Happy Valentine

By Blue Lightning Flik

Hai Yo yawned and indicated the door leading to his kitchen from his seat. The place was unusually empty from anyone but him. Suddenly the young waitress Min min approached her boss.

Puzzled and amazed, she got closer to the chef.

"Hai Yo!" she called.

Hai Yo looked up at her.

"What going on?" she asked.

"Why is the place so empty and why aren't you in the kitchen?"

"Oh.." Hai Yo muttered as his indication began to scan the area. It was really strange to find his restaurant dull like that.

Hai Yo had to admit it. It didn't seem right.

"Well, you see, Min min." Hai Yo began.

"The kitchen is busy right now." He stated.

"Busy?" the waitress repeated without a clue. Her mind wasn't able to figure out how the kitchen could get busy with Hai Yo not being in it. She blinked in wonder.

The chef noticed his assistant's puzzle, so had decided to explain.

"I headed to the kitchen this morning and whom do you think I found there?" he asked.

"Who?" Min min inquired, a bit eager.

Suddenly someone popped out from inside the kitchen. It was Nanami. The tomboy stood there and began to call.

"Hai yo!" she yelled.

"Where is the Vanilla?" she asked.

"In the second drawer to the right of the dishwasher." Hai yo replied, kind of bored.

"But Nina looked for it over there!" Nanami complained.

"We found nothing!" she stated.

"You must've looked on the first shelf." Hai Yo snapped.

"I usually keep it on the third shelf." He said.

"You'll find it there." He assured.

"Okay." Nanami replied cheerfully before reentering the kitchen. That was when Millie got out.

"Uh.. Hai Yo?" The girl in white and blue muttered.

"Would it be okay if I added some of Bonaparte's favorite snacks to the chocolate?" she asked.

"Um.. It wouldn't do any harm, I guess." Hai Yo replied.

"Unless Bonaparte was the one who's going to eat it." He warned.

"That's the point!" Millie replied at once before getting into the kitchen along with Nanami. Loud female voices were heard from inside. Min min got all startled.

"I don't understand!" she muttered.

"What's going on?" she inquired.

"Haven't you noticed it yet?" Hai Yo asked as he threw his arms to the air.

"Noticed what?" Min min asked again.

"It's Valentine!" Hai Yo replied loudly. He said it in a long clear tone so that Min min would get it clearly.

"Valentine…" Min min wondered aloud. She blinked.

"Don't tell me you forgot about it?" Hai Yo asked helplessly.

"Oh.. Uh…Somehow.." Min min mumbled confused. Hai Yo put his hand on his forehead as a reply. He was surprised by the waitress getting excited all of a sudden.

"Then what am I doing here?" she exclaimed cheerfully.

"My boyfriend must be waiting for me at Sajah village." She stated. Min min then bowed and left.

"Wait!" Hai Yo called out in a stun. There was no reply, so the world known chef sighed. He placed his head between his hands in boredom. Suddenly he heard a call from inside.

"Hai Yo!" Rina called.

"Why isn't the chocolate melting?" she asked.

"Add some more water!" Hai Yo replied. His tone was as if he was about to sleep. He posed for a while. Thoughts appearing and others were fading. Suddenly he blinked.

"Valentine, eh?' he thought. A smile appeared on his face. He got up and walked away from where the kitchen was.

"Better go and visit Shun min's grave, then." He thought. He exited the restaurant and went to his room.

"I'll have to get her some red roses." He mumbled. His face turned dreamy.

"After all.." he thought.

"It's Valentine." He stated.

The chef went onward. He didn't even care that Nina was calling him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Where'd he go?" Nina complained loudly as she pulled her head from inside a large drawer full of glass wear.

"I still can't find the Vanilla!" she snapped. Nina's hair was messed up, her clothes were all stained and there were spots of kitchen materials on her face. It was obvious that she was having a hard time.

"What to do then?" Ellie, who wasn't less messed up than Nina asked. She was carrying a deep bowl that apparently was filled with some kind of mixture.

"We can use milk instead, right?" Nanami, who was the most messed up of them all suggested.

" That might work." Rina agreed. She indicated the many girls scattered all over the kitchen.

"Right girls?" she asked. Nods and answers of agreement replied her, so she smiled is satisfaction.

"Okay." Nanami replied, adding some milk to her own mixture.

" I just hope it'll work." She snapped.

" I don't want Camus' gift to be ruined." She whispered before a giggle.

"Well I won't take any risks." Nina smirked while getting up and removing what dust was stuck to her clothes.

