Nanaki and the Fallen Angel Chapter 10

Floating Tower

By Brady Bryner, Bill Shofstall, & Anthony McKinley

Hellbender, Hellbender Deck 5:32 PM May 21

"Send out the bombers..." Rufus dropped his hand, signifying to carry out his order. Seven planes flew out of the side of the Hellbender, bombing the city of Costa Del Sol. He didn't want totally destroy it, he needed it for his own port. "Dropships!" Several smaller airships filed out and landed on the beach, with Shinra MPs rushing out, killing people. "Kill...with extreme prejudice."

"Kyahahaha! We will take this port and do what, sir?"

"We're going to make weapon plants, and an airship fleet."

"What of soldiers?"

"We've still got several million. That idiot Reeve probably hasn't enough military power to stop one of our squads." Rufus looked up at the patch which was used to close off the top after a dragon attacked. "Hmph... He is such an idiot for doing what he is. Charities, hydroelectric, vo..." Rufus shuddered. "" He said through gritted teeth.


Costa Del Sol, Beach 5:35 PM May 21

"BWAAAAAH!" People screamed in terror as they ran futilly from Rufus's men, and were shot and stabbed, with no hope of survival. Blood splashed the beach. The streets were slippery with blood, and people ran outside the city, but were mowed down there as well. Row after row of people fell from Rufus's merciless assualt. Beachs that were once deserted were now littered with the bodies of innocent people. No one was spared. No one. Women, men, children, all died that day. It was the first assualt of a war that would change history.


Shinra Building, Reeve's Office 6:02 PM May 21

"Mr. President, we need an answer!" Reeve looked at his feet.

"I really wish I didn't have to do this... Release the airship fleet... Give em' Hell..." The man left Reeve's office. Reeve slammed his fist on his desk. "God damn it, Rufus! Why the hell can't you just stay dead! I saved your ass, and to think, if I hadn't those people wouldn't be dead... I'll kill you myself, you stupid ass, mother..."

"Hey Reeve!" His Cait Sith jumped onto his desk. "Whats wrong?" Cait's face looked concerned.

"Rufus... He destroyed Costa Del Sol... He killed everyone there."

"WHAT!?! RUFUS!?! He was blown up... Uh oh... Dat' ain no good. How'd he do it?"

"Released an airstrike, and then sent in soldiers and annihilated everyone else..." Reeve was getting teary eyed. "My fault..."

"You're starting to sound like Red..."

"Oh great..."

"So be like im'! All problems' solutions are in the bottom of a fourty!"

"No they're not... I have to face Rufus, Cait."

"You're a natural leader, Reeve, and thats not just cause you kept me from being incinerated."

"Thanks, Cait. Your battalion is ready."


"You asked for some soldiers, you got em'. I know you're responsible enough to deal with ten men. You're in the army now."


Gongaga Area, Gongaga 8:05 PM May 21

Cloud sat on a stump, thinking about the man who attacked him. Now he was a mess within ruins of a town. He remembered his body just splitting in two, but the man didn't cringe, he laughed, as if knowing that Cloud's attempts to kill him would be in vain. "Fucker..." A boy of about eightteen jumped through the a door, into the street. He looked like he had been running and scared all at once. "Who are you?"

"Matt! Something wierd...back in Niblehiem..." He began ranting to Cloud what had happened. " brother was attacked by some black killed him..."

"No it didn't..."


"Nu... Nothin'. You look hungry... We'd better get you some food..." Cloud took Matt for some food. "Now... What did it look like?"

"It was sludge, it, like, oozed out. My brothers Tim and Joe weren't there, they snuck on that ship to that new place..." Cloud's eyes grew wide.

"Hey Matt!" Tim walked into town, followed by Joe. Tim was seventeen, Joe was nineteen, both looked in their twenties, if you can tell the difference. Tim waved. "HEY!"

"'HEY!' Ya' self, ya' pansy!" Matt got up and punched Tim in the gut.

"What was that for?"

"Because I can!" Joe punched him.

"Where's Scott?"

