Genesis Through Revelation Part 8

...I Will Send All My Plagues...

By AnimeLuva1

Time is like a tree. It has a common root and grows to branch out in almost infinite ways. A man cannot follow all of these branches at once. Through the actions and consequences that he makes, the end result would be slightly different...The world will end one day, the decisions people make determine how soon...*yawn* or...ever...ssssszzzzzz... ---Melchior on the hour before Chrono, Lucca, Marle, and Robo first reach the End of Time.

Ocean Palace...CNSF

"Ah, *ribbit* 'tis good to be back in the heat of battle," Kaeru (Frog) sighed. "Madame," he turned to Neka, "Lady Ayla told me I now own a new blade?"

"Douzo," Chrono tossed the sheathed Flashblade. "Hmmmn," Kaeru examined his new broad sword. He unsheathed the blade, striking a nearby wall. Upon contact, the blade let out a burst of yellow-white energy. "Now I witness why this sword carries such a name." He looked down at his Masamune. True, the Flashblade let out an immense amount of power. But it hadn't gone through what the Masamune did. And still, the Masamune had no scars from any of the blood it helped shed.

"Kaeru-san?" Sono managed to stutter, watching Kaeru gaze down at his Masamune.

"What, lad? Speak up."

He pointed to the Masamune, "Can I use it...sir?" he smiled nervously. "I'll give it back, sir, I promise."

Kaeru involuntarily croaked, examining the boy head to toe. His eye caught the handle of a sword. A chill ran down his spine, and he shrugged it off. It's likeness to the Masamune is uncanny. he thought. He shrugged that off as well. "Fine, lad," he half-sighed, handing his cherished sword in formality, "Keep this a note to thineself. 'Sir' is only applied to knights. Sadly, I am not accepted as one. Mine name is Glenn. As the grains of chronos' hourglass fell, however, the populace hath dubbed me 'Kaeru'."

"Y-you're the Glenn?!" Sono's mouth hung on its own for a short while, before he put himself back together. "My name's Sono sir-I mean Kaeru-san."

The weapons, armory and items were organized amongst the group. Not long after they began their journey towards Zeal did a cycloptic goblin appear.

"Hajime!" Chrono said quickly, his blade released from its case as quickly as it was swung. The flying demon flew to its right, having part of its wing cut off from his still too slow reaction. In retaliation, it drained Chrono of its next potential spell.

"Fly outta this!" Sono challenged, a sudden burst of lightning and greenish life energy spiraling into the outnumbered challenger. It shrieked of intruders before twitching its last.

"That's good, my child, feed the Mammon Machine." Zeal encouraged her daughter. "Feed Lavos so we may become gods!"

Schala reluctantly obeyed, her pendant glowing with power.

The scholars and priests looked at each other nervously as more than double of Schala's ki now fueled the Mammon Machine.

Neka knocked on the wall. "This place is completely made of wood! And with all that high-tech crap back there, jeez!"

The others ignored her comment, running down endless flights of stairs attempting to avoid the staff-armed guards. They managed to slaughter each of them like annoying flies. A draft was coming out of the next room ahead of them. Chrono led the dash towards it to escape the rest of the guards, when Masa stopped them. "I don't like this," the twin commented, "A great evil is about to emerge. Hayaku, before it does wake up!" Masa twirled in the air, vanishing with a trail of magic leading to the Masamune. As if on cue, the ground shook beneath them.

Zeal laughed in her victory. "More power my daughter! MORE!"

She continued to cackle, while her daughter continued draining herself.

He continued watching, stunned by what was occuring. How can anyone be so cruel to their own family? He gritted his teeth at the thought, but managed to calm himself. He just had to wait for the right moment.

"Look out!" Chrono hoarsed, pushing his young descendant out of harms way. He put his hands up in defense, anticipating a fast and hard blow.

She cursed to herself for not remembering a basic spell. Her fingers made ellipses in the air, a trail of smoky light following them. "The death of these people would be the end of existence." she chanted in Zeal's tongue. "These are our guardian angels in the flesh. So I plead for a wall to protect us from these evils. Give us Protection!" Seven rings surrounded Chrono, who still had his hands in front of him. The blue robot that looked eerily like Spekkio exploded into bits.

"What was that?" Chrono asked, surveying the results of the recent battle.

"Merlin would be pround of his apprentice had he not hid away." Kaeru answered, his gloved hand on Neka's shoulder.

"Thank you, Kaeru-san, for your compliments, but we need to go speak with Zeal." They went on, their eyes open for anything from out of the darkness.

"Daijoubu, ane-sama," Janus huffed, running as fast as his legs can take him. "I'm here to save you!" Alfador charged with him, mewing his support. He saw the main door ahead of him, and attempted to shoulder his way in. With an "oof!" he fell back, shaking his head before picking himself off the ground. Alfador hissed at the door, scratching it with his tiny claws. "Grrrrrr..." his eyebrows knitted, his hands moving exactly like the textbooks of magic he read. "LIGHTNING!"

