Blessed Day Chapter 2

By Bounty Hunter Lani

Seeing him standing there made her weak in the knees. The very thought that he'd come to save her had made her heart fly. He had looked to her so happily and she had looked back to him with hope, but to have seen the look on his face when Seymour's lips had met hers! Horror!

She had raised her staff into the air. This would be Seymour's final day. As she spun it around in her hands, a drop of sweat rolled down her face. The concentration was very hard for this kind of thing, but she knew it would all be worth it once Seymour was gone. She would end his evil and concentrate on what was most important from the beginning: riding the world of Sin.

Her life was not what was important. She had known that from the beginning, but to have married this man. Yes, she regretted it now. The humiliation in front of her friends! They….they thought she really loved him. No! She couldn't have them think that! She couldn't have Tidus think that.

Seymour stopped her sending. He threatened the others lives. He said he would destroy them. The decision was not a hard one. She must put down the staff, even though the others encouraged her not to. She had never really cared about herself anyway. They were all that mattered to her; they were her friends. The staff clattered to the ground as Seymour took hold of her shoulders. He looked down at her with a caring expression, but Yuna took it to say 'don't worry, this won't hurt long'.

Yuna could have never wished the torture of true defeat on anyone, but she had felt it that day. When she had let Seymour's lips grace hers for all to see, she felt defeat come crushing down upon her, and there was nothing she could do about it. He had won; she felt that they all knew it then. The bonds had been made and no one could come between them now. Yuna cringed and her fists clenched at her sides in disgust. How could she ever have wanted to be with this evil man! How could she not have sensed it? After this was over, she could almost hear Sir Auron telling her that everyone has their moments of blindness, and the others would be forgiving as well. But what about….him?

Yuna had turned away from them all when the kiss had ended and Seymour had smiled in his triumph. She could hear the gasps from Rikku and some mutters from Wakka, but from Tidus….she heard nothing, and she could not bear to look.

The words from Seymour's lips then had stung her heart.

"Kill them."

The words were so cold, so casual. How could this be! He had promised not to hurt them! The wedding bells rang in the distance as Seymour pulled on her arm, up to the next platform, out of harms way. She was important to him, but he did not love her. She knew this now. It had been a harsh reality at first, but it had become so clear later. He only wanted to use her.

She slumped to the ground and Seymour had let her fall as she covered her face in her hands. She felt so dizzy and her mind was weighted with sorrow. Behind her, she could hear the fight taking place, but she could not bear to watch. Would the others ever forgive her? Would he? Could he ever find a place in his heart for her now? She prayed that he would live on. There were so many things she wished to tell him! So many things she should say! Yet perhaps she would never get the chance. There was too much to do now. Her love would have to wait.

Rising to her feet, she turned to face them. The guards were lying unconscious on the ground. She stared down at them, her eyes pleading for their forgiveness. She peered directly into Tidus's blue eyes. She wished she could just blurt it out: She didn't love Seymour! She loved him! But sadly, she closed her eyes; she knew it should never be.

Wiping her mouth clean of the previous vows, she closed her eyes and let herself fall from the tower. It was such a long way to the ground, but she was not afraid. She knew she could fly. She couldn't die now, not after her heart was so filled with unspeakable love. Her fingertips released the power of summon and soon she was riding steady across the back of Valefor. She stared back up to the top of the tower. Tidus was there, peering over the side in worry. She smiled. He was so…beautiful. She knew they would meet again and then, she could tell him everything.

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