The Shadows Know Notes

By Brandon Schwartz

First of all, the technology in our favorite little role-playing game was not as well defined as it should have been. Everyone's communicating with carrier pigeons, but then again that weird guy on the northeastern continent is waiting (and has been for several years) for a lawnmower repairman. No phones, but no more than two airships in the entire world. Confusing, but it somehow fit with the game. Therefore, writing a fic about it all makes the author (me) quite paranoid about the environments I should describe in this thing. I'll try my best but don't be too damn picky if you think something doesn't belong. I'm a simple man with an even simpler vocabulary, but I try.

Clyde Arrowny is such a vague character throughout the game. I wanted to hear the secrets behind everything, but even then very little was revealed. Frustrated, I decided to reveal those secrets myself. Of course, without paying close attention to the many plot details in the game, a writer like myself could very easily type themselves into a corner. I've taken many precautions to match the known storyline as much as possible, so be patient. With the history of this man being such an empty shell, it actually screams to 'authors' like myself to be filled. How could I resist? Who knows, you may even hear some revelations yourself if you pay close enough attention. One might call it a history lesson you actually want to hear. Well like I said, I try.

Behind the mask of our favorite ninja man lies a once innocent and constantly wronged individual. The now seemingly jaded man wanders on in hopes of forgetting any memories of the past; his childhood. His first killing. His place in a monumental battle between the Empire and the Returners. His best and only friend Braham. The train robbery that began the end of his known existence. His connections between many of the unsolved mysteries in the game itself. And last but not least, the short relationship with his wife and child. Why he abandoned this seemingly peaceful and almost perfect life remains a mystery. Only the shadows know.

In itself, the human being's most influential characteristic on itself is to dream. Ambition fuels man's desire to want, and pushes his physical ability to the fullest in order to obtain what he is seeking. People grounded in reality do not often respect dreamers, but in the end, it is the dreamers who really obtain what they are looking for.

Ambition starts with childhood. The blamelessly ignorant child is full of hope and restlessness for the future. As a teen, the ambition becomes hit by reality. People with little faith lose their dreams, and settle into a life they never wanted to live.

However, those with strong faith keep their ambition and their determination to fulfill them. The dreams stay with the possessor throughout adolescence. But at the end, what is the final outcome? Does the possessor achieve exactly what he is looking for? Or is he struck down by reality before then? The outcome solely depends on the possessor's physical and spiritual strength.

Part 1, Prologue

Final Fantasy 6 Fanfic