A Forgotten Enemy Chapter 8

By Black


"Long time no see. How bout we teach these scum a lesson!?"

All the soldiers laughed in unison and ran forth, weapons drawn, fire in their eyes. But Viktor's eyes were a blazing inferno as he unsheathed his sword and jumped high in the air, and slashed violently as he landed. One guard rushed Eiki with his spear, but Eiki grabbed the spear and threw the guard into the lake. Eiki joined Viktor in the raging bloodbath. Within a few minuted Eiki and Viktor stood victorious on the battle field soaked in the enemy's blood. They heard a voice.

"Whaaaaat!! Fifty men cannot kill two?"

"Who are you!?"

"I'm Kanaan, second in command of the Emperial Army!"

"Well get your ugly face out of here before I crush it!" Eiki said.

"Why don't you just give up now? There's no way you can win. You will only be causing your men to die for nothing." Viktor said.

"Hahaha! You don't get it, do you? It's not about how many lives we lose, it's about how many lives we take! And it's not about us winning, it's about you losing!"

"You will die for nothing! You're but a mere fly compared to the Liberation Army!"

"Hahaha! I grow tired of this, Kakeron, dispose of these two."

"Who?" Said Eiki with a puzzled look on his face.

"Hahaha! I think it's time you meet our new Emperor!"

A tall, burly figure heavily armored came forth from the cave.

"Who the hell is this?" demanded Viktor.

"He was one of the survivors of your merciless attack on Gregminster. His talents were unrecognized untill recently. We instantly deemed him as Emperor. And he will crush you!"

"Hahaha! So they killed fifty of our men, eh? Well I'll have to squash them with my thumb! Tiamat Flame!" He shouted and a huge firebolt ignited from his palms and engulfed Eiki. Eiki collapsed on the ground, his skin black.

"Eiki!!! NOOO!!"

"Ugh...cough cough...that...that bastard...tell Jan..that i told him...to........."

"Eiki!! EIKI!!"

".......to..........win.................................." Eiki closed his eyes.

"Aaaargh!!!!! I shall have your head to show King Jan!"

"Hahaha! Ignorant fool! I'll show you true power!"

Viktor, still having his blood stained sword in his hand, held firm, waiting for the right moment to strike.

"Draconis Strike!!"

Viktor saw a massive energy in the shape of a dragon's head flying towards him. He leapt into the air before it hit. He came downward, headfirst, his sword point directing towards Kakeron's skull. Kakeron jumped back and threw a blue ball of energy at Viktor, slamming him into the mountain side. Viktor slid to the ground and laid there, unconcious.

"Perhaps he will be of good negotiating with the McDohl kid..." Kanaan mumbled.

Kakeron picked Viktor up and brought him into the cave. Kanaan tried to pick up Viktor's sword, but was shocked by an unseen force.

"Hmmph." He walked over to Eiki's body and spit on it. He then kicked it into the lake, where vicious aligators awaited.


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