The Hero of Time

By Cain

Strong as a mountain,
Relentless as the wind.
He'll fight, and won't stop,
Until the bitter end.
A young boy in late teens,
With but a wooden sword,
Came and avenged
Our ravaged future world.
He fought on, determined
To save all mankind.
One man, alone,
Couldn't win, we did find.
He lost his life,
For the heroic cause.
His friends brought him back,
And his death never was.
With sword, and with spell,
He continued to fight.
His allies and friends
Deeply joined in the fight.
With a swipe of his blade,
A mighty death blow,
He won, the world saved,
And the enemy laid low.
All eras saved,
No need to fear.
And if more does come,
Crono will be here.

Cain's Fanfiction