Return of the Turks Part 2


By Brendan Rowan

Cloud followed Barrett into Tifa’s house and stood next to the chair that Barrett had promptly seated himself in.

“Barrett!” Tifa exclaimed with even more shock than Cloud. “How long have you been here?”

“About a minute,” Cloud answered for him.

“What did you come all the way out here for, Barrett?” Tifa asked after a second of silence.

“Well… I was kinda’ thinking that you two would want to come back to Midgar with me, we’re runnin’ short on people and well… I’d like you’re company, we all would.”

“Sure, that sounds great, we’ll come, right Cloud?” Tifa answered quickly and excitedly.

“Barrett, she’s been trying to get me to go to Midgar since we defeated Sephiroth, and I’m not coming, forget it. You coming is just another reason to go. You can go with him Tifa, but I’m not going to willingly throw myself back into hell, once is enough.” Cloud answered firmly.

“Damn Cloud, what the hell’s wrong with you, why won’t you come with us, you were the leader of our little team, come on.” Barrett answered skillfully hiding the disappointment in his voice.

This time Cloud didn’t even answer, he just left.

As stated earlier, Cid and Red XIII were still in Midgar, Cid stood stolidly beside Red XIII puffing heavily on his fat cigar with a look of extreme distaste plastered across his face. Several feet in front of them Reno and Rude were arguing passionately about something stupid, as usual.

“Ever wonder why the hell we ever got involved in all this save the world shit?” Cid asked Red out of complete and innocent boredom.

“No, I agreed to go with to Cosmo Canyon and from there grandpa told me to continue on with them… grandpa.” Red replied as the tears began to well up in his eyes at the recollection of his dead grandfather.

“Oh. I guess I just wanted to get back at Shinra for all the trouble they caused. Well… I guess I, mostly just wanted the Highwind back. Speaking of the Highwind, what do you think the chances are of Barrett getting it back in one piece?” Cid said.

“A million to one.” Red Replied instantly. “So how is your work on the Bronco?”

“Pretty good, pretty damn good.” Cid said with a sigh derived purely of boredom. “Matter of fact, I think I’m gonna go work on it right now. Couple more days and it’ll probably be back in the air.”

Red didn’t move as Cid walked over to his shack near the entrance to Sector Seven.

“Alright,” Cid said as he picked up a welding torch, “let’s get started.”

Red stared blankly at his paws pondering over some of Bugenhagen’s theories. After a few seconds he noticed that Reno and Rude had stopped arguing. He looked up and saw them standing in front of him. Red sprang to his feet but neither of them moved. Reno reached behind his back but before he could draw his weapon Red was upon him tearing viciously at his face. Rude kicked Red in the ribs and sent him flying off Reno. Reno stood up and took a swing at Red but the nimble beast quickly dodged the blow. Before they could react, Red cast fire on both of his adversaries. The red flames licked around Reno and Rude burning their clothes and charring their skin. Reno fell first screaming like a baby and Rude followed instantly. They had discovered the hard way how powerful Red’s magic had become.

“Game over, ‘Nanaki,’” Said Rude in a mocking tone.

“Impossible, I’m going to finish you two once and for all.”

“Highly unlikely,” Said a strange yet familiar voice.

A strange figure stepped out of the shadow behind an inn. Red immediately cast a thunder spell but as the bolts struck down from heaven they bounced of his adversary and struck Red instead. The aged beast felt the thunder race through his bones and tear into his muscles. His legs immediately folded underneath him and his fur blackened at the tips. The strange figure in shadow then rapidly chanted one of the most feared spells of all time…Ultima. Green lights flashed all around Red and he felt the pain sear his body, then small grains of God knows what tore into his skin and he finally went black.

Barrett struggled uselessly against the controls of Cid Highwind’s most prized possession, the airship the Highwind. Barrett’s knowledge of machinery only went so far and the Highwind was far past the limit.

“Barrett are you sure you’re gonna get us there in one piece, this ride isn’t very smooth,” Asked Tifa with genuine concern.

“Of course Tifa! You just like Cloud, always tellin’ me what to do! Shi!”

“Okay, Barrett just be careful.” Tifa said in her defense.

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