized laser becuase of the bite he received from it. But three reasons were more than enough to give her an excuse to beat Bakudan from her home to Sun Palace (wherever that actually was) and back.

"Onore..." she growled, cracking her knuckles as she marched towards the "Lavos-powered" tank.

"Hey everyone," Bakudan called to his hooded minions, "look who's here!"

The almost reaper-esque bandits paused their pillaging and mocked the young rebel, taunting her with gestures and sarcasm. "You know what to do!" their leader ordered.

"Hai, Bakudan-sama!" they answered back, circling around Neka and Sono.

Sono and Neka stood back-to-back, each in a defensive crouch. "Sono! Overcharge Ichi-ban!" Neka called, lowering her voice to a mumble, "should dely enough time to--"

"Hai, oneesan!" he nodded. He closed his eyes, making his mind picture things he hated most. The Tough Guys gang, training, school, his nagging mother, losing. He felt his clothes rustle with an unknown wind. He unseathed his Masamune, holding it up in the air for all to see. He heard some of the Lavos disciples attempt to escape from the green-white blasts from his ki.

"Get ready!" Neka shouted. At the order, Sono opened his eyes and shifted into his basic stance. From a whole circle of enemies were only 2 or 3 hooded magicians. Damn I'm good--

"Watch out baka!" Neka snapped, giving a roundhouse kick to a charging reaper. Today is NOT the day to PISS ME OFF!!! she said to herself while giving no mercy to a Lavos novus. She looked down at the fallen enemy, the unconcious boy no older than her, while she struggled to get air back into her lungs. Yaro...he recruits idiots now!!!

"Nice job," Bakudan sarcastically commented while targeting the strongest rebels of his cause, "Amateurs."

With a shout that could be heard halfway across the city he leaped towards the tank's main gun. He held his sword over his head while tongues of flame surrounded but never touched his body. He went down as fast as his body could take him, giving a large, steaming scar down the gun's shaft. He glanced at his work before flying back a few inches off where he last stood.

"WHAT THE HELL?!--" Bakudan wondered as the missle clogged itself in the shaft. He looked around, not believing his most powerful weapon was going to self-destruct in a matter of seconds. He grunted, believing Neka was the cause of the disaster. With that, he made a door with a duel-beam laser and ran off to hide himself before his masterpiece went to pieces.

"Oh no you don't..." Marle spat while firing a bloody arrow at the fleeing Bakudan. She fired, watching its point pierce through the man's leg. "Yata!" she cheered, jumping up and down for a victory.

"What are ya STUPID OR SOMETHIN'?!" Neka yelled, involuntarily clenching her fists. "You're just gonna make Bakudan no baka more insane than he already is!!!"

"You DARE use a weapon against me," Bakudan growled after tending to his injuries.

The ground beneath them shook, cracking it and raising its elevation. "Minna!!!" Neka called, "Get ready!!!" She crouched into her battle stance. Bakudan was not going to get through this fight still standing.

He let the rage take control, amplified by the greatest power in the center of the earth. He threw his hands in the air, letting out the ancient chant of anger. His hair began to stiffen into thick lavendar spikes. The spikes paled into a bone white as they formed along his back and arms. Longer, thinner angles grew from his elbows, as did from his ankles. It would be only a second before their deaths that they'd see the armor on his well-toned legs.

Neka raised a brow. This was one battle armor she's never seen on him. "What the hell?--"

Chrono darted towards Bakudan, connecting his sword to the man's chest. But even from his new weapon he only created a needle-thin scratch on him. He leaped back to allow the others to attack. "Look out! He's like stone!" he warned, lifting his sword up and returning to his stance.

Stone is nothing that the Masamune can't cut. Sono believed.
"Don't forget it, baka," Neka's voice echoed, "aim for somewhere where you know they're weak."
Sono nodded as if Neka has actually said that to him at the moment. He brought his sword to his side and began his own charge. He ducked from Bakudan's swing and brought the tip of his blade into an oval-shaped black hole on his enemy's calf.

Bakudan got on his knees and wailed, covering his Achelis' heel with his hand. The boy was going to suffer first. He lifted his free hand towards the direction of Sono, chanting the ancient words of a kingdom that has only become legend. An orb of purplish-black formed in his palm, he drew his arm back and threw it towards Sono.

