Nanaki and the Fallen Angel Chapter 3

Changes for a New World

By Brady Bryner, Bill Shofstall, & Anthony McKinley

Midgar, Shinra Lab 4:23 PM Mar. 14

Reeve strode through the labs. "Here it is. Our weapon lab."

"Weapon lab?" Cloud looked around. "Umm... Why?" It looked much like a work camp.

"I have yet to set up safe facilities. These are all volunteer workers." Reeve opened a curtain and revealed a cannon-like machine. "This is H.O.L.S."

"Whats that?"

"Heat oriented laser system. Barret..." Barret had been looking over it and had found flaws and finally got it perfect. He removed his current attachment, revealing four small metal beams and several ratchets and connections to tendons. He connected the gun and locked it on. "Aim at that target." Reeve pointed at a large mason wall.

"I've been waitin' for dis' for a long time..." The cannon fired several blue and red beams into a large impression in the center of the cannon. The beams charged up and fired a large, purple beam, destroying the target. The mason exploded, and began burning. "Hope dat' area was clear..." Barret was able to stand Reeve now, but still harbored hate for Shinra in general. But since the understanding between the two, Reeve decided to make some weapons for him.

"That it?"

"No! By all means not. We have some premium equipment here." Tseng walked to a table with several components to a machine on it.

"Whats this?"

"A RDL. Range detection launcher. It can lock on a target at different ranges depending on mass, heat, and wieght. That is also made for Barret's arm, but can also be made to carry on your back and put together and less then a minute by a quick person. The only thing to worry about is the wieght of the ammo." Tseng picked up a rifle with a scope.

"And this?"

"Our pride and joy in sniping capabilities." Reeve took the rifle from Tseng and removed a clip. "Uses a ten-thousand shot laser clip, with class two cam charges. A five-hundred yard range with laser sighting. It zones in on the target and locks a shot. It gives the targets hieght, weight, and shows any non-biological components." He pumped the gun. "Pump once for full automatic." He pumped it again. "Pump twice for semi-automatic for low-ammo conservation. And," He pumped it again, "Pump three times for cam charges, a fourty shot clip. Semi-automatic, full-bore. Maximum penetration shells are so accurate they can rip the skin off your face and leave ya' breathing."

"How'd you find that out?" Reeve just looked away. "You didn't..."

"No... It was tested on some gaurds that were firing at us."

"That's still sick, man." Cloud stepped back. "Where's Vincent?"

"No one knows. He ran off when we were all looking at files. Anyway, pump four times for basic firing. That is... Single shot, chambered rounds."

"Never thought you to be a psycho, Reeve." Reno pulled out a small liqour bottle.

"There is no drinking in here. Fumes might screw with the machinery."

"Damn it..." Reno put the lid back over his liqour and screwed it back on the metal bottle. "When the hell did you turn into mister weapons expert anyway? You've always been a wuss."

"Laugh it up, jack ass. Why do you think I've tried to change Shinra? I've killed many, many people, and not by orders. I shot a man and watched his heart explode onto a wall. Shinra has more then a few of my dislikings. So if you think I'm a wuss, anytime, I'll kick your ass."


"I'm getting tired a' you Reno. Now shut up."

"Fuck off!" Reeve turned around and punched Reno across the face. Reno went to grab his bleeding jaw and nose.

"I said to shut up." Reeve continued walking through the labs, followed by everyone, and some severly scared ex-Turks. Reeve stopped at a table. "This is part of a defensive division. The XSR-01. This armor is so strong," Reeve picked a thin, vest like structure up, "But so light, it allows you to be hit by a class three cam bullet and not feel a thing while running."

"Whats a class three cam bullet?" Tifa looked confused.

"Any bullet that is explosive enough to put a hole in a brick wall. Thats it for now. I'll bring ya'll in later when we develop sa' more items."


Cosmo Canyon, Cosmo Candle 12:04 AM Mar. 16

Nanaki walked around the Cosmo Candle, wondering about the doll he had read about several monthes ago. He had forgotten to finish Bugenhagen's notes on it. He looked at the sky, a fine night sky with no clouds, allowing the stars to be seen easily. He went to the observatory and prepared the telescope with the help of an assistant. "Have you seen Anthony or Kianki anywhere?"

"Anthony headed off to Costa Del Sol. Kianki went towards Nibelhiem. Pretty rare that they go anyhwhere alone."

"Do you know why?"

"I don't know why Anthony left, but Kianki heard about that dragon that almost killed that Highwind guy. Musta' sparked her interest, cause she took off toward the mountains at top speed." Nanaki just shrugged off the thought of what either of them were doing and went back to the telescope.

