The End of Time Chapter 8

Escape From the Prison of Home

By Arsenal

Nadia sat upon the throne, making all those boring decisions that maintained the kingdom. It never occurred to the commoners that the Kingdom of Guardia never really cared about their mundane affairs. Oh well, a façade of loyalty has to be maintained. Nadia sifted through the affairs of the kingdom in the morning and finally received the report she’d been waiting for: why Crono and Lucca hadn’t reported back to the kingdom. The group of guards had returned minus two soldiers and the rest had one wound or another. All held bloody weapons. They immediately went to the Throne Room, waiting for nothing. The soldiers had found nothing except mystics. A captured imp had revealed that their leader and Marle’s friends had been sucked into a blue hole: a Gate. Nadia called a lunch to consider the matters further. She went to her room without neither prying eyes nor escorts. There secretly she changed into her travelling clothes, packed some clothes and personal items into her bag and stuck a pouch of gold into her pocket, so she may purchase food once exiting the castle. With that she drew a replica Gate Key from under her shirt and stared at it. This was her only hope of finding Lucca and Crono.

Marle had been practising her magic like the others, developing it further into a tangible force rather than being limited to a set amount of creations. She could now create and eliminate any form of water or ice. With this power she drew pillar of ice up to her window and stepped upon it. She slowly let it dissipate down to the safe ground. Many were the powers of Princess Nadia. With a final glance at Guardia Castle, the bane and base of her life, she took the first steps toward Leene Square and the Gate resting there.


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