Ready For The Diary

By Blue Lightning Flik

Chamberlain Jess looked up from behind his desk at an employee who had just entered the office.

" What is it?" Jess asked seriously. He noticed that the man was concerned.

" Uh. Well, sir." The man began. " We have just received this letter." He then handed an envelope to the chamberlain.

" What about this letter?" Jess asked again while he was checking the neat looking envelope.

" It's from the Highland royalty, sir." the man answered seriously. He was waiting just to see the expression on his boss' face.

" Highland?" Jess repeated with his brows raised. He stared at the golden envelope once again. If it was a letter from Highland, then it had to be a very important matter.

" Any orders, sir?" the man asked politely, waits to hear his orders.

" No. Nothing for you. Just call Fitcher." Jess said firmly.

The employee bowed and got out of the office. Jess took a deep breath and opened the envelope. He took out a fine made paper and unfolded it. It revealed black writing. Jess was so excited and couldn't bear to stay silent. He read the letter aloud.

" In recognition of the bonds that are between the City State of Jowston and The Kingdom of Highland, The Highland royalty, hereby, would mostly like to inform you that our dearest princess, Jillia Blight, attempts to arrive at your generous lands on a good will visit. We therefore would kindly ask for an unforgettable visit that proves your hospitality and generosity. We have no doubts that this will strengthen our bond and thus create a better present and future."

Jess scratched his chin. He realized how important this visit would be. An event like that did not happen usually. There were surely future results. And he was very desirous to that. The results had to be satisfying. That was for sure. He put the letter on the desk and seemed nervous " Where's Fitcher?" he muttered in a bit of annoyance.


An hour later.

Fitcher had arrived at the office. He read the letter and seemed very interested in it. " Hmm. Interesting." he said while reading the letter once again. It appeared that he too had realized the importance of the situation.

" Yes. It is." Jess replied. " But first, what took you so long to come here?" the chamberlain asked firmly.

" Oh. Well I was checking up on a musical band back at the tavern. They had some problems and weren't able to stay, so I." Fitcher explained.

" Enough of that. Now let's move to our main matter." Jess said quickly. He didn't accept that excuse though. He knew that Fitcher was wandering off at the tavern having some fun.

Jess looked straight into Fitcher's eyes. " Listen up." he started. " We are about to encounter the most important event in the history of Muse."

" Naturally." Fitcher smirked.

" That's why we have to work very hard on making this visit a pride for Muse." Jess said seriously. " I cannot do that all by myself. And unfortunately you are the only one left here after Lady Annabelle and Lord Hauser went to Tinto to have a meeting on some matters." He explained.

" Yup. They won't return before a few weeks." Fitcher mumbled.

" That's why I'm afraid we'll have to join forces." Jess muttered. He wished he didn't say that.

" I'll do my best, Jess! Just wait and see!" Fitcher said as he was jumping off the chair. He seemed rather excited and that did not comfort Jess.

" Hey! Don't be too glad about it. You won't sit and do nothing as you always did, you know." the chamberlain warned.

" What do you mean?" Fitcher asked surprised while his hopes got down. Jess took out a notebook and began to write notes. " We aren't going to have a party. All we'll do is have a simple welcome assembly and then we'll take the princess on a tour round the city."

" Isn't that a bit too formal?" Fitcher objected. " We can always use some singing and dancing."

" What are you talking about?" Jess yelled angrily. " Do you want us to be laughed at?" he shouted.

" No, no." Fitcher muttered confused. " All I wanted was to add some life to the visit." he explained.

" Yeah, right." Jess smirked. " Well listen up. I'll appoint you as the supervisor of the welcome assembly." he said. " And if you mess anything up as usual, you'll really regret It." he warned while pointing at Fitcher.

" Since you don't trust Me." wined Fitcher " Why don't YOU do it?"

" Because." Jess said. " I have more important things to do."

" Yeah? Like what?" Fitcher asked, pissed.

" Well." Jess began " I'll arrange the soldiers for a welcome march and prepare the Jowston hall for a meeting. I'll also make sure the city is all cleaned up." he said.

" Uh. Isn't that a bit too much work?" Fitcher asked, scratching his head.

" We can't disappoint the princess of Highland, now can we?" Jess answered with a wide smile.

" Gee. It's really hard. And all just because the Highland princess wants to do a little shopping here. Strange." Fitcher mumbled.

