Requiem of Souls Epilogue

By Artificer Urza

The Urkan people had settled in their new homes of Urkan Tapa and they were now witnessing the final Guardian Ceremony. Garr, in his new Guardian form, stood proudly, his spear raised.

People of Urkan Tapa, by this spear I am commanded to protect the Goddess and Her followers from those who would harm the world. I swear I shall fight to protect you all, I will fight and defeat all enemies of the Goddess!" He shouted responding to the cries of joy of the people.

At the base of the Angel Tower, where the ceremony was being held, Gaist watched thinking to himself. The tiniest of tiny doubts had already begun to form in his mind.

"But who is the enemy, Garr? Do we really know who and what it is we are fighting?" He whispered to himself.

Approximately nine months after Ryu, Katt and Yua had returned to their home of Gate, Yua gave birth to twin boys. Ganer had welcomed them all home nine months ago and, especially Yua for whom he shed many tears of joy at her return. He now stood proudly by his daughter as she held her newborn sons and was happy to be a grandfather once more. Doctor Kay was also sitting in the room, tired after what had seemed a difficult birthing, but she too smiled warmly at the newborns. Ryu and Katt were also in the room; Katt holding their sleeping son in her arms.

"Any ideas for names?" She asked Yua.

"I was going to name this one Ryu, after my brother." She said indicating the child with wisps of blue hair. "And I was going to name this one Teepo, as his father asked me." She said indicating the child with the sullen gaze and wisps of violet hair.

Not all who were watching them were in that room. Ladon and his own daughter, Deis Bleu watched them from the heavens.

"Does it have t be this way?" Bleu asked.

"This is their will. The results forged by their actions, as I wanted it to be. Their hands, their hearts and their actions work the future, not by my will or yours and that's they way it was always meant to be." Ladon replied.

"Still... Is there nothing we can do?" Bleu asked looking upon the ghostly image of those newborn children.

"I have my avatar, but it is not his time yet. You should watch over these children."

"Shall they be so important so soon?' She asked astonished.

"No, they shan't be important for a while. However, they will one day." The god said.

He waved his hand and the image wavered and changed. They were now looking at two young boys, one with Bleu hair and a topknot, the other with long violet hair and a sullen gaze.

"Just them? The Woren boy, will he not have a place in history?"

"He will do what no other Woren child has done in ages, he will unite his people under one tribe, one leader. No longer will the Worens be aimless, loners and drifters but a single people. There is another thing about this child though; his dragon blood will create a zooanthrope, a tiger with the dragon powers. This power will strengthen the tigers blood-line until there will come one who has it who aids the dragon once more."

Ladon waved his hand again and the image of Ray, Ryu and Katt's son, wavered, replaced by that of an older, noble looking Woren male. A Woren adolescent who stood by the two boys replaced that image. Bleu looked at the image of those three and smiled slightly, the future was going to be an interesting place.

Through the mists the Wanderer traveled as he had traveled for so many centuries. This time, however, he had no burden and was going to meet someone he had long missed. As he walked his shoulders grew straighter, his hair darkened to a blue colour and his face lost the lines of worry that had lined his face. He re-became a youth, a kind hearted young man wearing a white tunic, white shorts and a resplendent red cape. He walked towards an ivory white gate in the distance of the mist; at the foot of the three steps that led to the gate two people sat in conversation; one was a child of Winlan with blond hair and white wings with brown tips, the other was a maiden of the Light Dragon Clan with blue hair and a kind, beautiful face. They were both waiting for the Wanderer. The winged one stopped the speaking suddenly and looked up. She saw the Wanderer coming and her eyes filled with tears. She vaulted from her seated position and into his open arms. They said nothing; words were not needed between them, they never had been needed. The Wanderer's sister, the blue haired woman named Sarah, smiled at her brother's return and the great ivory gates opened, welcoming the three into the holy relm.


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