A Shadow of Hope Prologue

By Bane Nathos

Dawn had just started coming over the horizon sending sheets of gold over the green fields so famous in Hyrule. Not enjoying the light now spreading over the landscape was a figure clothed in black, which was struggling through the green Hyrulean Fields. Tall and menacing, the figure was as he strode to find shelter to get out of the light.

The figure traveled across the fields for another hour till, he found a person running across the fields.

“Ho, runner where in the nearest shelter?” the figure asked.

“Oh, that would be Hyrule,” the runner replied as he stopped. “It is just over the next hill, it has walls and a moat, you can’t miss it,”

“Thanks,” said the figure ask he continued trudging on through the light that now not only a nuisance to him, but was now also blinding him.

Just over the hill as the runner had said, was a city.

So this must be Hyrule,” he thought as he crossed the moat and entered the bustling streets of the city of Hyrule.

All around him now were people. Some bartering with shop owners, some milling about, and some were children playing in the streets. The houses were tightly packed, with the main shops forming a circle a circle around the square. On the sides of the square, some ally’s could be seen that led to more shops and houses. The stranger went down one of these. He went down one where some dogs were barking at each other and running around.

He walked in and counted the doors as he went, one, two, three. At the third door he knocked, and waited for a reply from inside. He knocked again after not hearing any noise from inside, this time he heard someone russling about inside. Then he heard the crossbar on the door being moved, and then the door opened.

“I have arrived,” the figure said in a low voice.

“Feroc, is that you, my how you changed in these five years since we separated,” the man at the door replied “ Come in and I can tell you why I called for you,”

The man then led Feroc inside his humble home. Inside were two rooms. The first had a fireplace on the back wall with two chairs by it. Alongside the walls were various piles of papers and books. The other room, that could be seen through a slightly open door in the back, had a small bed with various clothes and odds and ends thrown about inside. The man then took Feroc’s cloak and beckoned him to sit in one of the chairs by the fireplace.

“Now why did you ask me to return from my travels in the deserts outside the Gerudo Lands, Akon?” Feroc said as he set back in the chair that Akon had wanted him to sit in.

“Well there is this boy and....” Akon started saying.

Chapter 1

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