The Man of Metal

By Cain

He was made for an awful mission,
To destroy all those of flesh and bone.
But he couldn't deny what he felt inside,
He couldn't hold on to a heart of stone.
He has no heart.
It is a fact.
But a powerful mind
Remained intact
All of those years,
But his memory damaged,
When he was repaired,
He could not manage
To see why he should attack,
When the humans found him and did otherwise.
So he traveled along,
And learned of human ties.
Of love, and of life,
Of depression and joy.
Of Marle's reactions
To a love-stricken boy.
He observed the past,
The now and the then,
And he found that war
Bred no happy men.
So when he came home
To the place of his birth,
He saw no good reason
Robots should rule earth.
And he struck back at that,
A lifetime of hate,
And the ideals that made him,
And his decimated date.
He fought against destiny,
Fate and such things.
He would never fall,
Flew with indestructible wings.
He fought and he cared,
Human in mind,
And proved that love made a person,
If not humankind.
He became a being,
To live and to care,
And he'd die before
Lavos took him from there.
His ID was Ar-sixty-six-why,
But he had no real name.
But ever since he met his friends,
Robo has never been the same.

Cain's Fanfiction