Chrono Continuum Chapter 58


By Cain

"I can't believe he's dead," Drissom thought out loud, as he leaned back in his chair at the conference table. "He was immortal, and super-powerful. No one could even touch him, if he didn't want them to. And then he died. Killed by a little slave-woman, who wasn't even that strong."

"I'd watch what I say, if I were you, Drissom," Lilia told him. Drissom merely sneered in her general direction. Lilia continued, "No, I'm serious. Perhaps she used to be a weak little slave girl, but now she's the most powerful sorceress in the Kingdom."

"But she's not as powerful as Valiod was," Flite pointed out as he balanced a dagger on the tip of his finger. "She can't even warp time. And she can't summon more Hellbound, or bring us back if we die."

"That doesssn't matter, you idiot," Victorian hissed, his forked tongue flicking out of his mouth. The lizard man's eyes narrowed, and he clenched his clawed fist. "You're misssing the point! The point isssn't that she hasssn't the sssame power that Valiod did. It'sss that she hasss more power than we do, and the backing of the entire Kingdom. We may be Hellbound, but we're no match for the combined power of her, and every man, woman, and child in this accursed place."

"I still don't get why you don't like it here, Vic," Norsif's voice rang in the air. "You have everything you could ever want. Food, riches, and unlimited women... Well, forget that last part. What more could you possibly want?"

"Freedom, you incorporeal moron," snapped Kradish. "It's what most of us want. Those of us that are normal anyway. And a few of us that aren't normal," he gestured at Victorian.

"I was normal at one time, jussst like you. I wasss massster of the Dark Agesss, until some blasssted Wizard casssted a ssspell of transssformation on me, and turned me into thisss. In the frozen climate, my cold blood causssed me to go into hibernation, and the cowardsss killed me as I ssslept. But I no longer wish revenge, sssimply my body back. You'd think that sssomeone in the Kingdom would know a ssspell of transssformation!"

"Someone does," Clairdena told him, "although I'm not sure he's in the best shape to use it right now. It's Janus' double, the Magus. Maybe after we're done with him we could find a way to extract that spell from him, darling. And then it will be just like before you died... You and me..."

"Oh, please," Drissom nearly gagged. "Get a room... Oh, that's right. Vic isn't really equipped for that sort of thing anymore." He began to chuckle.

"Shut up," Clairdena yelled. She reached for her sword.

"Hey, calm down, baby," Tirren told her. Clairdena immediately obeyed, looking dazed. Tirren continued, in her magically hypnotic voice, "We can't have infighting, now can we?" Everyone's eyes glazed over, except one man's.

"I told you to stop that," Brandt told her. "I don't like you messing with my mind."

Tirren smiled. "Well, there's not a whole lot you can do about it, is there, sweetie?"

Brandt scowled. "Don't call me that. Why do you have these stupid pet names for everybody, anywyay? Here's one for you: Slutty!"

Tirren simply smiled. "Well, now you've gone and hurt my feelings. It looks like violence is called for after all..."

"Enough," Ledune whispered harshly. Both of them shut up. "Your constant bickering grates me!"

"Well," Terala said, under her breath, "Sounds like someone had just a bit too much coffee this morning." As usual, everyone ignored her, except Drissom, who agreed with a snicker.

The doors opened, and in walked Adom. "Did I miss anything important, other than your usual arguing? But then, what else do we do at these meetings?"

Drissom shrugged. "Well, sometimes we... Actually, we don't do a hell of a lot here, other than argue. But we do get to bond with eachother, right guys," he asked everyone present. No one even looked at him. He didn't care.

Adom sighed. "Whatever. Parsa.... I mean... Zeal wanted me to tell you guys that she'd be late. She's having some... entertainment right now." Everyone groaned, but he just smiled. "But that's just as well, because I'd like to introduce two new members to our little group. They're not Hellbound, but they have their useful abilities... In and out of battle." He smiled for a moment, before stepping aside to let the two in. "Introducing..."

The first to walk in was a woman. She was wearing a functional, but tight, dress. Drissom whistled. She rolled her eyes in disgust. He was about to say something, probably obnoxious, but Adom announced, "Techie, the woman of a thousand inventions." No one said anything. Adom was disappointed at the lack of response.

Techie wasn't. She sat down in of the chairs, next to Victorian, and put her boots up on the table, completely at ease.

