Nanaki and the Fallen Angel Chapter 12

He Who Fails

By Brady Bryner, Bill Shofstall, & Anthony McKinley

Cosmo Canyon, Anthony and Kianki's Room 11:34 PM June 8

"It is your birthday, but after..."

"Yeah... But that doesn't change that fact that it is my birthday..."

"I told you you were addicted to sex."

"I am not... I'm...partial toward sex, that's all."

"You are a horn dog. God damn!"

"So are you! You pleaded to me about sex for as long as I can remember."

"You did to me, too."

"So it's mutual."

"Yes. Quite so. If it wasn't mutual, we'd hate eachother, and fight."

"We DO fight."

"No we don't... We discuss." Anthony strained for a better response, but that is all that could come out.




"Discuss." Nanaki walked to the door.

"Please quit fighting... I'm trying to sleep." Kianki stuck her tongue out at Anthony. They lowered their voices.

"Aren't you kinky."

"Shut up..."

"You're the one who wants to have sex."

"So do you..."

"UH! I'm surprised you think so little of me. I read somewhere, that your favorite color decides how you are at sex." Anthony smiled. He expected her to mock him more.



"My favorite color is red."

"So is mine."


"Oh... Hold on... Oh yeah! Thats the best one for sex. Great at sex, copes well in relationships."

"What about personality?"

"Either clumsy or a sweet yet tough. I am, of course..."

"Sweet, but terribly clumsy."

"I am not... Am I? Well, you're not sweet... Damn... You're beyond it. That, and..." He changed his voice to that of a hick. "'re the deeevil..."

"I am not the...deeevil, you little cretin."

"Hey! Who you callin' little? I'm bigger then you!"

"Umm... I'm supposed to be slightly smaller then you..."

"But you're older."

"I'm one day older."

"So... Older."

"Oh, God... Lets just talk..."

"You know how all of our conversations end, don't you?"

"Yup. 'God damn'."

"And then you say..."

"'One more time', then you say, 'I'm gonna die...', and pass out."

"I don't pass out! I rest my eyes."

"You have your eyes shut during sex."

"I do not! How would you know?"

"Well, I have my eyes open while we make out, and I lead it toward sex. Thus, while sex, you have your eyes shut and no need to rest them."



"Haha... Nanaki yelled at you."

"He yelled at you."

"You. You yelled shit real loud."

"No I didn't... You did. All your fault."

"You're pathetic."

"Look at the time!" Anthony looked at the clock. Anthony sat up and let his body sway in circles while saying, quietly, "It's my birthday, it's my birthday, it's my birthday."

"Okay, end of talk, sex."


"Your birthday, horn dog."


Cosmo Canyon, Anthony and Kianki's Room 1:23 AM June 9

"HEY! I just got that!"

"You're an idiot."


Cosmo Canyon, Entrance 4:04 PM June 9

"Where are those two?" Reeve looked at Nanaki.

"Anthony's birthday."

"Damn horn dogs."

"I'd really appreciate you not calling my brother a horn dog, or Kianki."

"I'd really appreciate them not having to..." He lowered his voice so that Nanaki would not hear. "...screw every five God damn minutes..." He raised his voice again. "I'm sorry Nanaki, but your brother, and his wife, are, by all means, and lets be truthful, HORN DOGS!" Nanaki just sighed. Ten minutes later, Anthony dragged himself along, flopping on the ground in front of Reeve, with Kianki close behind, humming. "Hey, horn dog."

"I'll...kill you...later..."

"You do that."

"Fuck off, Reeve." Kianki walked up.

"You...tell me not to...swear..."

"I know, but that's because you'll do anything I say." Reeve's mind cracked up laughing. He himself would not laugh at such a time.

Cait hopped down in front of Anthony. "You know love is biogenetically no different from eating mass amounts of chocolate."

"Chocolate!?! WEDDING CAKE!?!"

"I didn't mention..."

"WHOOHOO!" Anthony ran into Reeve's waiting helicopter.

" worked, so, all well enough." Reeve walked after, followed by everyone else.


Cosmo Canyon Airspace, Reeve's Helicopter 4:20 PM June 9

"Tseng! Where is Reno?"

"He is...umm...damn..."


Rocket Town, Launch Pad 4:22 PM June 9

"HEY! MISTER! WANNA PLAY A GAME OF CARDS!?!" Reno turned and saw Lord Cait.

"No, Ree..."

"I'm not Reeve's! I'm an esper!"

"Oh God... Not another one!" Reno began loading his gun. "One shot will send your esper ass to Hell and beyond, one way ticket."

"GEEZ! Touchy bastard..."


