Ghosts of the Past, Present, and Future Chapter 1

By Artificer Urza

Year 1021 AD, Opassa Beach (Home)

It is now one year after the events that led to the destruction of the entity known as the Time Devourer took place. Serge and his Alternate world friends parted ways, the portal to the other world closed with the departure of Kid. Serge has attempted to return his life to a semblance of normalcy and things have calmed down. However, events are occurring which will bring Serge and his friends back to adventuring.

A figure stumbled onto the beach, exhausted from his flight. He had just evaded his pursuers. He was haggard and unkempt from years of self-neglect. His clothes had once been regal, fit for a prince, but were now ripped and dirty. As he walked he grimaced as his left side throbbed and burned. He stopped clutched his wound until the pain subsided; his hand came away soaked in his own blood.

"Damn… Just what I need: salt water in my wound." He laughed giddily, the loss of blood beginning to take its toll.

As he walked from the beach he came upon a forest known to the locals as Lizard rock. Due to years of intense training and actual combat experience he had developed a sixth sense when it came to the presence of animals and monsters. That sense was now telling him that many monsters inhabited the small woods and so, he unsheathed his katana. The sword was the only thing on him that was well maintained; it's blade was still as sharp as the day it was forged, a sharpness that could cut through the hardest of armor as though it wasn't there, the blade flashed rainbow colors in the sunlight as he brought the sword to the ready. As he entered the deepest part of the forest his strength began to give out. The wound, the loss of blood and the exhaustion were finally beginning to wear him down. He fell to his knees, using his sword to support himself. As his vision began to waver he saw a baby komodo dragon looking at him curiously and he began to laugh.

"Just my luck! I come through all this and I end up as lizard kibble!" He laughed weakly.

He attempted to stand, his mind growing fuzzier; his legs began to give out beneath him. His strength suddenly gave out, his hand releasing his sword. Just as he collapsed he saw a young man and woman rushing towards him.


Serge and Leena had a most strange encounter in Lizard Rock. Instead of the normal monsters they found man. He was middle aged his hair was long and seemed to have been cut using his sword. Leena had attempted to stabilize his condition with the elements she had on hand, but to no avail. They both decided it would be best to bring the stranger back to the village for treatment, though neither of them were sure how bad it would be on the wound if they moved him. They both carried the stranger as best they could and it was rather awkward with Serge's Mastermune strapped to his back. Serge could hear Masa in the back of his mind telling him that the stranger looked familiar. Their arrival in Arni caused quite a stir: people rushed to help them take the stranger to chief Radius' hut.

"Who is he, Sergey?" Una asked curiously.

"Don't know…" Serge replied attempting to catch his breath.

When they arrived at the chief's hut, he scattered the crowd and had the rest settle the stranger onto a cot. After the stranger was comfortable, Radius began to order the remaining villagers to some errands.

"Seto, get clean water and some towels. Cimma, get bandages, lots of bandages. Loran, fetch some clean clothes. Leena, take off his shirt so I can look at his wound. If he has a fever, do what you can to lower it." As they left to their tasks, Radius turned to Serge who had placed the Mastermune up against the wall. "Serge, I need you to hurry and take Fisherman's boat to Termina. From there go to Lisa's shop, Doc from Guldov is there treating Funguy's… condition. Don't just stand there boy!! Move it, move it!"

Needing no further prompting, Serge dashed out the door, leaving his weapon behind. Leena had returned to the stranger to minister to his wounds, but found him trying to move out of his bed.

"Sir, you shouldn't move yet; your wound will get worse!" She said, gently laying him back on the cot.

"C-can't rest. Got… Gotta find her." He was barely able to speak this as he coughed up blood.

"Find who sir? Maybe I can help you?" Leena asked him as she placed a wet cloth on the stranger's forehead.

"I'm l-looking for a girl na-named Kid." The stranger said before he fell unconscious.

In the corner Masa had been pondering the familiarity of the figure that lay in the cot. Mune and Doreen were of no help: Mune was not paying attention and god only knew what Doreen was paying attention to. If the three had separate human bodies, Masa would be standing over the stranger pondering the familiarity, Mune would be outside, pretending to be the wind, and, again, god only knows where Doreen would be.

"Holy crap, I remember him now!" Masa said, recognition dawning on him.

"What's up bro?" Mune asked, since he and Doreen were the only ones capable of listening to Masa at the moment.

"It's… It's him! It's the spiky haired kid!" Masa exclaimed excitedly.

"Where? I don't see him!" Mune replied, straining to 'look' around the room.

"Over there, on the cot!" Had the brothers been human, Masa would have grabbed Mune and pointed him in the right direction.

"Wha… Him? He's not a kid and his hair isn't spiky!" Mune seemed a little let down by this revelation.

"Of course it's him! Humans change over time, remember?" Masa said irritated that his brother didn't share in his enthusiasm.

"Really? I guess I'll take you at your word. I wonder where the blonde girl with the ponytail and the one with the goofy glasses are?" Mune asked his interest peaked.

"I've got a baaaaad feeling about this!" Doreen murmured to herself, for she too recognized the stranger as Crono.

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