The Brilliant One

By Cain

She was a genius,
Knew far more than we.
She discovered great things
That she, only, would see.
Best friends with a slacker,
They got along well,
They'd trade jokes and insults.
She'd occasionally yell.
She invented a device.
Called the Telepod.
It transported matter,
'Least that's what she thought.
'Till a strong-willed princess
Stepped on the platform,
Her pendant aglow,
She didn't reform.
But instead went away,
Through a time gate,
Followed by Crono,
To rescue his future mate.
And so it began
With our brilliant girl,
And it would end,
For she'd help save the world.
The solver of puzzles,
The finder of clues,
The maker of devices,
She'd decisively choose.
Armed with a gun,
And glasses for sight,
You should run for cover,
'Cause Lucca fights for what's right.

Cain's Fanfiction