Ghosts of the Past, Present, and Future Chapter 6

By Artificer Urza

Year 1021 A.D. Arni Village (Home)

It had been a week since Crono had come to Arni village, weak and sick, but now he was doing much better; he had gotten a shave, a haircut, some clothes, a blue, sleeveless shirt, some gray pants and brown boots and now more or less, resembled his 'old' spiky-haired self. Because he was doing much better he had been going out more, enjoying the fresh air, he even began to spar with Serge, not using their real weapons though and not using any magic or elements for that would be far too destructive.

As it was a beautiful day, Crono and Serge were sparring in the open space area beside the chief's hut. Quite a crowd had amassed to witness this display of combat. Crono was using a wooden sword in place of his Rainbow Edge and Serge was using a long wooden staff in place of his Mastermune. Despite being well over thirty years in age, Crono still held up quite well against the younger Serge. He only had one problem; a shoulder wound, which he had received a couple of decades ago, had never healed quite right and thus he could not protect himself from the left side as well as he used to. Serge, being an accomplished fighter, attacked as much as he could at Crono's left side; however, Crono was still quite capable of defending himself well and the youngster never got by his defenses. It was good for Crono, he hadn't been able to have fun fighting in a long time; it had always been a matter of survival.

The swallow sword of Serge's was, is and always will be a specialist's weapon, meaning that a person has to focus on training with that specific weapon. That being the case, swallow sword users are rare and very few people, even the expert weapon masters, have the skills to defend against such a sword. However, Crono was not just any swordsman; he, in his lifetime, had fought monsters, mutants, soldiers, mystics and a planet killer. He had only faltered twice, once when he died, or almost died depending on one's perspective, fighting the aforementioned planet killer and when he had taken a crossbow bolt to the shoulder about sixteen years ago. Needless to say, both fighters seemed evenly matched. Serge had been adapting to Crono's style of combat since their last match and seemed to be gaining the upper hand, however, Crono did have one last trick up his sleeve. Crono began to circle Serge, his sword at the ready. The circumference of the circle decreased and Crono began to slash at Serge repeatedly, using his Confuse technique. Once, twice, thrice, four times did Crono circle Serge, slashing all the while; Serge was able to defend himself for the most part, however, the constant were throwing him off-balance. Crono finished his attack with an upward slash, breaking Serge's guard and causing him to fall to the ground. Crono passed his wooden sword from his right to his left hand, extending his right hand to help Serge get up. Both fighters smiled at each other amicably, but were shortly interrupted.

"SERGE!! What do you think you're doing?" Serge's mother, Marge asked as she walked towards him. Leena also accompanied her.

"Um... Sparring?" Serge responded sheepishly.

"Mister Crono has had a hard time, you shouldn't be dragging him out to fight when he needs his rest." She said; she seemed more disappointed in Serge than angry.

"Actually, it was my idea. I felt that since we were going to be leaving soon, I should get as much exercise as I could, to make sure I was still in prime fighting condition." Crono said, attempting to reassure Marge.

"Leaving? What is he talking about?" Leena asked.

"Um... well... that is..." Serge stammered.

"You didn't tell her? Hoo boy are you in for it now." Crono said to Serge.

"I-it isn't that bad. We're only going to Hermit's Hideaway. It shouldn't take long!" Serge said.

"'It shouldn't take too long'? Last time that something shouldn't have taken too long you ended up going to an alternate reality. This time I'm going with you." Leena said.

"What? Now wait a minute..." Serge began to protest.

"Don't even bother." Crono said. "I've seen that look in a woman's eyes before; if you tell her she can't come then she'll just follow you. If you want to keep her safe you have to bring her along. Now tell me, if we're looking for Kid, why do we have to go to this Hermit's Hideaway place? And what's this about an alternate reality?"

"Alright Leena you can come. But there isn't going to be anything happening I'm telling you; the dimensional tear is closed up. There is NOTHING that's going to happen." Serge said vehemently as they walked towards the peer.

"Famous last words, those. Fascinating, but that still leaves me in the dark and you still haven't told me why we're going to Hermit's Hideaway." Crono persisted.

"Honestly, I have no idea where Kid is or even if she exists in this reality; don't worry I'll explain that last bit while we're traveling. Anyways, the best shot we've got is a friend of mine who lives on that island. He has a few connections and should have gotten a message from his people on the main continent about the Radical Dreamers, it's a thief organization that Kid is apart of, and he should be able to tell us something. I'm sorry it isn't much to go on, but I have to go down there anyways and figured you might find the trip interesting." Serge replied.

"Again, famous last words." Crono said.


On Hermit Island, there lived a single person. No one knew whom he was, but every once in a while a boat could be seen sailing towards the isle. The person who lived on the island was a former officer of the Porre army, named Norris. Due to some disagreements with his superiors and his over all disgust with the whole handling of the El Nido affair he had resigned from duty and had moved to the small island. He spent his time fishing, but he also paid close attention to events and oddities in Porre via friends he had in the military. This day as he was waiting for supplies and so he waited on the beach, his fishing pole in hand, pondering some recent information he had received from Porre. He saw the customary boat approaching the island with Serge aboard, he also recognized Leena but the third passenger was not someone he recognized, though the figure did appear familiar. The boat docked at the beach and the three passengers disembarked and Norris rose to greet them. He watched as Serge and the other person unloaded some crates, which were obviously his supplies for the month, it seemed they were discussing something.

"… And that's what happened, Crono." Serge said as he finished unloading the last crate.

Norris was then able to associate the name with the figure: Crono, the missing king of the fallen kingdom of Guardia. Norris was a tad surprised that the almost legendary fugitive was standing here before him. Crono gave a low whistle to Serge's story.

"And I thought time-travel was messed up." Crono said.

Leena introduced Norris and Crono as Serge lugged the two crates to the tree house that was the sole building on Hermit's Hideaway. When Serge returned he posed the same question as he had during previous vists.

"Have you heard any word on Kid?" Serge asked.

Norris shook his head as he had so many times before to this question.

"Nope, no word on her. But there is another bit of weird news." Norris said.

"Weird news?" Leena said her eyes narrowing suspiciously.

"Yes, in the Sea of Eden, there has been a strange apparition. A transparent ghost city has appeared there. From the description it seems to be Chronopolis." Norris told them.

The three stood there dumbfounded, unsure of what to say. Crono mouthed the word disbelievingly.

"I was hoping you would come with me Serge." Norris said.

Serge's heart fell and he lowered his head. As the Crono Trigger he knew he would have to look into the appearance of Chronopolis. Leena looked determined, there was no way he would keep her away from this. Crono merely smiled.

"Do you want me to say 'I told you so' now or later?" Crono said.

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