In Cyrus' Shoes Chapter 6

The Honor of Death

By Beans

Finally the last of the demons were dead. Toron raised his eyes, and seeing two large ships were heading towards the port in Truce. Toron sheathed his sword and ran towards Truce.

As he neared Truce in he heard Vixon's voice. "The ships are here. I will go with you while we are escorted to Choras."

Toron entered the inn and saw the king. Kneeling he said, "Sire, we shall go to the castle and defeat Dagon. When this war is over you can return to the castle."

The doors to the inn opened loudly, Toron turned quickly and upon seeing the Choras Knights put his sword back in his sheath. They led the king to one of the ships and came back to the inn. "We have been summoned to help you fight Dagon until you regain control of the castle."

As the knights neared the castle they heard a laugh that would stay with them for the rest of their lives. The doors opened before any of them could reach for the handle. Inside they saw the devils ready for their attack. As the knights lined up Toron screamed, "Charge!"

The devils fell way to their attack and when the knights got to the throne room they were met by another group of demons. Toron ran forward and got through the line of demons, he turned and saw a flash go up the stairs to the king's bedroom. He ran up the flights of stairs, fought two demons, and burst through the doors.

He stared at the room for a moment. The back wall was gone and there was a sort of shrine set up. The view was beautiful but gave Toron an empty feeling. The stars were blue and pink and the sky was a strange red color. There was a small man dressed in black. When he turned around Toron saw his eyes were a green color. His clothes were ragged and he looked as though a thousand demons lived in him. He smiled showing his rotten teeth and with his demonic voice whispered, "So glad you could make it."

Glenn glared into Aztolos' red eyes. He jumped in the air and drove his sword deep into the skull of the big monster. Aztolos yelled in pain and tried to heal himself, but the wound was inflicted with the Masamune. As Aztolos tumbled to the ground Glenn smiled on the inside and ran up to him, raised his sword, and cut his head off. The head rolled around on the floor for a while then stopped at Glenn's feet. "I hath avenged thee, Cyrus."

Dagon looked at Toron and raised his arms. A burst of blue fire hit Toron knocking him to the ground. Toron got up and raised his sword. When Dagon saw it he backed up in fear, "Where...where did you get that sword?"

Toron laughed out loud. He got in attack position and slashed Dagon deeply with the sword. Dagon fell backwards feeling his chest. Toron put his sword down and looked deeply into Dagon's eyes. He could tell that Dagon knew he was defeated. He raised his sword one last time, ran toward Dagon, and thrust his blade through Dagon's head. For a second Dagon screamed. Then fire filled eyes and his body began to bulge. Toron started to run but it was too late.

Allen ran up the stairs just in time to see the explosion. He saw Toron's body flying through the air. Toron's body lay in a lifeless heap on the the floor. Allen ran up to him and kneeled next to him. He started to drag him downstairs when Toron started to cough blood.

He looked up at Allen, "I...I have...restored honor. Protect...the queen."

Two weeks later Allen walked down to the Knights Quarters in his newly acquired golden armor. He looked at the wall and saw his friend's name on a small plaque. He read it again...

"Toron sacrificed his life

for the good of the kingdom.

May he rest in peace with Cyrus."

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