" I knew you wouldn't appreciate it. I hope you won't fail us." Jess moaned, really pissed.

Fitcher nodded and headed out of the office. Jess looked at him. As soon as he got out the chamberlain sighed and shook his head. " Why do I feel this is going to be a BIG mistake?" he wondered aloud.

And so the preparations began...

Jess informed the military of the situation and asked for a welcome march. The soldiers weren't ready for that, without the audience of their general, Hauser. They resisted the request at first but agreed at once when Jess reminded them that they would be well rewarded. There was a lot of threatening as well. One couldn't stick to a decision when there was a risk of losing his job.

The jowston hall was all prepared. The ground was shining. The red carpets spread everywhere. Even the Highland flag was added at the meeting hall in spite of the objection on doing that.

As for the city. Jess stood guard on a bunch of cleaner to make sure that every thing was spik'n'span. Jess even asked the shop owners to tidy up their stores. He gave a bunch of kids who had just arrived from abroad a reservation at the white dear inn because they didn't have anywhere else to go after discovering that their father left the store and locked it up.

All the dogs and cats were caught and hidden in a dark cellar and the wine was cut out from the tavern not to have any drunken bastards roaming here and there. The bridge to toto was closed not to have any villagers entering the city and doing any dumb acts. Both the Highland and City State's flags were hung on the walls. As proof of the peace between the two countries.

Jess felt satisfied. Everything was complete. Well, almost everything. That evening he arranged a room for the princess at the Muse mansion and ordered the chefs to prepare a luxurious dinner on the honor of the princess. He wanted to get access of the great chef Hai Yo but he couldn't. Now everything seemed ready. Yet there was a last thing. Jess figured that granting the princess a good bye gift would be a really thoughtful act. He asked the sculptor Judo to prepare a statue of the princess made of pure crystal. The sculptor warned the chamberlain that that would cost him a lot, yet that didn't matter for Jess. All he wanted was to achieve his goal in satisfying the princess and thus the Highland Kingdom.


The next evening...

Jess was sipping some coffee at his office when Fitcher entered. His face was covered with a wide smile and that made Jess curious.

" What's up, Fitcher?" Jess asked while putting his mug on the desk.

" Nothing. I just wanted to admire your good job." Fitcher said happily.

" You made Muse such a different city! Incredible!" he cheered.

" Of course I did!" Jess replied. " I worked so hard on that. I didn't relax and let others do it for me." He smirked.

" Good for you, Jess." Fitcher said.

" Well what about you?" asked Jess eyeing Fitcher. " What have YOU done? You're probably up to no good." he muttered.

Fitcher froze at the statement. " Shame on you Jess!" he cried offended. " Is this what you think about me? A wild individual?"

" Well, sort of." Jess moaned. " Well, then let me think I'm dreaming and tell me you handled it."

" But I DID handle it!" Fitcher cried out louder than before.

" You DID?" Jess repeated. " What did you do? Tell me!" he asked startled.

" No I won't! It's a secret." Fitcher smirked cunningly. " But believe me you'll be thrilled.

Jess did not like the sound of that. " What do you mean thrilled? Hey you got to tell me!" he said eagerly.

" Tut tut." Fitcher teased while getting out. Leaving Jess trying not to lose his temper. The chamberlain felt something BIG was going to happen. Really BIG.


The awaited day...

It was the chosen day. PRINCESS JILLIA HAS ARRIVED! Called out the people. Everyone was running here and there taking his or her position. They seemed rather nervous. A huge carriage arrived at the entrance of town. Everyone was waiting for the princess to get out. They were all so confused. All, that is, except Fitcher who was smiling calmly.

" Hey. You'd better not mess up." Jess warned him.

" Do not fear. Fitcher is here." Fitcher replied.

" Oh, brother." Jess moaned as he put his hand on his fore head. He then got closer to the carriage to accompany the princess.

The door of the carriage opened and a beautiful young lady in a scarlet dress got out. All the people cheered in happiness.

" Welcome, princess Jillia." Jess said politely. " We are so grateful that you honored us with your visit to our humble city."

" Yes. Thank you." Jillia replied in rather a weak tone.

" Any thing that bothers you, Princess?" Jess asked seriously.

" Oh, yes. I'm having a terrible headache from the trip. If you could please take me to my resting place?" the tired princess said.

" With pleasure." Jess answered.