"Something at the mansion got im'... Nothing I could do."


Cosmo Canyon, Bar 10:00 PM May 22

"One drink... I have work to do tomorrow. Gotta get up at six." Nanaki drank a glass of wine.


Cosmo Canyon, Bar 11:00 PM May 22

"Just one more... I can still get seven hours..."


Cosmo Canyon, Bar 12:00 AM May 23

"Seventy bottlesh of beer on the wall, sheventy..."


Cosmo Canyon, Bar 1:00 AM May 23

"I can still get five... I'm cool..."


Cosmo Canyon, Bar 2:00 AM May 23

"Four is a bit... I'm cool..."


Cosmo Canyon, Bar 3:00 AM May 23

Nanaki and Anthony sang even more songs yet. "Buy me a beer, two bits a glass, help me out here, I'm freezing my ass... Buy me a beer, whiskey, or wine. Who am I kidding? I'll drink turpintine."


Cosmo Canyon, Bar 4:00 AM May 23

"Whoa... Two hours go fast..."


Cosmo Canyon, Bar 5:00 AM May 23

"Who needs shleep!?! Um not drunk!"


Cosmo Canyon, Bar 6:00 AM May 23

"Welp... Time ta' pull out..." Nanaki fell on his face.

"Eh... Eh heh... BWAHAHAHAHA! Yur a dumb ash!"

"Shu' uh!" Nanaki pulled the curtain aside with his teeth, followed by his brother.

"GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! SUN LIGHT! EVIL!" They apparently didn't see it coming.

"I'M BLIND!" They ran around in circles, furiously trying to get back their eye sight. They eventually both fell out, barely grabbing the ladder. They reached the ground, basically unharmed.

"Well... You know what it's time for..."

They looked into the sky, squinting, and in unison stated, "We swear TO God, We'll never, EVER, do that again!"

"And?" A new voice coaxed them.

"And this time, we mean it!" They turned and saw Lord Cait Sith.

"Thanks for the reminder." Nanaki walked off with that. "What're you here for?"

"What else? Kianki has my materia, and you two need something to keep you from getting even more wasted." He grabbed one of each's forelegs and pulled them along, back to the observatory, where Anthony fell asleep on a couch in the main room. Nanaki forgot about work and went to bed. Lord Cait looked around. "Well... I think I've done pretty good..." A portal opened above him and pulled him away, to an unknown place, far away.


Unknown, Unknown N/A Eternity

Bahamut looked at Lord Cait as he dropped through the portal. "HEY, Bahamut! Long time, no see!"

"Ever since..."

"Yeah." They were talking about his banishment. Chupon looked down at Cait.

"Hello, Etigin... We have a deal for you..."

"A... A deal? Does it involve my banishment?"

"Yesss... Arthur?" Chupon floated aside. Nothing was around any of them. They were in pure blackness.

"Etigin..." Arthur stepped forward, his heavy armor clanking. He saw Markus next to him. Arthur was in his true human form, not an esper warrior. He was wearing golden armor with a fine white flowing cape. "Chaos is here." Arthur's crown glinted in nothingness.

"I know..." Lord Cait looked at his feet.

"If you'll help us, and prove of some worth, we'll let you remain in the material plane, and every hundred years to make a three year passage through the Esper World." Cait thought for a second.

"Sounds fair... I'll help, AND prove my worth!" Arthur grinned. He had liked Cait Sith, and was another friend of his, and tried to help keep him from being banished as well.

"I shall go to the Planet, and I will build another castle on the site of the Temple of the Ancients. I will raise an army, and combat Chaos. You, Bahamut, and Chupon, will also build fortresses to combat various threats."

"What about the water?"

"Levithian is already prepared. Markus is getting ready to get Figaro out of the hole it sunk into to and take it to the island of Wutai, and place it permanently at the area of where the city once stood."

"OKAY! Soooo... Can I go now?" He disappeared and landed back in the main room of the observatory. "Pushy..."

"I HEARD THAT!" A voice boomed. Chupon.

