Glenn's Anguish Part III

The Hero's Medal

By Star Kitten

"Well my friend, this is it…" Cyrus announced. "The Cursed Woods, in all it's depressing glory." Glenn was amazed at the forest's sights. It was even gloomier than the Guardia forest. Strange sounds could be heard from what seemed like everywhere at once. He shivered nervously and touched a shaky hand to the small dagger at his side. "I wish I brought a bigger sword…" He muttered uneasily, brushing his hand against it.

Cyrus laughed and popped his knuckles casually. If he was nervous, he was hiding it pretty well. "Don't worry about that." He replied breezily. "We won't get much trouble from the creatures around here." He pointed to a small frog-like creature that yelped and darted into a bush at the sight of the two travelers. Again, Cyrus laughed. "You see? Nothing to worry about." Glenn nodded, but the moment of calm wouldn't last long.

"I wouldn't be so sure!" A voice boomed from ahead. A second creature emerged from the same shrub the frog had retreated to. It was a frog that emerged all right, except for it was nearly ten times the size of the last. Oddly enough, a small bent crown was perched awkwardly atop it's head. The 'frog-king' let out a booming laugh, and its massive tongue sprawled out of its mouth as it did so

Two more of the small frogs joined it, one of them the creature Cyrus had scared off.

"So…" The huge king boomed. "You two think you can come here and push my loyal subjects around?!" It bounded around the small glade, never once taking an eye off either of them. "Just what business do you have here anyway, hmmmm?" It crowed.

Cyrus stepped forward threateningly. "I am Sir Cyrus of Guardia!" he shouted courageously. "I have come to take back what is rightfully ours!" The gigantic frog roared with laughter at Cyrus' introduction. "So you're that knight that has come to retrieve this stinking medal." It laughed, revealing a small, shiny object in the palm of its slimy hand. "I thought what those two Imps were babbling about must mean something..." It muttered.

Again, it began jumping around gleefully. Tossing the medal around all the while. Cyrus scowled impatiently. "I suggest if you value your pathetic life, that you should hand that medal over before I get careless." He waved his sword to show he wasn't kidding. The frog gave him a challenging gaze and Cyrus shifted to an attack position. "Cyrus…" Glenn began uneasily.

"Just stay back for now, Glenn." He whispered in reply. "I can take this fly-sucking moron." The frog chuckled and hopped closer.

"You want the badge of courage, dear knight of the Kingdom?" The frog shrieked. "Well take it if you can!" Cyrus sneered at the fat creature's threat. "If you insist…"

He leaped for the frog with a booming yell, his sword thrust so fast that Glenn could barely see the blow land to it's target. Sure enough, the frog-king drew back with a screech, it's frog 'subjects' scurried away before any more trouble was caused. With a whimper, the frog-king nursed it's bleeding arm and still somehow forced a mocking smile.

"Fine then! Take your damn medal!" He cried, thrusting the object to the ground. "Mark my words though, once Lord Magus hears of what you've done, you'll regret even being born!!" With a final shriek of rage it bounded away and out of sight. Glenn folded his arms and tapped his foot on the damp ground. It seemed like every creature in the kingdom was linked to Magus. He thought about what Cyrus had said about an army building up within in at least ten years. An entire army of monsters… the thought made him more nervous than he was.

Cyrus sheathed his sword and sighed with relief. He slowly bent down and picked up the shining object. "This is it Glenn…" He said, almost as if he didn't believe himself. "The object that can nearly double the Masamune's power. Once we get the sword, not even Magus will be able to stop us!"

His eyes shone triumphantly, but Glenn was still skeptical. As Cyrus rejoined him he tried his best to look excited. Yet he still wondered… something about it just didn't seem right… It was just too easy getting the medal.

"Hey Glenn, how about we stop into town for the night? It's getting late anyway." Cyrus spoke, but his words seemed distant. "Glenn?" He called, his voice seemed far away. "Glenn, are you alright? Glenn!!"

Glenn suddenly snapped out of his thoughts. "Oh sorry… just excited about our victory I guess." He lied, gritting his teeth. Cyrus slapped him on the back and they turned back towards the wood's entrance. "Well old friend, it's not over yet!" He said with a smile. Glenn silently wished it was….


Yet unbeknownst to the two, someone had been watching their every move in those woods. Listening to every word, and carefully observing every action. With a hissing laugh, the spy left the woods shortly after the travelers did. It silently slithered through the shrubs and grass, eager to tell it's master of what it had saw.


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