"I'll ask Yuzu to get me some Vanilla from South Window." She stated.

"But Yuzu is busy making her chocolate heart for Taro." Nanami objected.

"Big deal!" Nina replied.

"After all, she too will need vanilla to make it." She stated.

Nanami only shrugged. She returned her focus into her work.

"Say Nanami." Ellie began. After a short hesitation. "What flavor does Yuri like more, orange or apricot?" the gypsy asked.

"Hoo hoo.. How strange that you missed hunting that kind of info about him." Rina chuckled.

"Shut up, sis!" Ellie interrupted sharply. Her indication returned to Nanami, asking for an answer.

"Hmm.. Let's see.." the tomboy began. "I think he likes.."

"Greetings, mortals." A sudden voice interrupted the conversation. All the girls looked at the new coming person. They got surprised.

At the entrance, stood a pale white headed woman with red arrogant eyes. A slight smile appeared on her non-human face.

Nanami and the others felt a bit confused. What would someone like Sierra do in a place like that?

"Sierra?" Ellie thought aloud. She did not know why, but she felt a bit afraid.

"I see you disapprove my presence?" Sierra snapped with a rose brow.

"No, no.." Annalee, who got closer from the back of the kitchen side, in an attempt to keep things cool.

"Good." The vampire snapped. She advanced towards the bench on which the girls were working.

" Do you mind?" She asked, in an arrogant, nevertheless polite manner.

"Uh.. Not at all.." Ellie replied, holding her bowl and withdrawing. She knew that it was best for her not to use hr short-tempered attitude with the likes of Sierra.

"I want you to tell me how to make a chocolate heart." Sierra stated at once. That sudden announcement caused Nanami, Ellie and all the other girls to blink.

"Pardon?" Nina wondered in a stun.

Wasn't I clear?" Sierra snapped sharply.

" I said I wanted t learn how to make a chocolate flavored heart." She repeated firmly.

'Huh…?" Nanami couldn't but blurt out.

"But why?" she managed to ask.

"That's non of your concern, mortal." Sierra snapped. She indicated Nina, who, she assumed, was the leader of that cooking squad.

"Now are you going to tell me or…" she began.

"Okay! Okay!" Nina replied quickly and a bit annoyed. She Indicated Sierra sharply.

"Fine." She started.

"You add this to this then mix it with this and don't forget that and that as well. With a bit of these here, and some of those if you liked. Add this as you mix and bah blah blah blah .." Nina explained.

"And it'll be ready." She said lastly.

"But the most important thing is to use a good quality of sugar." She added.

"That's what give the chocolate that tender flavor that tickles your tongue." She confirmed before stopping to catch her breath. She indicated Sierra.

"Anything else?" she asked sharply.

"That would be enough." Sierra snapped arrogantly. She headed towards the exit mumbling.

"Good quality of sugar, eh?"

That was the last thing the girls were able to hear before Sierra departed the kitchen. They were silent, until..

"Jeez, finally gone." Nanami exclaimed in relief.

"What a grouchy character." Ellie agreed.

"You said it!" Nina, who was the most annoyed of them all said. The girls began conversations and gossip about that white headed vampire. And Nina got excited about it.

" I wonder why she wanted to learn the chocolate heart recipe?" she thought aloud.

"Well, maybe.." Nanami began. She was cut by a gasp from Nina.

"No!" Nina suddenly shouted. She stared at Nanami with round wide eyes.

"Don't tell me she has got a boy friend?" she muttered in awe.

"I didn't say that.. errr.. I mean.." Nanami exclaimed trying to figure how to solve the situation.

"Sierra has a boy friend?" Ellie thought deeply. The idea couldn't enter her brain.

" Great.." Nina muttered with a slight blow.

" That's exactly the last thing I have ever expected." She snapped with her arms crossed in front of her chest. She watched as Ellie returned to her position then shrugged.

"I wonder what kind of person he could be?" the blonde wondered aloud.

"Probably a poor young upstart." Rina suggested.

"The agony!" Nina grieved.

"I bet she is going to make a chocolate heart with the flavor of blood." She stated.

" The blood of her so-called boy friend." She assured.

"Nina…" Ellie muttered.

" We're at the kitchen. There's no need to mention biological stuff like…" she whispered.

"So what?" Nina interrupted annoyed.

"Blood, blood, blood! What does it matter?" she asked. Tens of glares shot her in reply. Sharp glares, those were.

Nina clutched her teeth. She had realized that she had acted wrong.

"Uh.." she muttered.