"Umm... Nothin'!"

"Didn't sound like nothin', but since you're in fear, I'll let you live."

"I'm not in fear!" Reno cocked his gun.


"Lots of fear! Whole lotto fear!" Reno uncocked his gun, and placed it back in his coat holster.

"Damn right, you little wash up."

"How'd you know?"

"You're in this dump, talking to me... Hmm... I wonder."

"Shut up..."


North Corel, Ropeway Station 6:32 PM June 9

Mog and Kupan ran into the car, and lifted up to the Gold Saucer. "WOW! Look at this Kupan!"



"WHOA!" They stared in awe at the Gold Saucer. They reached the entrance to the park. "Um... Hi."

"You're here, finally... We thought you'd be too late. Time is money."

"What?" The woman ushered them into the Gold Saucer. "What do we do?"

"Oh yeah... You must be the new guys. Umm, just chat with people, keep them happy, under all circumstances."

"O... Okay... We will. Don't you worry." She left. "Kupo... Mog, what should we do?"

"Well, we do have to make money, so I guess we should do as she says. We're in the entertainment biz now." Mog was practically shining with happiness. "Cheer up, pal. This'll be fun!"


Sky, Reeve's Helicopter 10:32 PM June 9

Reeve's helicopter was much larger then a regular Shinra helicopter, and offered much comfort. It was, after all, the president's personal mode of transportation, until his airship, Eckard, was completed. "I'm gettin' tired Reeve..."

"Than go to sleep." Cait looked at Reeve with huge, saucer eyes. "We'll be in Midgar tomorrow."


Shinra Building, Helipad 6:32 AM June 10

"Cait..." Reeve nudged Cait. "Cait... Wake up, we're here." Cait yawned and stretched, then cracked his knuckles. He hopped off his little bed, groggily. The whir of the three, large props of the thirty-foot long helicopter slowed and stopped. Tifa burst out of a small room in the back, set with three other doors.

"I never noticed THAT."

"Oh... That is the changing room." Tifa was wearing her old skirt and top. Reeve stared in awe at her. "We are in a gov..."

"I know, Reeve. Why'd you think I was wearing this?" Anthony looked up and opened his eyes.

"Good morning, ma'am, sir." He slid off the little bed on the wall and arched his back, cracking it.

"That'll give you an arthritic condition." Tifa smiled and stood next to him, petting him. Kianki walked over to him.

"Mornin' everyone!"

"Well, aren't you perky?" Reeve grinned widely. Reeve really did like Kianki, he just couldn't help making fun of them. Kianki didn't mind, she enjoyed Reeve's company.

"I know... Amazing what a good sleep can do for you. How is Tseng holding up?"

"I'm fine. I locked the wheel and slept after we were on direct course to Midgar, and woke up just in time to make the final approach."

"Well, least we didn't crash and die." She smiled, too, joining the others, as Tseng walked out of the cockpit. "Thanks for the lift, Tseng." They exited the helicopter and proceeded to Reeve's office.

"Nice office..." It was quite nice, but modest. It was far smaller than the former presidents'. It was mainly wooden, with a banker's lamp on a wooden desk with a computer. There was a partition that set the office away from two other rooms, Reeve's personal washroom, with a shower and small refrigerator, and Cait and Reeve's miniature game room, where they would go to calm down. It had a ping pong table, a television set, a radio, a pool table, and (due to Cait's requests) an air hockey table, as well as Reeve's foos ball table. There was also an assortment of books, rule books, card decks, dice, and various other game and entertainment related objects.

"Very funny..."

"No! Serious! It isn't so moody as President Shinra's. His office made you want to kill yourself. So dreary." Tseng relaxed into a chair. "It's kinda..."

"...charming and modest, sir." Elena walked into the office.

"Sir?" Reeve looked confuse.

"Here is my resume, and Reno's, Rude's, and...Tseng's..." She smiled so wide it looked painful. Reeve looked at the papers.

"What do you want to do?"

"Be the Turks again."

"I do, too..." Vincent crept from the shadows. "It may help me find some answers."

"Well... I don't know what I'd do with Turks..." Elena looked pitiful.


"God damn that is so pitiful... You're all hired, even you Vincent."

"Listen up, Vincent, you take orders from me now." Tseng pointed at himself.

"I remember when you were new to the Turks yourself. I came in two months before you."

"Yeah. You er' damn good, too."


"Hey, Vincent! What the hell is this?" Tseng stared at large bulge in the ground, emitting a beeping sound.

"SHIT! GET DOWN!" Vincent pushed Tseng out of the way and ducked. "These are the things you have to learn in a month, or you'll be dead."

