The Dark Wizard

By Cain

He started an army.
He led them to war.
And all on the path to
The landed Red Star.
From far in the past,
He was sent through a gate.
Revenge was his life,
As was his hate.
Obstacles fell,
And so did foes,
All to pay for this
Tortured man's woes.
He couldn't be stopped,
His power supreme.
By his will and his arrogance
Many would scream.
And those screams haunted him,
But he couldn't afford
To care for those weaklings
Who fell to his hoard.
Because he was determined.
He couldn't fail.
The fate of the world
Would always pale
To the fate of his land,
And the fate of his own,
And the fate of his sister,
His one weakness not known.
He cut down Sir Cyrus
As but a child.
Though Glenn was a bystander
He could be not mild.
He spared one live soul,
But still took his life.
Changed him into
A thing filled with strife.
And when the Frog returned,
Masamune in hand,
Magus fought fiercely
With the mighty band.
But to no avail, Magus did fight.
The battle not over, Magus was lost.
Consumed by a gate, and
Back he was tossed.
To a time known quite well,
As his home and his own.
To Zeal and his sister,
And Janus, well known.
The boy would be him,
And he once was the boy.
But now he was broken,
A life bereft of joy.
He retook his mission
To destroy the dark thing,
But found himself beaten,
No longer a king.
Now, but a mage,
Although still quite strong,
He gave up not once
Though odds grew too long.
Death would not stop him,
Nor would but pain.
He could be not halted,
This wizard so vain.
He allied himself
With those he thought soft,
And found himself faced with
That of his nightmares oft.
He shouted an oath with a spell in his hand,
Knew he'd probably die, but committed to war,
"I survived the darkness to defeat you!"
Magus fought the battle he'd been waiting for.

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