Nanaki and the Fallen Angel Chapter 6

Bloody Hands

By Brady Bryner, Bill Shofstall, & Anthony McKinley

Midgar, Sector 3 2:04 AM Apr. 2

Rude walked through Sector 3, hoping to possibly squelch information about Arkon out of anyone. Most of the ex-military figures had moved into Sector 3. Elena rushed up behind. "Hey, Rude. If he had his neck torn out, why is he alive?"

"How am I supposed to know?" He slid his shades off. "I'm like Tseng. Not inta' that voodoo bullshit." He cleaned his shades and slid them back on. "Whole buncha bullshit..." A man grabbed him from behind and pressed a knife to his throat. "What the fuck!?!"

"Gimme your wallet!"

"You take his wallet, you won't live long enough to use the three gil in it." Elena pointed a pistol to the man's head.

"SHIT!" He dropped back and began to remove his own gun, but Elena fired and plastered his heart onto the pavement. Blood sprayed out, as his own heart could be seen, pulled from its resting place in the main internal organs, main arteries and viens draining blood. Elena saw him twitch and fired and second shot between his eyes.

"DIE! Never say I haven't done anything for ya' Rude." Elena brushed the hair out of her eyes. Rude shuddered. He had been saved by an annoying, egotistacle bitch.

"Holy shit!" Tseng caught up with them. "I tried to say, 'Don't kill anyone.' I thought I had made myself clear, and you two go and plaster some guy all over the street. What the hell is wrong with you two!?! Am I in another universe here!?! God damn it!" Tseng was, to say the least, pissed. Reno finally caught up. They hadn't figured out why they had stayed together after Shinra fell, but this one thing seemed to draw them back to being Turks. The problem was, they were still jumpy from the crisis with the Meteor, as many people went mad and started killing people for no reason at all. Tseng held his breath and counted to ten, while Reno gave Rude his liqour bottle, and for Elena, a warm coffee from the new shop that had just opened up a week prior.

"Hey, Tseng! I got an interesting bit of information. There is something wierd going on in the sub-basements below the Shinra Building."

"Crazy talk... Probably never even been in there..."

"Fat ass?"

"You mean..."

"Yup! Palmer. The only place where he could get lard in his coffee. Guy makes me sick."


Midgar, Shinra Sub-Basements 3:32 AM Apr. 2

Reno looked over the files. "I've never seen this before... Listen to this! Rufus was trying to find some way to reanimate soldiers, and eventually make immortals, until he decided they were of no us, and let them die. Sicko... Hey, and the facilities are in sub... That would be in... The Planet's core!" They looked at Reno.

"You shitting us!?!"

"No! Sub fifty-three!" They pushed him into the elevator.

"Why isn't it on here?"

"I don't know! Let me see..." Reno had quite a working knowledge for machines and computers. He worked at the panel for near an hour, and called them in. "Here goes my career..." He twisted two wires together, creating a spark that shocked him back, shut the door, and made the elevator go down. But something was wrong. It wouldn't stop, and went faster and faster.

"SHIT!" They all screamed in unison. Rude opened the panel at the top, and jumped up then pulled everyone up.

"We're gonna hold onto this cable." Air rushed up over the group, causing their hair, except for Rude, who was bald, to stand up. They held onto the cable tightly. "Now when I say jump, we all jump into the door opening." The doors were opening and closing, due to Reno's tactics. The oppisite cable snapped. "Well, express to the top is gone..." Rude looked ahead, a door just opened. "JUMP!" They all leapt at the door. Rude and Tseng made it easily, but Elena was holding onto the edge tightly, with Reno holding onto her foot.

"Don't look down Reno!" The shaft had no bottom. It fell directly into the lifestream, which emitted a green glow, the whole way up the shaft. Elena's hands made the door keep from closing. Reno looked down and saw the elevator car disappear into the green mass.

"FUCK! Let me up!" He started to scramble up Elena, causing her to begin to lose her grip.

"Stop it or we're both going down!" Reno calmed himself, as Tseng and Rude began pulling them up. The finally sat on safe ground, and looked around the room. Tseng didn't know how, but he knew it well. So did Elena and Rude. Tseng's thoughts flashed.


"Oh my God! Tseng!" Elena and Rude picked him up. Tseng's head rang, and he slowly fell into darkness. He felt his body fall slowly through the air, for what seemed like an eternity. A green light welled around him.