"Oh, isn't this just a cheerful job."

"I know what you mean." Vincent's brown eyes seemed to fade for a minute. He grinned, exposing his teeth. "I really hate this job, but it IS good money. It isn't exactly the kindest job around."

"Yeah. Killing people and all this bullshit is for the birds. But, good enough." Vincent was nursing the wound formed by shrapnel hitting his rib.


Shinra Building, Old Lab 7:54 AM June 10

"Hey! Nanaki! Check this stuff out!" Anthony was poking through cobweb covered files and jars. "Hehe... Subject Red XIII urine sample..."

"So... Heres yours, and a semen sample..." Nanaki started to chuckle slowly. "Subject Red XVI..."

"Sh... Shut up! I'll beat the shit out of you!"

"Thetas probably here somewhere..."

"Oh god..."

"I'm kidding... God. Anyway... What's this? Hey... What number is Kianki?"

"Fourteen... Why?"

"Her file! Here." Nanaki gave the file to Anthony, who flipped it open.

"Subject Red XIV... Reacts to UV lights with high sensitivity. Is immune to all known forms of poison... Has erratic heart rate when exposed to radiati.." Anthony stopped, clenching his eyes teeth shut. "God damn it..."

"What? So they experimented on your whore..."

"What did you say!?!" Nanaki hadn't said anything. He hadn't heard anything either.

"W... WHAT!?!" Nanaki stepped away. Anthony turned, his hair on end. He bared his vicious teeth. Nanaki saw two extra teeth slide out. "Oh my God..."

"How dare you insult her?"

"Insult who? What did I do?"

"I'm going to rip your heart out..." It wasn't Anthony or Nanaki. "You're a failure Anthony. Like father... A failure..." Anthony leapt forward and pushed him to the ground. His two fangs dripped saliva. "Failure... Pathetic... You will die, slowly and painful... After I kill your wife...right in front of you..." Anthony dug his fangs into Nanaki's neck, drawing out blood. Nanaki punched him back, weakly.

"What's wrong with you!?!"

"Finish him, Anthony... He'll kill your wife..." Anthony leapt forward, and furiously slashed at Nanaki. Nanaki had no choice but to fight back. All he had to do was knock him out. That should be easy. Anthony was smaller and weak enough for Nanaki to subdue him. Or so he thought. Nanaki leapt at Anthony, but was punched back, and mauled on the ground. Soon, they both fought with a furious rage that could best even the most evil of demons. Nanaki was pinned on the ground, bleeding. Anthony rose a paw, about to finish Nanaki. "Do it..."


"DO IT!"

"NO!!!" Instead, Anthony clenched at his head with his paws. "GWAAAAAAAAAH!" Nanaki slowed his breathing, when he heard a voice.

"He is a disgrace to your family... Kill him..." Nanaki rose with an evil force possessing him. Anthony looked up and prepared to fight back. Nanaki threw himself forward with the same power Anthony had used. Nanaki battered him until he was soaked in his own blood. "No one is around... You can kill him... No one will ask... Then kill his wife... She is a disgrace to your species... A disgrace" Nanaki stopped. He dropped his paws and looked at his brother. Anthony's heart was slowing, like his breath.

"What've I done?" Nanaki began weeping slowly.

"My bidding..." A dark man stepped out of the shadows. Not Sephiroth. Arkon? Another of his clones? "The master has arrived... I must pave the way for his generation."

"You... You bastard..."

"Now, now... No need for name calling..." Arkon rolled his eyes when Nanaki gave him a confused look. "So I'm a hypocrite. Who cares!?! We all are. Now... Nanaki... There are a few reasons why the master is tormenting you and your brother..." Arkon took a breath. "...and his wife. Now... I can save you both, if you will serve Sephiroth. Anthony will live."

"If I live..." Anthony coughed up blood. " others can die...what would be the point?"

"You can have a country... Bliss... Whatever you want!" Arkon smiled.

"Really?" Nanaki looked at Anthony surprised. "I'll tell you what I want..." Anthony hobbled to his feet. "I want you to die... Slowly... Painfully... And when you die..."

" voice..." All SOLDIERs knew this.

" the last thing you'll here..." Anthony began to glow. Small flames burst up around him. Blood poured down his jaw. He howled the most blood curdling howl ever to be heard. Arkon couldn't move. He was genuinely scared. "Os dos, nemerito..." Nanaki watched him.

"What the..."