"I think I'll be looking at the moon. I'm sure there is something I haven't found yet on that rock." He peered through an eye piece and found several things he hadn't seen before. "Mark this down. There is a very, very large red splotch near the Des Vel Crater. Wait. There's another one! Check the lense up there." The man ran up to the lense. Several minutes after he left, a scream was heard, followed by the lense sight turning red. Nanaki ran up to the roof and found the man alive, but he had no legs left, and his stomach area was torn open, sending his entrails onto the ground. "What the hell happened?" The man's mouth opened, letting only blood flow onto the roof and trickle down the side of the observatory. A brown and green flash leapt from around the roof to in front of Nanaki. It was the doll as Bugenhagen had described it. Its body was wooden with a cloth cloak covering its body with a smaller cape flowing off of the back. It held in its hand a small sword and in the other a little shield. "Oh shit!" Nanaki jumped over the doll and kicked it with a hind leg, then turned to it while it was still confused. He jumped at it and scarped the back of its head, letting a green, glowing liquid to ooze out. The doll turned to Nanaki and jammed its blade into his leg. It then jumped into the air and laughed.

"Aa! Rarara!" It screamed total gibberish as it attacked Nanaki like a psychopath. Nanaki batted it across the face, sending in flying into a wall.

"Little bastard!" Nanaki grimaced as he looked at his wounded leg and now cut side. The doll remained still. "Good... Got it..." The doll leapt up and flew at Nanaki. "Die you little..." The doll slashed Nanaki across his nose. "Gwaah!"

Nanaki jumped up and over it again and turned to it. "Cosmo Memory..." A large beam of pure energy pounded the doll. The doll shrieked as it was blasted away and tossed over the observatory and disappeared. "Damn."


Costa Del Sol, Beach 9:54 AM Mar. 16

Anthony strode along the beach. Costa Del Sol was empty. No one was there what so ever. Anthony dug his right forefoot into the sand. It hit a hard, metal object. He rummaged down into the sand and found the top to a machine. He continued digging for several hours until he had revealed a large robot. It had no legs or wheels, but a large, ovular base. It had several large openings, giving the impression that it was a war machine. Anthony inspected it, finding a large panel on the back. He started pushing his paws onto several buttons, until lights flashed on. "Please state your command." The robot floated up out of the hole, and with the air as added hieght, it stood nine feet. Anthony ran under the robot, seeing several red panels underneath it.

"Umm... Fire at that umbrella."

"Designating target." Anthony waved a leg at a large parasol. A missile flew from the shoulder of the robot, annihilating the umbrella.

"Whoa!" Anthony jumped several feet into the air, far enough to grab the metal base and climb onto the robot. He looked for Shinra markings. He couldn't find any. "Who created you?"

"King Edgar's engineers," The robot stated in another language. However, Anthony knew it, even though it was old. He wondered why it had spoke in another language to answer the question.

"How many languages do you speak?"

"Four base languages, fifty-seven dialects." The robot still spoke as he had to state his creator.

"Speak like me!" The robot began bleeping and let out steam.

"What is your name?" The robot was talking like Anthony.


"Computing Anthony... Please wait..." Anthony was amazed. Then his mind kicked in.

"This the best thing that has ever happened to me. This thing thinks I'm its master."

"Designate commands..."

"I want you to act normal."

"Unknown command."

"Can you develop personality?"

"It is my final function."

"Now it's your first." The robot beeped more and then quieted itself. "Lets go to...your point of creation." The robot flew off, with Anthony clinging desperately to its hull.


Niblehiem Area, Niblehiem Mountains 4:57 PM Mar. 16

Kianki walked solemnly through the mountains. "Where is it?" She moved through the shadows until she reached a high point. High enough to see the canyon, vaguely. "Maybe it's..." Kianki turned to see the huge, seven-headed creature. "Umm... Hi! I was going down now... Bye!" Kianki turned to run, but the creature picked her up with a clawed hand. "Damn..." She didn't have any materia except for a bolt materia. "Maybe..." She used the materia and hit three of the heads. They shrieked and hit her with the other arm. It left a long gash across her face.

"Hey!" A shot rang out, followed by a large hole in the creatures right arm, causing it to drop Kianki to the ground. A man in a trench coat with a dark metallic gun put the gun in his holster. The creature turned around to face him. "Hey! Howdy." He pulled the gun out, fired and placed it into another holster. "Hot damn I'm good!" The creature fired a large fire bolt toward him. The ground next to the man. "God. Ya' a bad shot, too." He removed a shotgun and fired it into the creatures central area, spraying a boiling blood onto the ground. Kianki jumped onto the back of the dragon and jumped towards the head. The dragon lifted off the ground on two huge, beating wings. The man grabbed onto a taloned foot, pulling himself onto the back and removed a lon, narrow tube with a trigger on it.

"You're not actually going to...kill it now, are you?" Kianki's face became distressed.

"What the... Uh... No. I'm gonna tame him."