"Sorry about that." She apologized with a dry chuckle. It appeared that she had gained the forgiveness of her 'minions' as they all resumed their work. Nina sighed in relief and continued her duty.

She wasn't allowed to waste any other moment. For as she totally believed, Valentine was not a game. It wasn't at all.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was the chosen day. Valentine day. The castle had been turned into a bee kingdom. Shinra castle had been turned up side down and everybody were on their toes. Well, not exactly everybody. To be precise it was every girl. All female Shinra citizens took their positions. The chocolate hearts were all set. The red roses were readied and the loud red out fits as well. In short, preparations were as ready as 'red' was.

"Ooh! This is so exciting." Nanami exclaimed as she clutched her chocolate heart, which was thicker than the others, to her chest. A red ribbon decorated her brown hair and she wore a red blouse that didn't look right when combined with her blue pair of pants.

"Yeah!" Nina cheered. She had drawn red hearts all over her face and wore a pair of red socks. The blonde looked more bizarre than Nanami. The only thing missing was that she wasn't carrying a chocolate heart. And that attracted Nanami's attention.

"Say." She began.

" Um.. Nina? What about your gift?" she asked.

"Oh.." Nina replied.

" Don't worry about it." She comforted with a smile.

"I intend to make it a surprise for sir Flik." She said. That answer got Nanami all excited.

"Cool!" she approved.

"I can't wait until I see the looks on Flik's face!" she said.

"Believe me.." Nina assured.

"He'll be thrilled."

Ellie walked up to the two a moment later.

"Nanami, Nina!" the beautiful dark headed gypsy called. She attracted the attention of the two.

"Hi, Ellie!" Nanami greeted cheerfully.

"How are the plans goin' with my bro?" she asked with a wink.

"W.. What plans?!" Ellie exclaimed nervously. A pale blush polished her cheeks as she clutched to her chocolate heart tightly in confusion.

"Just kidding." Nanami said with a giggle. She noticed that no one laughed and thus had discovered that it was a silly comment.

"So.." she exclaimed in a hopeful attempt to change the subject.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Oh.." Ellie muttered as she blinked.

"I almost forgot." She said. She looked down confused.

"I don't know whether to tell you girls or not.." she mumbled.

"But I'll do." She said in determination before indicating the two.

"What? What?" Nanami pleaded most eagerly. She was about to jump up and down.

"Well.. When I got up this morning I found this.." Ellie said before taking a little chocolate heart wrapped in orange and green paper out.

"I don't know who left it." Was all the young knife thrower could say. She looked up surprised by Nanami's wide eyes.

"That's strange.." Nanami muttered.

"You see your gift is similar to mine." She stated while taking out a little wrapped heart that looked exactly like Ellie's.

The gypsy was overwhelmed.

"You mean you too?" she muttered puzzled.

"Weird, huh?" Nanami moaned while scratching her head.

"Bid deal." Nina said in boredom. When the other two indicated her she took out a third clone of the mysterious gift.

"I've got one too." She stated.

"You too!" Ellie exclaimed most surprised. Her jaw dropped in astonishment.

"But who did it?" Nanami wondered aloud. The idea of a mysterious guy entering girls' chambers at night boggled her.

A moment later they heard Meg and Tomo talking as they passed by.

"Strange.." Meg wondered.

"To find a chocolate heart wrapped in green and orange on my bed?" she thought.

"That's exactly what happened to me." Tomo replied. She then giggled.

"I wonder who this prince in the dark is?" she exclaimed excited.

They passed by Nanami, Nina and Ellie without even noticing them.

"Them too?" Ellie thought in a stun. The mystery seemed to be growing larger and larger.

"I said big deal!" Nina objected.

"What's the use of talking about this prince while he's still in the dark?" she said. Her face them turned dreamy.

"At least sir Flik isn't a sicko like him.." she muttered.

"Huh?.." Both Nanami and Ellie wondered distracted. Nina indicated them with rose brows.

"Didn't you get it?" she asked in disapproval.

"This guy here sent gifts to all the girls in the castle!" she stated as her arms were thrown into the air. Pairs of blinks rewarded her.

"Oh, I get it now." Ellie replied.

"You mean it's not a special gift?" she asked as she lifted the heart high.

"Yup." Nina replied simply.

"It's probably some stupid plan set by some stupid play boy." She said with no concern.

"Gee, Nina." Nanami admired.

" How do you know all these things?" she asked.

"Experience." Was Nina's reply. She then took few steps towards the elevator.

