Chronostone Chapter 2

The Invention of the Century

By Biolation

“Hmm, I never heard that tune from Lucca’s doorbell before,” observed Crono.

“Oh, of course not, she just put it up last nigh…err I mean it sounds good right?” coughed Marle as Crono stared at her, raising an eyebrow, curiously. Before Crono could confront Marle about the doorbell, a very oiled Taban poked his head through the door.

“Oh, Hi Taban, I was just here to… umm… never mind, she’s probably still working on her secret invention.” Crono stated, not taking his eyes off of Marle.

“Actually, we just finished it last night, come in. Are you thirsty? I’ll bring you some water with ice. My daughter just invented an ‘ice maker machine’ a week ago. We now can have ice whenever we want.” Taban smiled proudly, opening the door Crono. Crono, who still haven’t taken his eyes off of Marle, walked in absentmindedly.

“SURPRISE!” screamed from what looked like the entire town. There were people jumping out from couches and boxes, ceilings and holes on the ground, and Lucca, from no where.

“Happy Birthday Crono! Finally hit the big sixteen!” shouted from Marle, who was behind Crono. Everybody hugged and shook Crono’s hand. Finally, after twenty minutes of cheering and merry making, Crono was finally allowed to the kitchen with Marle and Lucca.

“So how did you like your surprise party?” Lucca asked cheerfully.

“I can tell you one thing, I was surprised. So I haven’t seen you in… ummm two months and all that you… you were doing was just preparing for my surprise party? If you don’t mind, I am still bitter that you haven’t been around lately” Crono muttered, eying Lucca angerly.

“Don’t be silly, the party thing we came up last night. And you won’t be sorry with what we made for you.”

“Whoa whoa, ‘we’?” Crono demanded harshly.

“Oh, ya. Marle was part of the planning too; I guess she forgot to mention it huh?” Luccas said awkwardly. Marle was turned away from Crono, but he still can see she’s blushing through the mirror.

“Oh, alright… the party was great.” Crono spoke forgivingly, “I loved it, but what took you two months?”

“Your birthday present, of course!” Lucca replied, holding out a hurriedly wrapped package. “Sorry about the packaging, I’m not really good at it. My mom usually does that kind of stuff but, ever since she…” her voice trailed off as a single tear dripped to the floor. Marle put her arm around Lucca, trying to comfort her. It was almost three months ago. Lucca’s mom, Lara, went outside for a walk. After she took a few steps from the house, a streak of lightning came from the sky, and incinerated her on the spot. No one could explain the cause of it because there were no clouds in the area that day.

“Here open it,” said Lucca through her tears. Crono received the gift preciously and carefully started to unwrap it. The object was like a rock with a shade of conspiracy blue, and four tiny limps sticking out of an oval body. The rock was miniature; it can fit in Crono’s hand.

“Err thanks… umm… what is it?”

“It is a Chronostone,” declared Lucca proudly, her face beaming. “It can teleport you to any time. The clever thing is, only you can use it. To use it, squeeze it, think hard about what time you want to go to, and then, give it a little electricity, and wham, your flying through time. If you hold two other people’s hands, then they can come with you.”

“Wow, thanks! This is like, a miniature Epoch, unbelievable. Probably the best invention ever! Oh, speaking of the Epoch, how is it?”

“Oh, Marle did a nice job redecorating it and shining it up in the last few weeks. She -”

“I got you a present too.” Marle interupted. She held out a small, neatly wrapped package.

“Oooh, is it another Chronostone?” Crono asked jokingly.

“Open it, and you’ll see.” Crono cupped the gift and held it to his ear and shook it. Then, satisfied that he can not guess what it is, he gently opened it. Inside, a necklace with a silver chain and gold heart shaped piece.

“Wow, this is so beautiful.” Crono said while absentmindedly rubbing the jewelry.

“That’s not all it does, look –” she touched the gold heart shaped piece and slid it open. The inside of the heart was surprisingly cool and inside it, the words “I will love you for as long as this heart is cool” were etched on it.

Crono felt the emptiness and bitterness being filled with love. In place of anger and frustration for the past few weeks were washed over with a warm feeling of comradeship and peace.

“How can you be sure only I can use the Chronostone and not any other person with lightning magic? And how does it know what time period I’m thinking of?” Crono asked Lucca, interestingly.

“Oh that’s simple, every person have a different charge and frequency of electricity. I set the stone to activate if the charge and frequency matches yours. To determine the precise frequency and how it can tell what time you want it to go, I…” Lucca continued in a monotone voice, unaware that Crono and Marle were slowly falling asleep…

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