The End of Time Chapter 15

Love Lost, Lust Gained

By Arsenal

Crono and Lucca woke up together. The first thing they did was check each other for wounds and hurts. Then Lucca hugged Crono, which ended in a kiss. When their embrace was ended, they looked at their surroundings. Gaspar appeared from nowhere. Crono and Lucca looked around, the landscape was all white turning to a warm golden colour. Gaspar wore his brown robes and cap, clashing with the scenery.

“Gaspar, what happened?” Crono asked to break the silence.

“Ozzie and his friends sent you through the Gate, trying to send you to the Prehistoric Period. Without Epoch you would’ve been stranded. Instead it sent you here. Feel lucky, Magus probably only expected Glenn to be sent through. But enough of useless explications, I have something to show you.” Gaspar started walking away. Crono and Lucca shrug and followed. Gaspar starting speaking again.

“In your future, about the year 1600 AD, there will be a young girl born. This girl will be strong, the first to use magic in six centuries. She will be quick with an ancient blade and an excellent aim with a powerful futuristic weapon. With those two weapons and her knowledge of magic she’ll rise to meet a new threat, one only she may face. She will destroy this threat, thus preventing the second possible apocalypse. From then on will the planet prosper, human and mystic evolving and expanding to space. From there they will go to war against the Lavos species, eliminating their parasitic destruction. This girl will be the continuation of what you started. The time will flow forever, the End of Time will be abolished. The weapons she bears will be Rainbow and Wondershot, passed down in a Guardian Family Line to her, the new princess. The magic she bears will be Shadow based, granting her the best of the three magic types. She’ll be the strongest magic-user and warrior ever to be born. But the most important thing is that she will be the descendant of Princess Nadia.”

“What does this have to do with us?” Lucca asked, guessing at the answer, but not desiring it.

“In the future I also see you two getting married, being happy and having a family. That is what would’ve happened had you two not met Marle, and even then it still does happen. Marle is devastated at the news, she loves Crono. She falls into sorrow, doesn’t marry and doesn’t bear a new ruler to the throne. Thus the Chancellor of the time takes over and a new line of rulers start. The girl in the future is never born, the hero that tries doesn’t have the weapons or magic. They are killed in the ensuing battle, thus preventing the human/mystic evolution from taking place. There is nobody to oppose the Lavos species, and the End of Time happens.”

The realisation of what Gaspar is saying hits Crono, “So I have to find somebody to sire a child to Marle?”

“No, YOU have to sire the child. If the girl loses one ounce of strength or magic, she won’t defeat the threat. It has to be you.”

Lucca has stopped regarding Gaspar and looks into Crono’s eyes, “It can never be. Life ends if we love each other.”

Crono turns away, and looks at Gaspar, “We’ll go prevent the threat. We can take the Epoch!”

Gaspar shakes his head. “It’s impossible for you to do so. Only the girl may. I’ve seen the result of your trying to prevent it. You all get killed. Only the girl by herself may defeat the threat.” He shakes his head.

Lucca looks at Crono, “You have to do it. Marry her. I can’t do this in good conscience.”

“But Lucca . . .” Crono is interrupted.

“But nothing! Marry her Crono. If you love me with any part of your heart, marry her! Save the world!” Crono looks away, tears in his eyes.

Gaspar coughs, drawing the two’s attention. “Marle doesn’t know and neither does Glenn. Say your goodbyes now. Give me a call when you’re done.” He walks away.

Crono and Lucca lay down on the ground and look at the sky. It was white-golden, like the rest of the landscape. They lay there discussing what they would do. They realised they had the power to say no. But both knew they wouldn’t. They lay for hours, just holding each other, wishing for a different future to look forward to. Finally they called Gaspar.

“Are you done?” Both nod their heads. “Good. I have a single dose of amnesia in this bottle for each of you. You’ll retain no memories of your love except for coming here. It will seem like a dream to you, but it will affect your decisions toward each other.” Crono uncorked the bottle. He brought the bottle to his lips and drank. Lucca did the same. Then she threw the bottle away and threw her arms around Crono.

Crono woke up in the End of Time. They were locked together in a hug. The pair extracted themselves, red in the cheeks with embarrassment. The group all woke up to a surprise: a human Glenn. They congratulated him and had a small party at Guardia Castle in 600 A.D when they dropped Glenn off. Then Crono, Lucca and Marle returned to their own time and their own lives. The only difference is that Crono and Lucca now have the strangest dreams about one another every so often. It always ends with a voice like Gaspar’s saying “A life passed by . . .”


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