The Fall

By Bubbawheat

Darkness. Complete nothingness. All around, floating in a bottomless void without sensation. With nothing all around him, he was left all alone with only his thoughts to comfort him.

  I have decided to call myself Purple now. Nothing else seems to fit. There is a sensation of falling, even though there's no wind, or anything else to let him know that he is falling. The last thing I remember is the final blow on the Lord of Hell, I cast Mega Windblast, sending a burning blast of wind against his reptilian body, until he finally stopped moving. There was an immense light causing me to close my eyes, and then when I opened them, if they are even open now, if I even have eyes, I was where I am now. Alone, in darkness. Thoughts of his companions fill his head. Suzaku, freed from the ice where he was imprisoned by Jotnar, only to be imprisoned again, in this intense void of darkness. Gen, finally proving to himself that he truly is a master swordsman, only to lose himself again. And so many others.

  His thoughts began drifting, and thoughts of home filled his mind. Destroyed by the very force that he, in turn, destroyed. Without warning, an image fills his mind. It is The Magic Kingdom! It is intensely vivid, so much so that it could not be a dream. He sees The rubble, hundreds of the dead lying in the streets, their bodies covered with so many crows that the streets were filled with a heaving mass of black. The thought that his friends could be some of those bodies made his stomach turn, that is if he still has a stomach. But, then he sees movement, a child pushing back a large, tattered piece of canvas that is attached to a lone wall, supporting nothing and surrounded by rubble. The wall used to be a part of the chapel. She walks wide of the many, oh so many, bodies and enters another of the makeshift tents set up on the wall of what was the library.

  More movement catches his eye as he sees several people scaring the crows away as they put the bodies in a large cart, they must mean to give them a burial. Sadly, he sees that one of them holds Jailen, a young man, his friend, it seemed like only yesterday when they would study all night for a test the next day at the magic college, and now he's gone.

  In another part of the kingdom, he sees several people working. There is a man standing on a large piece of rubble, apparently shouting orders at them. It appears to be one of the magic college professers. The men on the ground seem to be rebuilding. It gives comfort to know that his effort was not in vain. It begins to get uncomfortable, and he is sure that he is sweating, even though he can't feel his body.

  Abruptly, the image vanishes as quickly as it appeared. Alone again, he drifts into something vaguely resembling sleep, filled with fretful dreams. The first, is the battle against Hell's Lord. He and his companions are tired and injured, but they appear to be winning. Suddenly, a dragon comes up behind them, and joins in the fight. Pressed on from both sides, they are sure to lose. Another, standing on the pillar, with the magisphere floating around him, and Rouge on another pillar. Suddenly, Rouge leaps and plunges a sword through his chest, killing them both. Another, standing on the pillar, with the magisphere floating around him, and Blue on another pillar. Suddenly, Blue casts Vapor Blast, stabbing him from all sides with daggers of ice, killing them both.

  He wakes up, or at least he thinks he is awake. There is really no way to tell, except there is blackness upon blackness where he is now, and the heat is becoming unbearable. "Is this what it is like to die? Didn't I just come from Hell? I HAVE DEFEATED THE LORD OF HELL!" Nervousness creeps into his thoughts and he would be shivering if he could feel his body. The only sensation is the ever increasing heat. Nervousness turns into fright. Frantic now, the heat still intensifying. "No! I killed Hell's Lord, there something worse than hell? Something darker, more evil? Where there is someone even more powerfull that Hell's lord himself?"

  Terror streaming to the very marrow of his bones as he seems to be falling faster, the heat seems as if it should have melted his body away, if it had not already.

  The heat is ever increasing, and through the terror encompassing his entire being, something else creeps in, Determination. If I defeated Hell's Lord, I can defeat whoever rules this new realm also.

  I defeated the might Kylin!
  I bested the Time Lord!
  I killed the Lord of the Dragons!!
  I won against myself!!!

  The heat became almost unbearable when, all of a sudden, the heat vanishes. The fall seemed endless, but he is unharmed. Light creeps into his vision. When he is finally able to see, he looks around, ready to fight anyone who comes across him. A voice echos inside his head.

  Blue. Rouge. You have defeated the Lord of Hell, and saved what was left of your home. You were prepared to fight to the very last even though it surely meant eternal pain. You shall be rewarded. Look around at your new home.

  He did so, and sees something that looks just like Hell did. Beautiful pink clouds filling the sky, pastel colors everywhere, heavenly angels walking along the ground. But it feels... different, somehow. Where Hell felt cold and unfeeling, here it feels warm and loving and peaceful. The angels weren't menacing and frightful, but they're warm, and more importantly, they all have smiles brightening their faces. He sees a bright light shining in the distance, he runs over to see what it is, and comes face to face with a giant, flaming bird. Unphased, he smiles for the first time in as long as he can remember "Suzaku! I can't believe it. I'd hug you, but I think I've had enough heat for a liftime." And then, he spots another friendly face "Gen, you look, almost, sober!" And another "Fuse! It's great to see you! Silence! How are you doing?...Oh, yeah, nevermind." And another "Dr. Nusakan, wow, everyone is here, I must be in heaven."

The End

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