The End of Time Chapter 4

Planning the Dirty Deed

By Arsenal

“I can’t believe that we can’t find them!” screeched the Outlaw.

“Well, what do you expect? They’re the Heroes of Time after all. They defeated the Mighty Lavos for goodness sake. There’s another one of them that defeated the Great Magus single handedly. There will be setbacks. But don’t worry, there’s two hundred of us here. Well, actually one hundred eighty, but who’s counting?” The huge ogre boomed with a smile upon his tree stump. There wasn’t shaking this one, emotionally or physically. “Anyway, Tasha isn’t dead. She took one of those bullets in the ribs and survived. Not that it matters to me. I hate following that . . . thing. She’s too human for me.”

The outlaw nodded his agreement, then walked off. A shadow dropped from her perch in the tree nearby, closing the gap and putting a dagger to the ogre’s throat in a matter of milliseconds. “You should be wary of what you say about me in this camp and outside of it as well.”

The ogre swallowed, then spoke, “Yes ma’am. I shall. May I help you in any way?” He was practically tripping over his words right now.

“Just shut up and listen. The last attack went well. I knew we wouldn’t get that little punk in one try. He’s tired now and his little friend isn’t walking anymore. It’s time to go after him. He would have kept watch during the night for his little geeky friend, the pathetic, loyal fool. Organize a capture party now, no less than fifty members and preferably more. You leave in an hour. Search south of here, covering a distance of one mile. He outran us last night, going in a straight line. He should be easy to find.”

“Where will you be?”

“Around.” An hour later the ogre found the outlaw who had agreed with him about Tasha. The poor guy couldn't talk through his slit throat.


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