"Umm... People are trying to sleep. Well not people, but they're... What are they?"



Ocean, Unknown 12:00 AM May 28

"Raise the tower..." Chaos got up. "MWAHAHAHA!" Lich came to his side.

"We're ready, master." The tower cracked out of thirty feet of stone, and shot skyward from the ocean, while sending mako and lifestream throughout the ocean floor. "The warmechs have been repaired, and new ones are in production."

"Very well." The tower floated high above the Planet. All the evil dragons of the world rallied behind Tiamat, and perched upon it, or flew around it, ensuring its survival. Sephiroth walked to Chaos.

"My magical training is completed. I have my soldiers. What shall I do?"

"Are they trained and versed as well as you?"

"No, master, but then why have me lead?"

"Train them to three quarters your ability, but keep your specialized techniques to yourself."

"Very well, master."


Unknown, Moogle Caverns 3:23 AM May 28

Another vortex appeared, letting Mog fall flat on his face. "Ow... Kupo..." Another moogle walked out from the darkness.

"Kupo? M... Mog?"


"No... Kupan, Kupek's son..."

"Oh..." Mog got up and looked around. He tightened his bandana and pulled up his little belt with a small scabbard and dagger on it, a sword to Mog. "I have to find Arthur!"


"No... Nothing..." Mog dashed through the caves, seeing a rare few moogles, nearly extinct. He tripped on a little red rock. "Bwaah! Ow. Damn thin..." He picked it up. "Oooo... Ra materia..." Another vortex opened over him, and Choco fell out. "NOT AGAIN!" Choco looked around.

"Wooheewoo!" The chocobo picked Mog up and set him on the saddle.

"Choco... We'll work on that..." With that, the two dashed through the caves to find a new exit, created by the last of the moogles. Kupan ran after him, finally finding them in a small glade.

"MOG! Kupo. This'll be the death of me..." He sighed and looked at the ground. "Wa... Wait for me!" Choco easily lifted the two and they set off.


Junon, Airship Landing Pad 6:32 AM May 28

The Highwind set down, a gnarled old pilot leaping down from its ladder, onto the pad. "Yup..." Cid puffed his cigarette. "He was here..." Not Rufus, but an enemy Cid knew all to well. His name was Arkon. Cid met him as part of a crew to greet him at the Shinra HQ. Cid had known something was wrong with him. He had flowing black hair, and his face practically matched Sephiroth's. He and Vernon weren't twins, they were clones, dashed off, from Sephiroth's DNA. Cid could see the fresh graves where people had been laid to rest after Arkon sweapt through the town. Cid threw his now revamped Venus Gospel at the pad. It pierced in. It was now mechanical, with a claw like mechanism at the end. When he pressed a small switch at the end, it would close around a victim's heart or lung, or some other vital organ, where Cid would then strip it from the body, then pressing the button again to crush it, again to release. He wasn't a cold, evil man, he just was going to put evil in its place. He pulled it out; it glimmered in the sun. Beauty, pure and absolute. He climbed back up the ladder, and to the deck. "Get us outta here. Nothing more ta' see."

"Yes, captain." The airship picked up, and floated away. Cid went to his cabin.

"FUCK!" He punched the wall, putting a dent in it, harmless to his hand. He hadn't lost the touch. Not yet. He wasn't old enough, not yet. Hell couldn't take him on. Not Heaven nor Hell, as he said. He was invincible. "Oh yeah..."


Midgar, Sector 8 1:43 PM May 28

Tseng walked through the streets. Terror had gripped the citizens after the destruction of Costa Del Sol, and the lives of the people quickly shifted back to the way while the Shinra were in power. "Sir, would you like a flower? They're only a gil." Tseng smiled.

"Sure..." He gave her five-hundred gil. He had the money.

"T.. Thank you, sir...but..." She looked sad. "I only have twenty-two flowers left." She began to wipe away a tear that began to well.

"Keep the change..." He took the flowers.