"Schala!" he yelled, running with such speed that even Alfador had to struggle catching up.

"Janus! IIE! STAY BACK!"

"No way! You stay back and let me take care of this!" he countered, pointing to the demonic mechanical heart.

Zeal cackled in amusement of her son. "So my only son does not realize the power the almighty Lavos holds?"

Schala began moving off the pedestal. "Iie," she whispered hoarsely, "Don't move, Janus--KYAAA!" She took a single step, and the Mammon Machine retaliated with a mixture of shadow and lighting magic.

"Zeal! This has gone far enough!" Gaspar roared, holding his staff defenseively.

"This machine will only destroy our world!, not save it!" Belthasar reasoned, "Nu! Where have you gone?! It's time!"

Melchior revealed himself from the shadows, twisting his staff and pulled out the blade beneath it. "I wish we would end this in peaceful means, my queen. But there can be no peace with Lavos!"

The loyal mages and scholars present looked at her in question, then started whispering to one another. "Hah!" Zeal laughed. She placed her hands on her hips, smirking with arrogance. "And so the Gurus finally begin their counterattack? YOU TOOK TOO LONG OLD MEN!"

In the center of the room, tiny black dots appeared, expanding and sucking in anything it touched first.

"What the..." Belthasar looked beneath him, but couldn't finish his statement.

"This is--" Melchior as well was sucked in.

"A Gate!" Gaspar realized before he plunged into the darkness.

"Schala?" Janus whispered nervously. He looked around him for Alfador, only to find him missing. "Alfador? Schala?! SCHAAALLAAAAAA!!!" he shouted, his voice echoing in the vortex.

They scrambled for safety outside the doors of the room, but none of them could reach. The professors, scientists, philosophers, lawyers, doctors, and Master Mages could not resist the void.

To vanish forever were the Gurus, and peers, and...Janus. "No..." her voice trailed. Schala knelt to the floor, crying on her knees. "GET UP!" her so-called mother ordered, "Immortalitly will soon be ours!" The laughter of Zeal throbbed inside Schala's head. She shook her head, and continued mourning for her sudden loss.

"Now I can really kick ass!" Chrono grinned, gripping the Star Sword. He tossed the Demon Edge into the treasure chest he found, slamming it shut.

"A new blade does not neccissarily mean new wisdom; and new wisdom means new power," Kaeru muttered, now weilding the Pearl Edge. Just in case, however, his Masamune was strapped to his back.

Neka called Chrono, pointing to a shining sphere. Even with his help, it was going to take more to push it down. "Damn it Sono HELP ME OUT HERE!-Aah!" She flew back from the end result of a teleportation spell. A dwarf mage appeared, and summoned his underlings, red, white, and blue flying cyclopses. "Great, not you guys again." Neka gritted her teeth. She shook her head, and put her fists up in fighting stance.

Hmmmn, I wonder... "Sono, get that white one near you!" The young boy nodded, ready to slice the flying demon in half. Chrono threw his hands in the air, gritting his teeth as he made lighting flow around Sono and his weapon of choice. (The Masamune?...). The boy's strike made a wide pale arc in the air, and the cyclops was burned to dust.

Kaeru threw his hands (?) in the air as well, spheres of water circling around him. The spheres flew through the hair, dividing themselves into a multitude of bubbles. The bubbles surrounded themselves around the blue cyclops, and popped at the slightest touch from the captive. After the bubbles stopped popping, the ashes of the cyclops were the only evidence of its existence.

Worried, it cast a spell on the green-eyed one. She was in the middle of completing a fire-type spell, and looked confused when it stopped. It grinned when she realized her items disappeared. The grin turned to fear when she looked at it. She dashed and drew her fist back until it seemed her shoulder was going to give. She stopped no more than an inch in front of it, and the pain of her fist was the last thing it could remember.

"You thought you were really smart, now did you?" she asked coldly, kicking the unconcious enemy down one of the gaps of the platform. She yelped as the red cyclops slashed at her back, striking her down on the sphere. It pushed down under her momentum, causing the platform they were standing on to move downward.

"Sugoi! I didn't know elevators were made this far back!" Sono said in awe. He, as well as his mentors, seathed their weapons and looked around, waiting for the time to face maybe their greatest challenge in their quest.

"Huh?" Chrono blinked, it was just another lava filled area.

"'guess we gotta find those blue circle things, right?" Sono scratched the back of his head.

"It'll be faster if we split up." Neka concluded after surveying the room, "Two of us take the left, and the others take the right."

"'Tis a pleasure to be battling with you, m'lady." Kaeru croaked, "However, I've encountered greater a battle while Chrono was on my side."

"Wakatta, (I understand)" Neka nodded, "Sono! IKUZO!" she motioned, running towards the right door.

Only a few more the devil himself will be here...


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