"Em gal, nemerito OH GAS MENER VON GONAVICH!" Anthony shrieked the last lines. Blood drenched out of his mouth, coating him in its inky red. "I cast thee into the darkest, deepest pit of Hell... May you burn eternally... Hades may keep you now... May God help you..." Anthony blessed Arkon, and then shrieked Hell in another language. Tongues? The language he had been speaking. "MAKARA!" Flames formed all around Arkon. The slowly moved into his body, like liquid. They seeped through and under his skin without burning him. They could see his flesh poking out as flames crackled beneath. "End it..." The man's body turned to ash, in a hellish scream.

"What the hell was that!?!"

"That was...Hell...I think..."

"How'd you do that!?!"

"I don't know..." They were both in their own blood. They dragged themselves onto the elevator and got to Reeve's office, drenching the carpet in their blood. "Ugh... Little help?" Anthony collapsed.

"OH MY GOD!!!" They rushed to help them.

"Hey, Reeve?" Anthony smiled, despite the fact he was dying.


"Sorry I'm bleeding on your carpet..."

"It's okay..." Reeve smiled and wrapped more bandages around the creatures abdomen.


Costa Del Sol, Robot Factory 5:11 PM June 10

A robot wheeled off the line. Its memories, programmed flashed through its head.


"Logging into terminal..."


"Say I..." The voice unit flipped on. The inspector looked at the robot.


"Brain waves downloaded..."




"Anything for the master..."


"I think therefore I am." The robot's arm grabbed the inspector and crushed his throat. The robots on the production line all followed suit and destroyed the factory. Twenty-two robots, all loyal to their master Anthony, had just fought a definitive battle against Rufus. The robots all developed their own personality, and began modifying themselves to fit their needs. It took them only fifteen hours to do so. The faster processors and microchips in these robots allowed them to follow out a program that made them more then drones. They were alive.


Shinra Building, Medical Unit 1:22 AM June 17

"GWAAAAAAAAAH!!" Anthony shrieked as the drugs used to save his life burned his blood. Tifa jumped in from her seat by the door. Reeve pinned him while Tifa set his head in her lap to administer a sedative to his neck. He saw the needle.


"Hold him down... Be careful, we don't wanna piss im' off too much."


Anthony cried now like he did then, pathetically, trying not to, but the tears would not relent. Tifa comforted him slightly, and injected it into his neck. He squeezed his eyes shut, tears working out of his eyes. Tifa remained with him, afraid he might have flashbacks and try to escape. "Why is it that every friend I have is either an experiment or freak?" Cid walked in.

"I'm not a freak!"

"No... An experiment..."

"In what!?!"

"In the study of lung cancer..." She waved the smoke away, Cid already on his way out. She heard Anthony crying under his breath. "What's wrong?"

"I... I'm terrified..." Tifa set her hand on a non-bandaged part of his head. Tifa pet him slowly while he rest in her lap. He seemed so pitiful. "I'm real, real scared... Ms. Lockheart..."

"Shh... So am I..." Tifa was. Nanaki had recounted the story, and Anthony told of the voices. Were they just insane? After all, they were worked on by that freak...


Shinra Building, Shinra Computer Lab 1:46 AM June 17

"...Hojo." Vincent looked over Hojo's file. He caught sight of Hojo's full name. Hojo Lancet Valen... "No..." ...tine. "No. No! NO!" He couldn't be related to him. He checked family links. Brother, Vincent Valentine. The thought of Hojo, having sex with his wife. Concepting that demon child. Hojo was Vincent's twin. "You incestuous bastard... You sicken me..."

"Thank you..." Vincent turned around, meeting Hojo. Vincent pointed the Death Penalty at him.

"You bastard... And you... You dare lust after my wife..."

"Will you pull the trigger? It doesn't matter... I'm just a figment of your imagination. Created by the demented processes in your head."

"No... You're something more..." Hojo stepped toward and disappeared, reappearing beside him. "Why?"

"You'd have made a good"

"Don't call me that!" Vincent felt his emotions come back to him. He had a look of sheer terror and anger mixed on his face.

"You know it is true! Don't deny it! I am Hojo Valentine... Your brother..."

"No... Please say it isn't true... What are you?" Vincent collapsed on the ground with his head in his hands.

"I am creation of Chaos, the being we implanted within you, controlling your mind..."

"I am in control..." He placed a pistol to his head.

"Now, brother... Is that anyway to solve a problem?"

"When my soul and life is gone, it is all that is left." Vincent sat in his navy blue suit, contemplating a way to remove this demon. Vincent stood up and faced Hojo.

"What is it you want?"

"I want my wife. I want my soul. I want my life. I want the son that SHOULD have been my child!" Vincent fired at the spectre, and it disappeared. "Where ever you are, I'll find you! I shall make you pay your penance!"


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