"Come on!" she called the other two.

"Let's go check on the girls up stairs."

"But what do we do with these?" Nanami asked while extending a gloved hand grabbing the little heart.

"Throw them away." Nina snapped.

"You never know what they're made of." She said.

"And besides.." the blonde added.

"Who would ever be so dumb to accept a Valentine gift wrapped in green and orange?" he stated mockingly.

"Guess you're right." Nanami thought.

A moment later she and Ellie accompanied Nina after they had tossed the hearts away. They took the elevator to a higher floor.

It was then when two guys passed by. They were Yamkoo and Sheena. The second young man looked really pissed.

"That's not fair!" he cried as they walked.

"I go through all that trouble sending those cute hearts to the babes in the castle and I don't get a single gift as repay! The pain!" he wailed.

"Sometimes, fate is bitter.." Yamkoo replied poetically.

"And what's more is that they never pay me any attention although I am good looking, rich and fun to hang around with!" he groaned.

"Sometimes that's not enough." Yamkoo replied again. Sounding poetically for the second time.

"Darn!" Sheena cursed. He was about to slip and fall down, but Yamkoo caught him at the last moment. The young one cursed.

"I must figure a way to make them all fond of me!" he muttered pissed.

"I must let them know that I am their one and only." He stated.

"How can you be a 'one and only' for oh, so many?" Yamkoo wondered aloud as the two were still walking across the main hall.

"Dunno…" Sheena replied.

" But I'll find a way." He assured. He suddenly stopped walking and let out a gasp. His eyes widened and jaw dropped. Yamkoo was surprised too. He thought that Sheena was going to have a heart attack.

"NO!" Sheena yelled as he gazed at the ground.

There, by his feet, were two green and orange wrapped hearts. He knelt down and picked them up. His face paled.

"They even got rid of them.." the youth muttered.

"Is that chocolate?" Yamkoo asked. He raised his blonde forelock to focus his sight.

"THEY EVEN GOT RID OF THEM!" Sheena screamed.

"Well if nobody wants them, then I'll.." Yamkoo began.

"AURRRRGH!!" Sheena screamed most angrily. He tossed the candies towards Yamkoo and stomped away in a rage. "I'll show'em! I'll show'em all!" he threatened while disappearing within one of the corridors, leaving an overwhelmed Yamkoo staring at him. The peaceful fisherman scratched the back of his head. His indication turned towards the couple of candies between his arms.

"Well.." he thought with rose brows. Suddenly a wide smile covered his face.

"Supper.." he whispered.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The graveyard was so quite. Probably the silence of the dead. The grave stones and crosses stood there motionlessly. Nothing was moving. Nothing, that was, except for a lone human figure.

Walking from between the rest places of those dad bodies, the only living soul around managed his was towards a certain grave. He knew his destination. He stopped in front of it. His eyes read the title in whisper.

"Daisy's grave."

Viktor sat to his knees. His still teenage smile, as usual, covering more than half of his face. He was carrying a bottle of wine, which got its neck tied by a red ribbon.

Then, Viktor too had a Valentine?

"Long time no see, Daisy." Viktor greeted. Of course the grave was as idle as ever.

That never bothered Viktor.

"I just came to pay my respects." He began, indicating the stone as if he was indicating Daisy herself.

"I also wanted to notify you about something." He said cheerfully.

"It's Valentine." He whispered.

Again, no response, naturally.

" I though we could celebrate together." He muttered before extending the bottle of wine.

"Since you cannot eat any chocolate I though you could use some of this." He said.

Viktor then opened the bottle and spilled some on the grave stone.

"What do you think? Good quality, eh?" he said with the same smile.

" Well I won't let you drink too much." He exclaimed before pulling the bottle away towards him.

He stuck it to his mouth and spilled almost half of what was left into his belly.

"I don't want you to become a spoiled drunk, like me." He stated.

He then burst in laughter. "Woohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!"

"Happy VALENTINE!" he muttered through his continuous laughter.

Why was he laughing?

It certainly wasn't because of the wine.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Flik indicated his room's door as someone was knocking. He sighed and headed towards it. Flik half opened the door and popped his head from the opening.

"Who is it?" he asked dully.

A beautiful black headed gypsy in a crimson dress and shining red lipstick replied him with a smile.

"Hello, handsome." She greeted.

"Uh.. Hello… Rina.." Flik replied in confusion. His indication was shot towards the object she was holding. He sighed again pitifully.

" It's about Valentine, right?" he asked.

"I see you know!" Rina thought, most happily.

