Seven Chapter 4

PRIDE: Elena

By Asyria

Pride is a high or inordinate opinion of one's own importance, merit, or superiority.


Elena was never the kind to have self-doubt. Lack of self-confidence never really occurred in her life. Elena was, in her mind, better than the rest. Even as Reno taunted her Elena Jensen remained solid.

"You think you're so good, don't ya? Well, in the Turks, you're skills don't mean jack!"

Elena Jensen grew up in Kalm with her family. Her father, her mother, and her six brothers. Being the only girl, and the youngest of the brood, had taught her self-preservation.

"Ya gotta be tough, sis! Don't let nobody get to you!"

The first thirteen years of Elena's life were spent at home with her family. She was a tomboy, playing only with her brothers. Instead of dolls, she had mini soldiers. Instead of jump rope or hopscotch, she played sports and went fishing. Instead of dresses, she wore passed down shirts and overalls.

But Elena's mother began to worry. Since Mrs. Jensen only had one daughter, she wanted Elena to act like one. In the 14th year of her life, a decision was made.

"Elena honey, your father and I are worried about your behavior. We're sending you to an all girls boarding school in the fall."

That fall, Elena was shipped off to the boarding school. Socially, Elena was lost. She couldn't make friends, no other girl was like her. The other girls often teased her for her tomboyish ways.

"You're hair is all short! Are you trying to be a boy?"

However, it didn't take Elena long to figure out the advantage of being tougher and meaner than every other girl. She quickly became the school bully. She considered it a perk to be the only girl like herself.

At the boarding school, she grew and matured into a beautiful woman. But she remained the badass, tough chick attitude. When she graduated from the school, she didn't return home to Kalm. She opted instead for Midgar, specifically Shinra Inc.

It was rare for a woman to try out for SOLDIER. It was almost never that a woman made it. But Elena Jensen did. She had a natural knack for hand guns and was decent at hand to hand combat. But it was her confidence and gender that got her the job.

Her officers liked her, but were worried about her overabundance of self-assuredness. She needed more discipline. But of course, she didn't think so. She was the best, and everyone else was just jealous.

But inside the building one day she met someone. Someone who would change her life forever. A Turk.

"I've heard a lot about you, Ms. Jensen. You're progress in SOLDIER is amazing. Maybe in the future, you'll think about joining the Turks. By the way, I'm their leader. My name is Tseng."

After that, she rarely saw Tseng in person. But every night, she dreamed of him. Elena didn't have much experience with men, they often found her intimidating. But Tseng didn't. He was strong, confident, and smart, much like she saw herself.

It never occurred to her that she might not be what Tseng wanted. In her eyes, she was the perfect woman, the perfect Turk.

Elena Jensen.

You have been found guilty of one of the seven deadly sins.


Prepare to burn.


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