Unsung Heroes: Devon, 2300 AD Afterward

By Average Joe


Okay, after reading this you're probably thinking, "Why? Why did he write this? It has pretty much nothing to do with any of the main characters. They were only vaguely referenced a couple of times. So why did he write this?"

Well, I wanted to write something, but I didn't want to step on anyone's toes, so I tried to pick something that nobody else would have even thought about writing about. I also didn't want it to be entirely boring (although, personally I think I failed on that point), so I tried to pick a situation that might be interesting. I gave my character (what I thought to be) an interesting background, history, personal relationships, etc., and tossed him into the world, and let him deal with the world as he saw fit, not me. Actually, now that I think back on it, maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all...


Why the title "Unsung Heroes"? I wanted it to be part of a collection of stories about unsung heroes from different games, or at the very least, from different parts of the Chrono Trigger world.

After doing the first one, I'm not entirely certain if I should do another. If I get enough positive feedback, maybe I will, but the way things are looking now....


About the computer that Red was talking with: I don't think I expressed the way they communicate very well. The computer does not just talk in plain text, as we do most of the time on the internet, but actually a few steps up in the evolution of the way we chat and do e-mail right now. Whereas we use emoticons to express minor things, like happiness, anger, spontaneous insanity, etc., and throw the number 2 in to replace the word "to" (why? It's just one extra keystroke, jeez...), and other things like that that you would never see in books, the computer uses different text colors and icons like that, in addition to charts, equations, and other stuff.

Oh, and Red reads a lot faster than Devon, because he's had more practice. That's why the words were pretty much a blur to Devon.


I have to admit, writing is really dang hard. It both gave me energy (when I thought I was doing well), and sapped it from me (when I was just plodding along). There were times when I couldn't write because I just didn't have the creative energy to do it. But, overall I think it was a pretty good experience, and I look forward to doing it again.

...I just hope someone will read it...


The entire first third of chapter one seems a little, well, ambiguous, doesn't it? I did it on purpose. When I first started that part, I didn't really know where I was going to go with it, so I tried to make it fit all of the possibilities that I had in mind at the time. I had one set in 2300 (the one I chose), and one set in 600. So I will concede that the entire first chapter, in fact, much of the story, starts out with ambiguous openings.


This is the most important part of my Afterward, and the main reason I wrote it in the first place.

I just want to make a profuse and heartfelt apology to pretty much everyone for the first name of my main character. Most of all I want to apologize to Icy Brian and Nanaki, because they're the ones who're probably the most affected.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, read Nanaki's first MST fic (I couldn't bring myself to read the original). You'll find out in pretty short order why "Devon" was a poor choice of character name.

But alas, I had chosen the name and written several chapters long before I actually read the other story starring a "Devon," and the name seemed to be a bad idea afterwards, but I couldn't change it. The name had sort of stuck....

There's an idiom out there that says, "ignorance is no excuse," so that's why I wanted to apologize for choosing the name "Devon."


Well, that's everything, I think. Hopefully I'll put more thoughts to words and set them to type. Until then, see ya.


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