"Hoo hoo.. How happy you made me feel. Knowing that you were thinking about the moment I'll come." She stated, dreamily.

"Uh.. I.." was all Flik could utter. He got tongue-tied, yet he really wanted to alarm Rina that if Nina saw her, she would be dead meat.

"I made this just for you." Rina said, handing the chocolate heart to the brown-headed man. Flik took it at once and closed half of the narrow opening.

"Err.. Thank you.." he said without even looking at the gift. He shut the door, leaving an astonished Rina standing at it. She blinked for a moment.

"That was fast.." she mumbled. A smile then appeared on her red polished lips.

"He's so shy.." She snapped.

"That's why I like him." She stated as she walked away giggling.

Flik looked at the chocolate heart he had just been given dully. He sighed for the third time and tossed it towards his bed. The gift collided with the wall and fell to the bed along with a huge pile of many chocolate hearts of all shapes and sizes.

No one, not a single man would ever dream of having so many gifts for Valentine.

Or in other words, to have so many babes.

Flik had all those babes, but he didn't desire that. It seemed a bit sad and somewhat ironic.

He sat at the foot of his bed and stared at the pile of hearts. The blue lightning warrior seemed restless. Something bothered him.

The head of those babes hadn't showed up yet. Until that moment, Nina did not knock, or should he say, blast his door open.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Gee.. It was really nice of Sierra to make this chocolate heart for me." Klaus said while indicating the heart shaped gift he was holding as he and Shu walked through a corridor.

"Maybe.." Shu said with no care.

"What about you, Shu?" Klaus asked simply.

"What do you think about Valentine?" he inquired.

"Nothing." Shu replied calmly. When Klaus did not say a thing the older strategist took the opportunity to explain.

"Can't you see it's so silly to express one's love only one day each year?" he exclaimed mockingly.

"Does this mean that one cannot love in any other day?" he muttered in disapproval.

"No, I guess not." Klaus mumbled. He stopped as the two approached Shu's office.

"But it's just a tradition." The youth said in an attempt to cool the strategist a bit.

"Nonsense, Klaus." Shu stated calmly.

"A strategist's mind should be purified from tradition. Tradition dies for the sake of a good plan."

"What plan?" Klaus wondered as he was scratching his head. He got all distracted.

"I hadn't meant a real plan, Klaus." Shu replied.

"It's a general motto that you'll have to put in mind in order to become a brilliant strategist." There was a pose, but Klaus was quite sure he heard Shu whisper.

"Like me.."

"Anyway.." The dark headed youth began.

"Some chocolate as a gift is a warm feeling. I'll have it tonight with some coffee." He said.

"As always, you are a stubborn kid." Shu muttered.

"No matter. I won't force you on anything. Go ahead and celebrate this so- called Valentine." He said.

"As for me, I'll have a quite evening away from all this teenage scrap." He continued as he caught the knob of the door.

"Come on.." Klaus moaned.

"It's not that bad."

"Don't try to persuade me, Klaus." Shu interrupted. He opened his office's door.

"I won't participate in Valentine and that's…." His sentence was cut by a gasp as his eyes widened. His indication froze towards an object laid on his desk. Klaus was surprised by that sudden morph, so he immediately popped his head into the room.

"What's wrong?" he wondered aloud. It wasn't long before the youth gasped in surprise as well.

There, in the middle of Shu's desk, shining from the piles of papers and folders. There laid a shiny red apple with a red ribbon tied round it. It would have seemed as an ordinary apple if not for the heart card stuck to the ribbon's knot.

The matter was obvious.

Shu had a girl friend.

"But who could she be?" Klaus wondered while getting closer to the red fruit.

"Who would ever give an apple instead of chocolate for Valentine?" he thought aloud.

There was a short pause. Klaus noticed a scary pale on Shu's face. There was a frozen word that couldn't pass his lips.

A word he couldn't utter.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Clive looked around him sharply. It was so dark to notice anyone, yet he had the experience to tell that no one was there. He adjusted his dark attire slightly before taking few steps outside the castle's gate. He indicated a bunch of bushes near by.

"You can come out now. But make sure to stand at least six meters away." He ordered in quite a whisper. A slight sound was heard from the bushes. Suddenly a blonde head popped out from between the leaves. The person stood up appearing to be a tall capped woman. Although the light was poor, Clive could catch a glimpse of the scar on her face.

"Long time no see, Clive." Elza greeted calmly. She was about to take a step closer but Clive halted her nervously.

The blonde woman smiled slightly.

