Space, Time, and Death Chapter 2

By BluePard

"Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man." --Henry Adams

In the land of Truce, 1000 A.D., beautiful and simply sparkling with bright, primary colors, the dawn awoke on the promise of a soap opera.

Something about the squirrels was squirrelly-er. Birds seemed to hop more with expectation. Crono woke up at a reasonable hour. Magus actually seemed to be sleeping--lying down while doing it, no less.

The gang gathered around, waking themselves. Crono was falling asleep standing up. Marle paced. Lucca wiped at her glasses with a viciousness. The others, although seeming edgy, were trying to ignore it.

Glenn, for example, was examining himself in a mirror, and had been as long as anyone had been awake. He turned his face this way and that and brought his face up until he fogged up the mirror, wrinkling his green eyebrows over his green eyes.

He stood back. "I hath aged all this while--my hair hast even grown longer. Perhaps I should cut it."

"No," answered the girls, not looking up.

"She hast changed my clothes as well," added Glenn to himself, not noticing. "I wonder wherefore went the old ones...? I am not sure I like wearing the Masamune over my shoulder."

Glenn rubbed his face, which was drawn together in contemplation.

"I don't think I know how to shave," he said.

They collectively facefaulted.

"You... don't...?" said Marle, sweatdropping.

"'Twas but twelve years old when transformed..." He grunted at himself. "I hast missed much. I wonder how my parents are doing..."

"Good grief," said Crono. "Anyway, I'll show you how to shave... though it's kinda weird. You are older than me."

"Many thanks," said Glenn, wondering if he'd still be able to do Slurp Kiss and what the heck it would look like.

The girls watched them shave for a while, nervously.

"What do you think will happen with Magus and Schala?" said Marle.

"I dunno," Lucca swung her feet back and forth. "I think... it'll either be really cute or a complete disaster."

"Ayla no see problem. Magus sad, sister make Magus happy."

"Well, I don't think Magus knows how to be happy..." said Lucca. "I think he might react badly to it."

"Badly to being happy?" said Ayla. "Magus have big stick up butt, but--"

"He's got to be happy!" said Marle. "Everyone deserves to be happy. Frog... Glenn is human again, so it's not like there's still anything to hold against him."

"Cyrus still be dead." said Glenn quietly, from the sink.

"I'm sure it's very relaxing!" said Alfador, popping in and nearly making Glenn shave off his nose.

"Alfador, please," said Glenn, inspecting his cut. "'Tis not a matter for amusement."

"But I was there," said Alfador. "Cyrus seemed pretty happy. He didn't even mention Janasu-sama, he only cared about your welfare." She wagged a finger at him. "You should've brought Janasu--then you would've seen, he'd probably not even notice."

"I do not find that appropriate." said Glenn. "Magus sent Cyrus to his grave, he need not visit."

Alfador sat down cross-legged on the bed, looking irritable.

"What does it matter? Cyrus is happy, Magus will be happy, you can be happy, we'll all be happy." Crono smiled weakly.

"You're always happy," said Lucca. "What are you on?"

Crono looked hurt.

"In any case, it dost not matter." Glenn wiped his face with a towel. "Magus shall return to his time, I to mine, thee to thine--our business with Lavos is done."

"You're really going back to your own time, Frog?" Marle said. "We're going to miss you so much..."

"Well, of course, we knew it was only temporary." Lucca adjusted her glasses.

"Ayla chief of village, must return. Kino good, but not strong."

Glenn nodded. "And, of course, I have my duty to Queen Leene. Lady Schala and Magus have their people in the Dark Ages. They shall need all the help they may acquire, now that Zeal hath fallen."

"I doubt it," said Alfador. "The weather's warming up and after that whole fiasco they'll be a lot more peace-minded for a while. It'll be nice for a few decades at least."

"What were you planning on doing, Alfador?" said Marle.

"I am an object created to protect King Zeal's loved ones. I go where they go."

"An ...object?" said Lucca. "You sound like Robo when we first found him. Calling everyone 'sama' and such. You really don't have to."

"Yeah, it's kinda weird..." said Crono.

"Schala-sama already tried to talk me out of it, so don't bother." Alfador grinned. Glenn had jitterly turned back to his reflection.

"This way I must undo the shoulder strap before I may unsheathe the Masamune. 'Tis not good for emergencies."

"Fine, Your Green-hair-ed-ness! I'll take you clothes shopping. We need groceries too, so might as well." Alfador ran out the door, catching Glenn's arm on the way. "At least I won't get caught in the explosion..."

"Eh?" Ayla addressed the retreating backs. "Something go boom?"

"Yeah," said Lucca, looking very serious with the effort of trying to see around the hole she had rubbed into her glasses. "This is the quiet; the storm is coming..."

"They're brother and sister!" said Marle. "They ought to get together and be happy. We have to tell her."

"I think Magus hates us enough already." said Crono.

"We'd be doing him a favor!"

"By the time you've argued the point to him, he'll have casted Dark Matter and it'll be a moot point." said Lucca. "We ought to stay out of it."

Marle crossed her arms. She partially uncrossed one and zipped her pendant back and forth on its chain. "WELL THEN!"

Schala flinched slightly, bringing attention to where she stood leaning against the doorway. She yawned. "Ohayo gozaimasu."

"OHAYO!" they chorused.

Schala flinched again. Everyone looked very... happy. That sort of strained, frightening happy.

"I shouldn't have stayed up so late...mmmm... ah, where's Alfador? I didn't bring anything with me, so usually she transforms my clothes in the mornings."

"Cat lady just leave." said Ayla.

"With Frog." said Robo.

"They're going clothes shopping." said Lucca.

"Isn't that convenient?" said Marle.

Crono nodded.

"Ah.... yes." Schala looked them over again. "I'll... just... catch up with them then."

She bolted.

There was a collective sigh of relief.

"I do not understand this phenomenom, but I too am starting to feel... affected." said Robo.

"Crazy people make people crazy." Ayla observed.

Shortly thereafter and by a great coincidence, Magus awoke and dashed off to parts unknown.

Notes: Wow, what a waste of a chapter! But so much fun, ne? Ohayo (and ohayo gozaimasu) mean good morning. The longer one's a bit more polite. And I'm still spelling things wrong for pronounciation. ^_^ Don't ask me why Alfador says Janasu instead of Janus... I know it looks kinda weird, but that's what is in my head, so that's what's going down on paper.

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