Victorian glanced down at her legs, and ran his eyes up the length of her body, up to her face. He smiled, his fangs gleaming. "Welcome, my dear lady. It isss indeed a pleasure to have you with usss." He put a clawed hand on one of her kneees. "I believe we shall all benefit from your company..." He didn't even notice Clairdena turning a bright shade of red.

Janus' wife smiled. "Why, thank you. Don't expect too many benefits, though, fang-face. I've heard that you're missing something vital to my 'benefits'."

Drissom smiled. "Well, I've got it, and plenty of it."

Her eyebrow raised. "Yes, I'm sure you do. But the thing is, I wouldn't go anywhere near you, even if I had to choose between you and lizard-lips here."

"Who's the other new one," Ledune rasped impatiently, apparently uninterested in all of the innuendo circulating in the room.

Adom sighed. Ledune was definitely the least pleasant Hellbound. And he was too sensitive about his hair. "Some people just don't appreciate good allies. But, perhaps this next is to your liking. Allow me to introduce you to the daughter of our esteemed inventor..." He stepped to the side.

As this second person stepped out, everyone in the room heard Drissom's jaw hit the table. The girl before them was absolutely stunning. Her hair reached down to the base of her lower back, and was multicolored, mostly blue, with streaks of violet, blonde, and pink. The bangs were brushed to the sides, so as not to conceal her lovely face.Her violet eyes were strangely cold, and seemed to see right through anyone that she looked at directly. As one's eyes trailed down her body, if they could get away from the face, she wore a shining silver robe. A belt was tight against her waist, pulling the robe against her body and thighs, revaling her alluring shape underneath. The bottom of the robe was cut off halfway down the shins, and had a slit in the side to allow better mobility, and a better view of her thigh to any who looked.

She let out a small smile, but it was gone in a second. Without a word, she walked over to the closest seat to the door, and sat down, crossing her legs casually.

Abruptly, Drissom stood up, and walked out of the room, legs straight. Adom had a feeling they wouldn't be seeing him for a while. He was probably going to go jump in a fountain. His attention shifted as someone asked a question. It was Tirren.

"So, sweet-cheeks, what's your name," she asked.

"Don't call me that," the girl replied coldly. She looked around the room, sending chills into everyone she looked at. "You all are to address me by name, and only by name, preferably with a 'Madam' prefacing it. My name is Schala." She smiled. It was a bit unsettling. "I suppose you could say it's a family name."


602 AD

Thanatos nodded. "I can see you all understand our current situation. So, we'd best get started immediately, correct?"

Everyone agreed.

Lucca stood up, and pressed a few buttons on the device on her wrist. "Well," she announced, "Now that I've finished remodeling Robo, and Gedd is done with his project, we can get started on trying to fix Epoch, if possible." She turned to Janus. "But we still need the password to get into the systems."

Janus smiled. "Just say your name, Lucca, and the shield will dissolve."

Lucca raised an eyebrow. "Say my name? How would it recognize me?"

"Don't worry, it will."

Lucca shrugged, and pressed a final button on her wrist device. A gate opened, and she walked in. Gedd followed, and so did Robo. It closed up behind them.

"I knoweth not about thee, my friends," Glenn announced, rising from his seat, "But I am famished. P'raps we shouldst finish our hunt, eh?"

Ayla and Frog nodded in agreement. Glenn held the door open as Ayla and Frog walked out. Then Corea stood, and walked out as well. Glenn gave a last bow to those remaining in the cabin, and walked out as well. The door slammed shut behind him.

Melchior stood, yawning. "As for me, I think I'm about ready to take a nap. How long did that story take, a few hours?"

"Actually," Gaspar replied, standing up as well, "it was only about one."

Marle stood as well. "But we were sleeping until we were called to hear this. I think that a nap sounds perfect. Let's go back to our room," she suggested. Melchior and Gaspar quickly agreed, and they all walked into the room.

The only ones left in the room were Janus and Hotwire.

Janus stood. "Well, I do believe I need to rest as well. I've only recently woken up from my state, and I've already expended my magic, been shot by lightning bolts, and sat here for an hour telling my tale. I shall retire." And he walked past Hotwire into the other bedroom.

Hotwire sat there for a while, just thinking. Perhaps her father wasn't so bad after all. Perhaps. She looked around. She should enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasted. Soon, in no time at all, they would be taking the Kingdom head on. She clenched her metal fist. We'll find you, Rakin. We'll find you...


"Me and you are caught up in the same flow...I'm just swimming against it."
- Delita


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