The Hunter Chieffess

By Cain

She was very simple
Compared to those with whom she stayed.
But she was needed nonetheless,
To save the future days.
She was a strong woman,
None could disagree.
Wise beyond her time,
Like her none could be.
When first they met, she came
And saved the heroes from the end,
Following the old addage,
"The enemy of the enemy is my friend."
They befriended, and she came along.
Many times great strength of bod
And her simple, pointed wisdom
Saved the group started with a Telepod.
Her intuition was unparallelled,
Snap judgements were what she did.
You could not hide a thing from her,
Although she seemed an intelectual kid.
She lived more than many alive,
A good woman framed by good form,
The simple, yet wise ruler of the world,
Ayla helped Crono to halt the storm.

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