A Shadow of Hope Chapter 4

By Bane Nathos

Link sat and watched the waves of Lake Hylia for sometime. Link found it relaxing to sit along its shores; watching the waves beat against the lakeshore, the perfect place to sit and think about something.

Link walked up to the lakeshore and sat on the grass and took in all that he had been told. The men seemed friendly enough when they weren't attacking him, but their story was weird, an evil stone, an undiscovered mountain, and an insane guy that had the power to destroy the world. Link had seen and done some crazy things in his life, and had used some magical stones to get into the Temple of Time, but he had never heard of any that could hold THAT much power. Only the triforce did, as far as he knew and only Zelda, Ganandorf, and himself had part of the triforce. But the story was all credible to a point, he knew that there were such things as magical stones and power crazy maniacs, Ganandorf had been one, and Link had had to lock him into another dimension.

"What if it is all true," he thought, "and if it is I would be able to do something interesting again, instead of all this sitting around doing what other people want me to do, all that stuff is boring, and if I stay here all I'd get is boring stuff that I'd have to do. But what about my family, they'd miss me a lot, and if I leave without informing them they'd miss me even more and go looking for me. But if I don't inform them, they'll dismiss the whole thing as foolishness and not let me go."

"What should I do?" Link thought as he pondered. "Hurt my family and do something interesting or hurt myself by being bored to death here,"

"Do you think he'll be back?" Akon asked his master, after Link had been gone for a little while.

"I'm sure of it, that boy is one heck of a fighter, he did some powerful blows on me when I went to get him," Feroc replied, "also Hyrule is in a time of peace right now, he is probably bored. If I were in his place and had done all the things that he is said to have done, I would be bored in a time of peace like this,"

"I hope you're right, master, because if he doesn't come back, we'll need to go after him again soon or else he might get away again, and who knows where he'll go then," Akon said as he started packing some things into some sacks that him and Feroc had gotten out and had already started packing things into for this trip.

"He'll be back, we just need to ready when he is," Feroc said as he pulled his cloak back over him. "I'll be doing some rounds, make sure everything we need here is packed by the time I return,"

"Yes master, that I'll do," Akon replied and started filling some more sacks with things that they'd need for their journey.

"Make sure you do, I'll be back as soon as I find some things," Feroc said as he pulled his cloak tighter over him and clasped it closed with a pin, and with that he went out of the house and disappeared into the busy streets of Hyrule.

Feroc started by looking at some shops for the items that were still needed for their journey. After an hour of searching and having no success he asked one of the residents if any could be found here about.

"There might be some of those in a shop that's by the gate here, it is a strange shop, the owner searches far and wide for the strangest things and brings them to his shop, but don't worry he might sell some of them to you, for a price." The stranger said and with that the stranger disappeared into the crowds of the Hyruleon market.

"Thanks," Feroc said and walked off to the area where the man had said the shop was located.

He walked to the city gates and just before he reached them he found a door. Upon opening the door, Feroc found himself in a shop of sorts, items were scattered about on shelves and in boxes on the floor and there was a counter right by the door. He looked around some more and spotted and weird looking man with a covered face.

"What can I do you for, stranger?" the man asked, and came towards Feroc.

"I have some items on a list here that I was told you might have," Feroc stated.

"Lets see that list," the shop owner said.

With that Feroc handed the man the list and the owner looked it over.

"Yup I have those, but it'll cost you quite a bit of money."

"How much," Feroc said.

"Well the first two together would cost you one hundred rupees and total it would be a total of eight hundred rupees," the owner said, and handing back the list and looking in Feroc's eyes, "I doubt you have that kind of money,"

"I'll pay," Feroc said, breaking off the man's gaze.

"What!" the owner exclaimed. "I don't thing you understand, it's cost you hundreds of rupees,"

"I'll pay it all in full here and now," Feroc said throwing a bag on the table.

The shop owner opened the bag, and with a look of amazement stared at the green, blue, and red rupees that Feroc had in the bag.

"You've got a deal sir," the owner said as he dug into a box behind him, and rummaged around some shelves and other boxes around the room, until he came back with a sack full of items. "Here are you items,"

"Thanks," Feroc said as he took the bag of items and left the shop, traveling back down the road and into the Hyruleon Square, "just one more stop left, then were off,"

Link arrived in the ally later that afternoon but when he got there only Akon could be found.

"Where's Feroc?" Link asked, "I thought he was supposed to be here,"

"He went to pick up some things that we will need," Akon replied, "He should be back soon though,"

With that Link sat down in the dark ally and leaned his back against the wall to wait for Feroc, with Akon beside him with a few sacks full of things that he had put in a pile up against the wall.

Before long Feroc could be seen cloaked and riding a great horse, while also leading two horses behind him. One of the horses Link thought "Looks familiar". It wasn't until Feroc had ridden right up to them, that Link recognized the horse.

"EPONA! How did you get her?" asked Link with a sudden glee as he rushed up to his beloved horse.

"I knew you would agree to come so I got Epona here and this," Feroc stated as he tossed Link a bag.

"But how would you know I was actually coming if I haven't told any of you yet?" Link said as he looked through the contents of the bag.

"Hey, this is my stuff!" he exclaimed.

"Yup, I went to the palace and got your weapons and clothes, etc." Feroc stated and got off his horse.

"But how did you know I was coming," Link asked.

"Trust me, we know what your life is like now and know that you are itching for an adventure."

"That is true and I am ready to go with you," Link said as he packed up his bag and attached it to Epona's saddle. Akon did the same and Feroc started their adventure.

"Times a wasting, lets go," Feroc said as they spurred his horse forward with Link and Akon behind him, racing through the streets and gate of Hyrule and onto the green fields of Hyrule, galloping into the sunshine of the warm summer days of Hyrule. Heading to the unknown of the quest now before them, that only Feroc and Akon knew even a hint of what lay ahead of them, leaving Link only to guess the dangers that could soon face them…

[Authors Note: This is technically end of part 1. My goal for this story is for it to have 6 parts; most of them will be a little longer than this part, though. This is my first fanfic ever so don't hurt me if it isn't like the other stories on this site. The next part will introduce the guest and characters more and go into more detail on the wizard Feroc and Dajak his nemesis. I know that so far this story is pretty boring, but I have just begun so far, this story is going to be a lot longer than you think, so keep reading and enjoy part 2 of, A Shadow of Hope.]

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