The Cursed Knight

By Cain

Time would not heal
The wounds of the past,
But he was sure vengeance
Would settle things, at last.
He met the heroes
While they tried to rescue
The beauty, Queen Leene,
Whom he was sworn to.
He saved them often,
And they did the same,
And by the day's end,
He had friends to his name.
The name he had given them,
Not his true one, Sir Glenn,
But the self-given title,
Belonging not to men.
For he wasn't a man.
In no way could he see,
How one would see more
Than a monster in he.
It happened ten years before,
The spell that afflicted him.
He was a squire, coming to a knight,
Filled with vigor and vim.
His mentor and friend,
Cyrus by name,
Earned the Masamune,
And to Magus came
To duel it out, and stop the war,
But failed by one major fault.
He thought too little of the wizard
And defeat was bitter as salt.
He died, and he burned,
Before Glenn's eyes,
Before Glenn became
What many despise.
A creature, no man.
A thing of the marsh.
He vowed he would kill,
And trained himself harsh.
Time has passed, on the other hand,
And he won the mighty bout,
But Magus lives, a scoundrel still,
The knight could not bring himself to fell
The man that did Lavos help to kill.
Now a master with sword,
And honorable throughout,
He will survive,
Sir Frog, brave and stout

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