Crono And Marle: Married At Last Chapter 6


By Ayla

Marle shivered slightly, of fear, joy, happiness. She couldn't believe she was marrying Crono at last, after all these years… Her lips were parted over strong, white teeth, her smile gentle. Presently, she stepped out of her bath, reaching for a fluffy white towel to dry herself. Her thoughts were not that of her but of Crono. What would he look like in a tuxedo, his spiky hair greased down? She sincerely couldn't imagine that, for it did not suit his personality. Quietly, she pulled on her underclothes, continuing to imagine what it would be like to actually be in the ceremony. She began to brush her fine hair, it drying quickly in the presence of the fire. It danced prettily against Marle's white skin, her shadow long across the floor of her room. She then stood up from where she sat upon the bed, walking toward the wardrobe. She reached toward it, pulling the handle toward her, her eyes fell upon that of her dress. The gown matched her eyes, the beautiful azure blue. The top part went into a circle around her chest, lace over her upper chest and collarbone. On Her shoulders, the silk fabric started again, running down her arms loosely. Opening her arms, she looked like a butterfly from the lace that had been attached to her arms and fell behind her in a sort of cape. The skirt part billowed about her feet, swirling about her whenever she walked. Lastly, she placed the tiny golden Tiara upon her head, lowering the veil over her face. She was so caught up in her own world, she jumped when Lucca's voice came from outside her door.

"Marle? Are you ready yet?" Lucca called impatiently. Marle smiled, then turned and walked to the door. She opened it quietly. Her friend looked somewhat unfamiliar without all her gadgets buzzing around her face, her dress adorned somewhat similarly to Marle's. Her dress was red, the brightest of reds. Her hair dangled about her chin, brushed well.

"I thought you said you weren't going to where a dress." Marle remarked with a smile.

"I changed my mind." Lucca countered quickly. They heard some guards yelling downstairs, then suddenly, Ayla burst through the door. On her hands and feet, as usual. She was wearing her regular clothes, for she did not see the point of dressing up from the occasion.

"Marle get married? Ayla get married too!" She said, flashing her pearly white teeth. Marle rolled her eyes, but knew Ayla spoke the truth. Smiling faintly, she smoothed a crease in her beautiful dress, the lace ruffling.

"Really?" Marle's voice had a bit of concealed laughter. She lifted the veil, penetrating eyes twinkled individually. She knew on instinct Ayla had no idea what exactly marriage was, she only knew it was some ceremony. In prehistoric times, people just stayed together, and that was that. For the first time in many months, she looked thoroughly at Ayla. She was shocked at the sight. Ayla had filled out a bit with full ripeness, a quality she had lacked before. Ayla was with child. Marle had no doubt about who the father was, for it could be none other than Kino, the cute man who Ayla had said she liked 'best'. She grinned, smiling at her two friends. She was awakened from her sort of dream by the sound of a bugle. The ceremony would start soon. She looked toward the door and saw a stumbling Zala trudging up the many steps. Her dress was exactly like Lucca's, although it was a sparkling Silver color.

"Your Highness! Get down here now! Crono's just getting to the alter, and if you don't hurry, you'll be late!!!" She panted, out of breath apparently. Marle's eyes widened as she heard, then she started bustling down the stairs after the three ladies. Reaching the hall, she saw the little flower girl, Chesea, also known as the little girl who lost her cat, walk down the isle tossing flowers to and fro. Next came Lucca, Ayla, and Zala in the order. Her brides maids. She readied herself, pulling her veil over her face as the wedding song came on. Taking a deep breath, she timidly stepped into the hall, gasps from the visitors and whispers about how beautiful she looked ringing in her ears. She walked down the aisle, half-walking, half-stumbling. Nervously, she stepped up beside Crono. His hair looked like it might have been greased down at one point, but was once again standing like it always did. He was breathing hard. He was just as nervous as Marle. The priest started the ceremony. Saying a prayer over them in Latin, he signaled the couple to Neil. They did as he instructed, taking each other's hand, their heads bent as they received the priest's blessing. They rose, and the priest started speaking English.

"If anyone in this room objects to this man and woman marrying, speak now or forever hold your peace" There was a deathly silence, and Marle let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding.

"Do you, Crono, promise to take Princess Nadia, through sickness and in health, to love, cherish her as you wife?"

"I do"

"And do you, Princess Nadia, promise to be loyal, to love and serve Crono as your lawfully wedded husband."

"I do."

"I now declare you Man and Wife. You may kiss the bride." Hesitantly, Crono embraced her. Raising the veil, he pressed his lips to hers tenderly. Smiling, he pulled away then swept her up in his arms. She wrapped her slender arms around his neck as he kissed her again. She looked at her father. He was crying. Zala watched the two lovers, then looked out at the guests. One in particular caught her eyes, although her obviously couldn't see her. AT the end of the ceremony, she went over to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Do I know you?" Her voice wavered, trying to remember… He nodded/

"Your Zala, aren't you. That one girl who was Ozzie's slave?" She nodded, some of her past coming back to her. She smiled, then watched as Marle through the bouquet of flowers into the air. Many girls were desperately trying to get it, but finally it ended up in the arms of Ayla. Ayla looked down in puzzlement, then just shrugged and walked over to the benches to examine them. Still grinning, Zala watched the two lovers ride off in a carriage, together, forever.


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