Suddenly they all heard a call. " Okay! Allaya! One, two, three!"

" What the?" Jess called surprised.

A very loud music came out playing. There was a band playing music along with tens of kids hitting drums and tambourines. There were strange and noisy voices singing, or shouting as loud as they could. Claps and dances then began to go on and some maniacs threw water here and there. It was the most bizarre thing anyone could have ever witnessed.

Jess was about to faint. " WHAT IS THIS?" he screamed. But the singing and dancing and all kept going on.

" Uh ... My head." moaned Jillia annoyed.

" HEY! STOP! STOP!" Jess screamed historically. He realized how dangerous the situation became.

" Hey, Jess! How about this?" Fitcher said while getting closer to the chamberlain.

" You nit wit! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? Stop this at once!" Jess shouted.

" Why? It's really fun?" complained Fitcher.

" The princess is having a headache!" Jess screamed.

" Oh! Why didn't you say so in the first place?" said Fitcher. He then whistled. In a second everything and everyone were quite.

" Well that's that," said Fitcher.

" You ... You..." smirked Jess who was about to faint. He got a hold of himself and ordered the guards to escort the princess to her room.

Jess spent half of that day cursing on Fitcher, scolding him and threatening him a million threats. And the other half apologizing for the princess and promising that that would never happen again. He assured her that the rest of the visit would be unforgettable.

He didn't lie about that part. For what happened the next day was ... unforgettable.

The group that consisted of Jess, Fitcher, Princess Jillia and her guards went on to the military area to watch the march. Jess seemed really excited, for he was the supervisor of the march. The group sat to watch the show. They waited a while. The wait got longer. Nothing happened.

" I wonder what's going on?" Fitcher asked aloud.

" I'll go and check." Jess said as he was heading to the barracks. He was surprised not to find anyone there.

" What? Huh? Where're the soldiers?" he asked surprised.

Suddenly a military maid came by.

" Oh! Lord Jess. Are you looking for the soldiers?" he asked.

"WHERE ARE THEY?" Jess yelled in a rage.

" Uh. I'm afraid they're not here, sir." The maid said in fear.

" Not here? NOT HERE?" Jess shouted in more rage. " Where did they go?"

" They got a call from lord Hauser. He needs them to support Tinto's troops and get used to their skills and tactics." answered the maid.

" WHATT! When did that happen?" Jess yelled again.

" Yesterday night. You weren't there, sir and they were in a hurry, so they left." the maid said.

Jess' face turned pale. He returned to the group looking down. And spent an hour or two apologizing for what happened. He was rewarded by glares from the royal guard while princess Jillia hid it all.

" Well, there's always a walk around the city." Fitcher suggested cheerfully. The group went on to the town. They spent a good time walking around and having short conversations with the town's people. Jess felt relieved that nothing has happened.

" This is really a nice city." Jillia said happily.

" Why thank you princess." Jess replied.

Jillia stopped at a rune master store. She stared at the runes. Jess stood there looking around. Everything is quite.

Suddenly he heard a scream. It was Princess Jillia. He looked at her quickly and...

" NO! What are you doing?" Jess shouted.

He found a green capped man pointing his guns at a blonde tall woman who was also pointing her guns, yet SHE was standing right behind princess Jillia. Any wrong shot and the princess is as good as DEAD.

" He ... Help me." Jillia moaned in endless fear.

" Uh ... Hey! STOP!" Jess shouted. Unable to move or do a thing.

" I have found you at last, Elza." the green capped man said firmly. " As a member of the Howling voice guild, I shall put an end to you."

" Hah! Shoot, gunner!" the blonde woman said mockingly.

The woman then shot twice, yet the green capped man was able to dodge the bullets. The woman let go of princess Jillia and ran away.

" Wait! You can't run forever." the green capped man shouted while running after her. Jillia fell down, still shaking with fear.

" Princess Jillia! Are you alright?" Jess called.

" Do.... Do you have ... Criminals loose in town?" Jillia exclaimed, terrified and shocked.

" No! No!" Jess muttered. " Those are strangers. Believe Me." he said confused.

" I ... I want to go home...." Jillia wailed. Her eyes burst with tears. The guards now were in a rage. They were about to kill Jess.

" YOU! How DARE you disrespect the princess! What are your intentions?" the guards shouted.

" I ... I have no intentions." Jess muttered. He wished he could melt and dry.