"I'm a Dragon Tamer. Pretty old profession." He threw off the trench coat. He looked drastically different from the description of Tifa's description of the trench coated man. He was a bald black man. He was wearing thick plate armor, with holsters and bandoliers on it. It also had a sword sheath on the side, and shield on his back. The shield was silver with a blue dragon set into it. Kianki shuddered. The dragon looked so real. The man stood up, and removed his sword, and set his shield. "I'm figgerin' that that flash over there is another one."


"Yeah. Ever since the Meteor cut up the Planet's surface, dragons from the mountains have been about. Some sea serpents, too." He placed a fine silver helment over his head, leaving only his eyes exposed, which he placed a set of shades over. He looked like a cross between a knight, a thug, and a soldier. He loosened his magnum holster and prepared for the upcoming flash.

"I know I shouldn't ask this, but does this work?"

"Regular or extra crispy?" A dragon, possibly four times the size of a WEAPON loomed closer. He sheated his sword long enough to remove a series of rods. He pressed a button on them each, making them into thin and sharp javelins. He drew back one a threw into the large dragon's chest. He continued until his rods had run out. He then drew his sword and jump up to the front of the seven headed dragon's body. He sliced the the dragon's chest open, letting another burning blood pour out. It shot flames, missing them, barely. The man took several slashes until he was cut across the head. "This is where I get off." The dragon was over mountains.

"But you'll be..." The man leapt off. From the back off his armor, two huge angelic wings spread, and took him away from the dragon. "Wait! What about me? Bastard!" The man flew back, brandishing a shotgun. He fired at both of the dragons. The huge one shrieked and flew away. The other bucked Kianki into the ocean. "This is great..." She was eventually washed up near Mideel, which had been rebuilt, over the mako and throughout the forest. Many ash and oak bridges were crossing all over the forest, confusing her to no end.


Ocean, Coast of Cosmo Canyon 8:03 PM Mar. 16

"We've been sitting here an hour. Where is it?" Anthony was getting angry with the robotic contrapation that wouldn't respond.

"It has been destroyed."

"Take me to the canyon. Over there!" The robot flew into the canyon.

Anthony jumped off, onto the ground. He waved for the robot to go into the observatory, to the room with Bugenhagen's machine, which was barely ever used anyway. Anthony walked up to the roof to find much blood, and Nanaki breathing heavily, but asleep. Anthony nudged him. "Wake up."

"Nuh..." Nanaki rolled over.

"Wake up, you stupid... Gwaah!"


"I'll buy you whiskey..."

"Just one round..." Nanaki jumped up. "What do you want?" Anthony decided not to mention the robot.

"I need to find Kianki."

"How'd you get back here so fast?"

"I ran. Help me!"

"Alright... I guess so. Where is she supposed to be?"

"Niblehiem...but no one has seen her..." Anthony swallowed so hard that the pendant around his neck moved. "Maybe she found that thing... What if..." Anthony's eyes struggled to remain emotionless, but Nanaki could see fear swelling deep in them.

"Don't think about it... Those pendants... It gives you a telepathic link to whoever bears the other one."

"Only if she isn't... If she is alive..." Anthony found that far easier to say. "She is..." Anthony, however, seemed no happier.

"All we have to do is find her. Shouldn't be too hard." Nanaki seemed calm and well collected as he sauntered down into the observatory. "Now about that drink..."

"One shot... Only one... And a few for me."


Cosmo Canyon, Bar 8:17 PM Mar. 16

Both brothers were drunk. Nanaki and Anthony both began trying to have an intelligent conservation, but amazingly, their speech was not slurred.

"I think...if we can get to the moon, we could pin point... I forget..."

"What if the moon exploded?" Nanaki fell off of his stool while talking and smacked his nose on the ground. "Hehe... Ow..." Joseph and his three brothers entered the bar.

"This is your fault!" Joe smacked Tim, who smacked Matt, who smacked the eldest of the four, Scott, who punched them all.

"Knock it off! Now lets find out where we are." The bartender looked up.

"Cosmo Canyon." Scott pulled out his map, which had a hole that about three square feet in the center of the oversized wall map.

"Isn't on the map." Tim held up the rest of the map and held it up to the hole. "I see it now..." Scott wasn't very bright, except military strategy, as he had nothing more to do with his time. "How'd we get here? We were in Midgar and Junon, and then Costa Del Sol... How'd we get there?"

"We booked a boat..."

"Oh. Any who... We have to go to Bone Village." He pointed to the small picture of a town on the map. Anthony, who had several more drinks while this was going on, spoke up.

"Can I come?"

"Why do we care? Sure." Nanaki hit Anthony, but decided to follow anyway.

"How we gunna get there?" Nanaki was thinking sensibly, despite his own drunken mind.

"Cid Highwind... Maybe he repaired the Highwind. He owes me a favor anyway."

"Why?" Anthony now sat attenitivly.

"I saved his life, he owes me a favor."


"A behemoth almost ripped him apart."

"Okay. Settled then. I thin'." They set off toward Rocket Town. Anthony hadn't forgot Kianki, but had merely concluded she was in the mountains.


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