"Where... Where am I?"


Tseng collapsed on the ground.


"This is the lifestream..." The voice was soft and calm.

"Am I... Am I...dead?"

"Yes, Tseng..." The voice faded like the wind.

"Well... Isn't there a good and bad side to this?" Tseng tried to keep his head.

"Yes, Tseng... You shall return to the Planet..." Tseng's past flashed before him. Tseng had done much wrong, but what he had done right was what was lost in his thoughts.

"I'm not going to Hell?"


"What is it like in the Planet?"

"Peace... The feeling of joy and love... Eternal happiness..." Tseng looked around. It was dark, and he was standing on nothing.

"Where is this?"

"A place...called shall move to the Planet, from here..." Tseng felt such a high amount of joy overwhelm him, but it began to fade.

"What's going on!?!" Tseng was going mad.

"It isn't time... No... Not yet..."

"But I want to..."


Tseng woke up on a table. "What happened?" A doctor looked at him.

"You were attacked, sir. You should be fine now." Tseng jumped up and threw on his clothes. Attacked? By who? "You've been in a coma for four months." What? Four months? Tseng's mind twisted. He looked at his clothes.

"What's this mar..."


"TSENG!" Tseng awoke, looking at Elena.

"What happened?" Tseng was dazed.

"You just collapsed." Tseng remembered so much. "You okay?" Tseng shuddered.

"Yes... Just a memory of mine." He didn't know what Elena knew about him, but it was more that he would hope for. Far more. Reno ran over.

"I found these..." He showed Tseng a navy blue suit, with a large cut running across it. "Like a Turk's suit... Maybe it was that Valentine guy..." Reno knew Vincent, as did Tseng.

"Ye... Yeah..." Tseng shook his head. Something moved toward the back of the room. "Rude?"

"What?" Rude was to Tseng's left, looking at a container.

"If you're there, and Reno and Elena are here..."

"...then who is over there?" Elena stood up, she began to unholster her gun.

"Don't kill it!" Tseng stood up. A man dressed it what looked like a ragged Shinra guard uniform, moved closer. His face was pale, and rotton flesh was falling off. It opened its mouth, letting maggots fall out. "Oh shit! Kill it!" No one wasted time in unloading an arsenal's worth of ammo into it. It kept moving. "Shit!" Tseng threw a grenade at it, something he still liked to carry. The creature exploded, flesh and sickly pale blood and bones flew everywhere. All that was left was half a skull, spilling brain, the rib cage, several organs, an arm and both legs. The bones still had ragged flesh slowly dropping off. It kept walking, muscle and flesh dropping off, a single eye watching them, forever locked forward as the attachment to the brain was gone. It couldn't have care less.

"God damn it! Go back to Hell!" Reno ripped a loose pipe from the wall and batted its head off. The creature fell to the ground, with a black, mucus-like liquid coming out of the skull. They found the alternate elevator and went back to the main floor, leaving the liquid searching for nothing. Tseng was scared. More scared then he had ever been.


Cosmo Canyon, Seto 6:07 AM Apr. 2

Anthony sat with Nanaki, and the statue which was Seto, with Kianki jumping up after, to see the sunrise. The sky showed a strip of buetiful colors; reds, blues, and violets streaked over the sky. "It's" Kianki had always enjoyed sunrise. They all watched in silence, and then turned to Seto. Nanaki had a knack for talking to his father.

"Father... We have been selected to become, the world's revenant of magic." Nanaki looked at the ground, as did Kianki and Anthony, as if praying. "We have a responsibility now... To lead the world to its future." Nanaki thought to himself, hoping his father couldn't hear them in the lifestream.

"I'm in deep shit now... The world? Oh boy..." But Nanaki wouldn't have to do it alone. "Thank God for these two... They could repopulate the Planet if they needed to."


Lifestream, The Planet N/A (Eternity)

Seto had merged with the Planet. He could hear his son, and his thoughts. He felt the greatest amount of pride take him over. He also laughed in his mind about Nanaki's thoughts.


Cosmo Canyon, Seto 6:56 AM Apr. 2

Nanaki looked hard at the statue. "Something tells me he is laughing at me, right now..." Anthony smiled.

"I know he is... I would, too..." Kianki laughed at Anthony.

"Don't be mean to your brother!"

"Who do you think you are to tell me to break the Golden Rule?"