Sono could only watch dumbly as the orb grew in length, forming a long, spinning funnel heading straight towards his chest. He let out a grunt instead of a yell, feeling like a lightning bolt just struck his heart and was going through his body. His body curled in the shape of the blast, and he dropped face first onto the dirt floor. He shrugged off whoever offered assistance and stood up, Masamune in hand.

"PRIIIIIICK!!!" Neka hissed. She kept her stance and closed her eyes, cooing, almost singing her spell instead of chanting. Her pendant glowed a pale, relaxing blue, expanding and wrapping itself around her body. She opened her mouth as if to yell, but let out no noise. The pale aura around her flared and separated themselves into waves, weaving their way to become one again before striking the unexpecting Bakudan. He yelped again, skidding back from the power of Neka's magic. "Damn them all," he muttered, taking a bottle of Gate's Tonic down his already dry throat. He stood up, but not as straight as the battle started.

Marle closed her eyes, sensing a familiar yet always eerie feeling go into her body. Her spell made her twirl in the air, stopping at the young Chrono look-alike. It was then she opened her eyes, firing a yellowish-white orb toward him, healing him of his major wounds. She held her crossbow in her hands, prepared for a defensive attack.

Chrono followed Sono's tactics and swung his blade into the bruise of Bakudan. Again he screeched in pain, this time doubling over. Lucca mumbled an ancient language, sending a steady stream of fire into the wound. Her magic made the wound swell into the size of a softball.

Bakudan cursed under his breath, matches and butter knives are no match for his power. He threw his hands in the air, letting out a primal scream. The ground under his opponents shook under them. They watched stupidly as spews of lava and ash struck them in random areas. With such a blow he couldn't help but laugh.

"AH SHUDDAP!!!" Neka ordered, stomping on the swollen bruise on Bakudan's leg. He yelped and whimpered, only raising Neka's temper. "I SAIIID SHUUUT UP!!!" She threw her fist into the air, making contact with his almost steel neck. She landed her feet on his chest and used him as a board to jump back on.

"Blade tail!!!" Sono called. He kneeled down, arching the Masamune upwards so fast there was a blur behind its blade. He spun around again and finished off by stabbing as much of his sword into the man's wound.

Again Bakudan howled, louder than all his other cries off pain. He began to double over, staring at the miniature volcano near him. "Heh..." he said to himself, smiling. He began to chant again, this time not loud enough for Neka to interpret. The earth around the liquid fire sank then exploded. The pillar of lava bended and circled around him until a ring of flame formed. He stood up, already feeling strong enough to take them and the rest of the planet on.

Chrono shook his head. Whatever this idiot was doing was just something to scare him off. He charged once more, unaware of the shield of ice that surrounded him. He put his sword over his head, striking down at his enemy's defenses with all his strength. He lept off it with the agility of a cat, again slashing at the scorching wall until his katana was glowing an orange-red. He fell back, dropping his sword and checking if his hands were burned.

Lucca knew better than to use her fire attacks now, she stayed back waiting for Marle to regain her strength. She watched as Neka and Sono attempt to break down the wall with and endless string of physical and magical contact, "Sabotage" they called it. If Ayla was here she could bring the house down with these two she noted, noticing a gap from the duel technique. "Marle!" she called, waving her hands to signal an antipode. Marle nodded back, preparing herself for the fire/ice attack.

They aimed and fired, turning the wall into a dense cloud of smoke. "Yatta!!!" Marle cheered, jumping in victory. Lucca pirrouted, flashing a peace sign for all to see. Chrono seethed his still warm katana, curling up one hand into a fist and jerking it back a little. "HaHAAAAA!!!" Sono half-laughed, leaping and throwing his fist in the air.

Neka placed her hands behind her head, evilly grinning ear to ear as she always does when she wins something. She looked into the dust and vapor for a while, trying to make out the shadow of Bakudan's dead body. The haze cleared, showing no gun, no blood, no corpse. "USO!!!" she snarled, her spirit ready to fight again even if her body wasn't. "I'LL GET YOU ONE DAY YOU SICK BASTARD!!! I SWEAR MY LIFE ON IT!!!" She sucked in all the air she can, trying to regain a normal pulse.


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