"Somehow I figured you might be here. Just like the old days." She said.

Clive knelt down and took out a little box wrapped in red paper. It had a white ribbon tied untidily round it. The blonde man slid the box on the ground skillfully, thus letting the object drift smoothly towards the woman's feet. She knelt down and picked it up. After a short examination she looked back at Clive.

"So you still haven't learnt to tie a ribbon?" she smirked mockingly.

"Non of your business." Clive replied sharply.

"You got what you want. Now LEAVE!" he ordered.

"Aren't you going to shoot me?" Elza asked calmly.

"Today is an exception. You are lucky." Clive smirked.

"Now go away." He repeated. He was surprised that Elza had taken a step forward.

"Stay back!" he warned.

"Face it, Clive!" Elza stated.

"Till when are we going to chase each others like cats and mice?" she exclaimed.

"There's no use complaining." Clive blurted out stiffly.

"It's all your fault." He said.

"Is that so?" Elza wondered aloud. Her cunning smile got wider.

"You gotta admit it, Clive. You DO still like me." She assured.

"Ugh.. I said leave!" Clive groaned angrily.

"What's inside?" Elza wondered while again examining the box.

"Chocolate?" she asked.

"Are you deaf?!" Clive yelled.

"Go away before I shoot you!" he screamed as he aimed his revolver towards the blonde. Elza chuckled.

"Okay, okay." She said.

"No need to get furious." She smirked.

She caught the edge of her cape and covered the front part of her body before turning her back to Clive and disappearing within darkness.

Clive lowered his revolver when he realized that Elza was gone. He gazed at the darkness for less than a moment before turning his indication towards the castle. All the windows were lighted. It was as if a carnival. Clive coughed slightly. He was about to reenter the castle when he noticed a small wrapped red box at his feet. It was tied neatly by a white ribbon.

"How the devil did she…?" was all Clive could utter. A few moments later he picked the box and smelled it. The smell of chocolate. Her special recipe. He hid the box within his attire so that no one would notice it. He intended to eat it secretly in his bedroom. Finally he indicated the lighted castle.

After all.. This year's Valentine wasn't a failure. Not for him, at least.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The great hall was all lit up as well as the rest of the castle, yet most of the Shinra citizens gathered over there. Their annual Valentine 'night party' was announced to be at that certain place. And that wasn't something easily mistaken.

"WOW! This place is cooler than I imagined." Nanami said happily. Her face was covered with hearts and she was still in her red blouse. She stood at the stairs to be able to scan the area.

Four long tables covered with white sheets and hundreds of dishes of all kinds.

Of all kinds of chocolate, that was. Wasn't it strange that chocolate was relevant to Valentine like that? It even beat the red roses that were spread all over to show a splendid scene and scent.

Nanami shrugged as she began to scan the people. Far away from all the fuss, she noticed Kinisun and Ayda talking. It seemed as if the young man was persuading the girl on something.

"Uhm.. That's why.." Kinisun began.

"That's why I consider any friend of the woods and Shiro my personal friend." He said.

"Well, .. Griffin do feels good about you.." Ayda thought aloud.

Nanami approved with a smile. Those two were likely to get along, in their own way.

She switched her indication towards a couple of the youngest Valentines that year.

Taro and Yuzu were siting on one of the tables gaining on the chocolates laid there. As all kids usually did, they got everything stained, including their clothes, faces, the white sheets and the clothes of poor Luc who was standing there really really annoyed. It was supposed for Valentine to be a reunion of lovers, not kinder garden comrades.

At least that was what Nanami thought.

Not very far from the two kids were Tereasa and Shin. Shin was talking about something while Tereasa laughed on. Then there were Freed and Yushino. The green clothed man watched as his wife fixed him a decent dish of chocolate. Freed took the plate with a blush of a seventeen year old lad receiving his first gift from his girl friend. Nanami giggled at their sight. Nevertheless, she admired their youthful love. Indeed, it was such a sacred bond.

As for Hix and Tengaar, the warrior village couple seemed in the middle of a quarrel. Tengaar was about to explode as she grabbed Hix's sleeve.

"Come on!" she ordered.

"You've gotta return to your training!"

"But Tengaar!" Hix objected.

"It's Valentine! I wanna have some fun!" He wailed. The poor guy seemed about to cry.

"Stop whining and act like a man!" Tengaar smirked angrily.

"How do you expect to pass the quest of manhood when you're always goofing around?" she asked sharply.

"But it's Valentine!" Hix blurted out helplessly.

"So what?"

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