"That isn't the Golden Rule!"


"Okay..." Nanaki continued talking about his own fears of such a thing. He did have much to fear. The world, controlling its destiny.


Esper World, Bahamut's Territory N/A (Eternity)

Bahamut sat, perched upon a mighty mountain. "I never thought this could happen again." He let out a roar that echoed throughout the Esper World. "So, Tiamat... You rise to the challenge again... Your deluded visions of power shall be your downfall..." Bahamut shut his eyes tight. "This is it..." He flew through his vortex to the Planet.


Sky, Unknown 7:45 AM Apr. 2

Bahamut flew through his vortex. He appeared in the Planet's skies, already able to tell the difference between the fresh Esper skies, and the polluted skies of the Planet, which would take years to rebuild. He flew into space and plotted his attack on Tiamat's army of dragons. Two more vortexes opened beside him. "Chupon and...Arthur?" The soul of King Arthur appeared.

"The time calls for us to battle evil... And should we fail, we die together."

"Yesssss..." Chupon's snake-like tongue flitted out. "Chaos shall pay..."

"My knights shall assist us..." Arthur conjured forth his most trusted men of the Round Table, the only ones pure enough to join the espers.

"Markus is here..." Chupon's voice constantly faded. He was speaking of the mighty dragon tamer.

"Yes. Markus. He shall assist us." Bahamut knew Markus, as Markus was an esper, who by an amazing amount of trickery, left the Esper World without purpose, when Meteor was about to destroy the Planet. "And Cait Sith..."

"Him!?!" Chupon knew the espers, only second to Bahamut.

"Yes. He may prove useful... Some how." Both of Chupon's faces grimaced.

"Very well, Bahamut... I shall trust you..." And it was agreed to seek the help of the two espers. "Maybe we can release..."

"NO! We can not release Ra! He tried to become God once as well."

"I know bu..."

"No buts! If we released him, he may pose more of a threat then Chaos!"

"Yes, Chupon! We must be wary of temptation. That is, after all, how we came to be espers." Chupon was discontented, but agreed. They set away to make plans.


Cosmo Canyon, Cosmo Candle 9:03 AM Apr. 2

Nanaki walked around the flame. "I never noticed how different it looks in the day..." He stepped toward it. " interesting..." Anthony walked up.

"I'm sure... Get your ass in gear, we have a whole lotta work to do..." Anthony walked back to a group of creatures, not unlike him, and began talking to them.

"Oh well..." Nanaki walked away, and found Kianki preparing several things in a pouch. "What's that?"

"Oh, just a few potions, an ether, some phoenix down..."

"What for?"

"Just in case anyone gets hurt...real, real..." She swallowed hard. "...bad."

"Anything else?"

"Some gil, that's it...except for Cait's materia and the White mater..."

"You have the White Materia!?!"

"Oops... Ms. Aeris gave it to me..."


"Yes... I think that was her name... Yes, definitly..."

"Aeris is dead!"

"I know..." In fact, she was an angel. Thats what she wanted to say.

"How?" Nanaki calmed down.

"I met her in the Lifestream in Mideel..." Nanaki was amazed, but slinked away. Had she gone insane? But she never met Aeris. "Oh God..."

"Hi, Nanaki!" Tifa ran up behind him.

"You coming, too?"


"Do you even know what we're doing?"

"Not really, just basics... Find new land, cause Planet is growing, find source of magic... That kinda stuff..."

"Good enough. Well, come on. Set up."


Ocean, R.S.S. Mustirio 8:04 PM Apr. 6

Reeve stood at the helm of the Mustirio. The greatest, largest, strongest submersible vehicle ever. He could see the undersea well, and saw many sights. "Well, least I'm gettin' paid..." He finally saw the makings of land. "Okay... Stop the ship, bring er' in to land.


New Continent, Unknown 8:21 PM Apr. 6

"May I suggest we make camp on shore, before heading out?" Reeve looked at the darkening sky. Everyone was agreed to it. Many soldiers and even many of Nanaki's kind came, to populate the continent, if it proved hospitable, and protect the source of magic. After setting up camp, Reeve went to bed, as soon as possible. He woke up at about 2 AM, with everyone else sleeping. He got his Cait Sith and woke him, and they looked around the camp. They couldn't find the gaurd or sentry. He sent Cait to find out about them, who took near an hour to return, and when he did, his hands were covered in blood.


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