" Hey! Hey! There's a little misunderstanding here." Fitcher said. Trying to solve the situation. " Why not go to the Jowston hall? We can talk about a lot of things there," he said.

" What do you mean ' a lot of things??'" the guards asked, suspiciously.

" Uh. Well, we'll figure it out then." Fitcher replied. Fitcher got closer to the collapsed princess and helped her get up.

" Come on, Princess Jillia! I'm sure you're like it up on Jowston Hill" Fitcher said with a nice smile.

" Well, okay." Jillia answered. " I'm beginning to feel much better. Thank you, Mr. Fitcher." she said politely.

" You're welcome." Fitcher replied. He went on with the group. All of them expect Jess who stared at Fitcher surprised.

" Uh ... Trying to be Mr. Nice guy, huh?" the chamberlain mumbled. " Well we'll see about that." there was a pose. " But to be honest. I owe him." Jess thought before following them.

When they arrived at Jowston Hill they were welcomed by a group of servants. When they sat at the meeting table they were served juice. It was rather a quite and pleasing atmosphere. They all drank their cold drinks and began to talk about a lot of subject, regarding Muse, Highland land, the stores, the items, the bonds between the two countries, the weather, their clothes and they even told jokes. It was such a friendly conversation and it almost made Jess forget about all what had happened before.

" You know, princess." Fitcher said. " You're not arrogant like all the others. You are simple. And cute too." he continued.

" Hey! What's that important for?" Jess objected.

" I'm only saying the truth." Fitcher moaned.

" Oh, Mr. Fitcher." Jillia said pleased. " You also are so different from all the other responsible. You're so fun to talk with." she exclaimed.

" Gee ... Thanks." Fitcher replied, blushing.

Jess only shook his head.

Suddenly they heard some kind of ruckus. They looked around and at each others in wonder.

" What's that noise?" Jillia asked aloud.

It wasn't long before she got the answer, a servant dashed into the room in alarm.

" Lord Jess!" He called out " The cats and dogs have escaped!"

" WHAAT!" Jess shouted in awe. " HOW HAD THIS HAPPENED?" he shouted again.

" I don't know, sir! They are heading right towards here!" The servant shouted in scare.

Suddenly great numbers of dogs and cats charged into the hall. Barks and Meows rose higher and higher. As well as the screams of Jess and the others. The animals attacked anyone and anywhere. Jess felt scratches and bites piercing his entire body. He screamed in pain and scare. They all did.


The last day of the visit.

"... And so we would mostly like to thank Princess Jillia Blight for her delightful visit to our humble home and we hope that such a blessed occasion would happen once again. And we would love to award Princess Jillia this simple gift as a symbol of our ever lasting bonds." Jess said in delight. All the Audience clapped and cheered. Jess opened a red superb box and got a crystal statue out. It was a magnificent piece of art that resembled princess Jillia. Jess held the statue in caution. He walked towards the princess who was sitting on a luxurious chair in front of the crowd.

That was the most important moment in Jess' life. He just wanted this thing to go properly. Just to be the only thing that went right during Princess Jillia's good will visit. Everything else was messed up. The welcome assembly. The military march. The tour round Muse. The meeting at Jowston Hill. Heck even the dinner didn't go right. Wine was served instead of juice and they all were drunk. Only God knows what happened after that. The cats and dogs weren't taken care of till now. The princess' room turned out to be a complete, humid, unprepared hellhole. The princess herself ended up with an injured shoulder.

Well he ended up with a broken arm and a scar on his cheek. Anyway, there was NO WAY anything might happen. Not then.

Jess got closer to the Princess who stood up. He extended the statue towards her. She extended her hands. Jess looked at the statue. He suddenly noticed a tiny object moving. A BUG! Jess was shocked. He turned pale and screamed while he thrusted the statue away. It fell down on the ground and.... Turned into nothing but ashes....

" A BUG!" Jess screamed. He ran hysterically out of the hall screaming. All the others looked at him with wide eyes and dropped jaws. They simply didn't have anything to say. And for some reason a cold breeze passed by. And a crow flew right above the hall.

Jess locked himself in his room for two weeks after that event. No one knew what he was doing in there for so long. Well he was probably writing all what happened in his diary. That would be an unforgettable thing. Really.


Author's note : Well I guess that was fine . I wrote it really quick , yet I think it is acceptable . Thanks for reading . And to all you Jess fan out there , I love you all! ALL!

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