Forsaken Prologue

An Invitation

By Asyria

Another day was at its end. As the sun crept down below the horizon and the moons silver beams shone on the land, the small town of Mobliz was settling in for the night. Terra Branford had risen from her spot on the small hill in the back yard of her house. Her sad features took one last look at the setting sun before turning back towards the house. Inside her home, only the sound of her own footsteps could be heard. Terra glanced around her now empty home and familiar tears began to fall from her green eyes. They…they're all gone, Terra's mind reminded her, bringing her a pain in her heart.

At first, Terra had been relieved and happy when more and more people began to populate the ruined town. Building after building had begun to get restored, including the home Terra and the children resided in. Some new ones were added, like the town hall and the messenger's office. The once barren and decaying Mobliz grew into a town humming with activity and commerce. When food had once been scarce, it was now abundant. When flowers and other plants were difficult to grow, could now be found everywhere. The people had brought life back to the desolate land. Terra couldn't have been more pleased with mankind's skill for survival. Terra was jubilant…for the time being.

One day, a couple came to her, one that had lost their children when the statue's fragile balance had been disturbed and threw the world into ruin. The couple was desperately seeking to adopt two of Terra's orphans. Though Terra did not want to admit it, she had her hands full with the dozen children. Knowing the two children the couple had selected would find a good home, she let them go. Not long after, other couples from all across the world had come to Mobliz, seeking Terra and the children. Terra knew it would be selfish to deny her children good homes for the sake of herself. They deserved better after all they'd been though. One by one, other families had adopted all of the orphans Terra had come to love. Dwayne and Katarin thought it was best for them, Terra had agreed. But this knowledge had not lessened the pain in her heart at their absence.

After all the children were adopted, Terra found herself at a loss. Her purpose, her life's meaning was gone. All she had fought for during the reign of Kefka, she had given away. In her mind, she knew she had made the right decision. Her children would be better off with families, a mother and father, who could provide for them. And Katarin had told her that she just needed time for her heart to let go. Terra knew that she was right, but now there was a question plaguing her night and day. A question Katarin nor anyone else in Mobliz could answer. What now?

Every day, she searched the setting sun for an answer. And every day, she found nothing. Things of beauty, like the sunset, brought her no comfort. Seeing Dwayne and Katarin with they're now two-year-old only made the pain more unbearable.

Just as Terra had begun to make some supper for herself, there came a knock at her front door. Curious, Terra peeked out her front window. A young man from the messenger's office was standing at her doorstep. Terra opened the door slowly.

"Hello Ms. Branford." The young man said, holding out an envelope to her. "This just arrived from Figaro Castle, ma'am."

Terra's brow creased in confusion, taking the letter from the boy. "Thank you."

The young man nodded and took off back to the messenger's office. Terra closed her door and sat down in the nearest chair. She opened the envelope quickly, taking out the paper inside.

March 25th, 2 A.E.


How are you, my friend? It's been awhile since I last heard from you. I understand how hard things must be for you, now that the children are gone. But, hopefully this will cheer you up. I am throwing a reunion party for all members of the Returners. You, of course, are most cordially invited. The party will be held in one week from the date marked on this letter. Setzer will be dropping by to pick you up, along with Strago and Relm. I hope you will join us. It wouldn't be right if you were not there, dear Terra.

Locke and Celes have been telling me how much they are looking forward to seeing you again, as has Sabin and Cyan. Please join us, and we will try to lift the pain in your heart.

Sincerely yours,

King Edgar Roni Figaro

Terra could not help but smile as she finished reading the letter. Her friends would no doubt be able to help her. Why didn't I think of that sooner?, she wondered. They would have suggestions of something she could do, some advice on her situation. After all, her friends knew her best. Besides, Terra always enjoyed Edgar's parties. And she was looking forward to seeing all her friends again.

Terra went to her desk in the corner of the room, pulling out a piece of paper and a pen. She jotted down a quick acceptance and placed it in an envelope. Tomorrow she would mail the letter back to the castle. This day being the 27th, she would only have to wait five days for the celebration. Terra began to think of all the things she'd need to buy and pack. The pain in her heart momentarily put aside.

Chapter 1

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