"T... THANK YOU!" She waved after him. Flowers. Reminded him of the flower girl. Of Aeris, the flower girl. He sniffed them. So wonderful a smell. He'd give them to Elena. She'd enjoy a gift, she'd been working three times as hard this week. Rude and Reno had been slacking off some because she was working so hard, and took all of their missions before they could get to them.

"Elena?" He walked into the room they had rented. "Elena?" She was asleep. "Well... I'll just set these here." He set the flowers beside her and placed a note beside them. It was basically a severly overdue thank you. He kissed her while she slept, and left her.


Reeve's Home, Reeve's Bedroom 1:21 AM May 29

Reeve's lay sleeping, when an angel appeared. It looked like an angel, save its dirty face, and yellow, jagged teeth. Reeve awoke. "OH GOD!"

"Not quite yet, but a good start." His one arm turned to a snake and began to strangle Reeve, and hissed in his face.

"Wha... What do you..."

"What do I want? Tell the world Reeve. I am God, write my Bible, Reeve, or you will dieeee..." As he spoke, a forked tongue slithered out and hissed the last word.

"Ne... NEVER!" The snake squeezed harder.


"BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Reeve jerked up. Cait jumped to his side.

"REEVE! Whats wrong!?!"

"What!?! I'm alive! I had horrible nightmare... This angel thing attacked me with a snake arm, and told me to tell the world he was God...and write the Bible... His Bible..."

"Whoa! Wierd man..."

"Just a nightmare... Just a nightmare..." He went back to sleep, after sending Cait back to his room.


"WRITE THE GOSPEL, REEVE!" The angel was there again.

"This is a dream... My world... Go back to Hell, so I can get back to my normal dreams."

"I'll haunt your dreams, until you die..."

"Oh, FUCK YOU!" Reeve flipped him off with both hands. Reeve floated off his bed, and found himself flailing his arms and legs wildly in the air.

"You are mine, now..." The creature's eyes began to glow yellow.

"Not bloody likely..." Reeve made himself wake up.


Reeve got up. "I told you..." He walked into the bathroom, and looked in the mirror, splashing water on his face, looked back at the mirror. The angel was behind him. He spun around. Nothing. He looked back at the mirror. The face. An arm shot out from the wall, grabbing Reeve's neck.

"Not awake yet..."



Reeve got up again. "Finally..." He rolled over, and heard a hiss. "God damn it! IN THE NAME OF GOD, LET ME GET SOME FUCKING SLEEP!" The hissing stopped. "Thank you..." His dreams remained unhaunted from thence forth.


Reeve awoke, to a fine morning. Cait ran in with a small tray of eggs and bacon. "You cooked?"

"YEAH! Try it! I'm trying to work on this cooking stuff."

"I dunno..."

"I've been working for hours to try and cook. I'm not that tall you know, it's hardwork grabbing stuff to make food with when you're short." Reeve grabbed a piece of toast and put an egg and three pieces of bacon onto the bread, making a small sandwich. He tried it.

"Yu' knu'? Thus is real..." He swallowed the bite. "Good." He ate the meal presented to him, and Cait ate his, and they walked to the living room. Reeve turned on the television; he still had two hours before having to go back to work. The news was about current events, the massacre in Junon. Reeve knew about it, and Costa Del Sol as well. They watched through the commercials, and then Reeve went and took of his t-shirt and shorts, which he wore casually around his home, and put on his suit. He walked back into the living room, and tightened his tie. "Well... Off to make decisions..."

"What about me? You gave me soldiers."

"You don't need to anything about them, until we call you in to fight. Otherwise, they're strickly a general's responsiblty."

"When can I become a general?"

"When I see how you do in combat."

"What if I..."

"I know what you're thinking. I have both of our brain waves on disk. Should either one of our bodies die, the thought processes will be transmitted into a body like yours. Then we go on from there, after the body is made biological. The bodies last two-hundred years anyway, and are pretty durable, so we should be fine for quite a while." Reeve left for his office, leaving Cait to watch morning cartoons. So like a child, he was, but serious when required. Reeve felt like a father when it came to Cait. No time to think of that now, he stepped out.


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