Through the Mists of Time

By Cain

I open my eyes.

There you stand,
An image grand,
Away from your home, in a strange land,
A razor-sharp Lode Sword in your hand,
You know its use.

You ask me for help.

I send you off,
Through waters rough,
Though the Mystics hate you, and remain gruff,
You stay strong, you call their bluff,
Defeat the Heckran.

You come back to me.

You hunt for the Mage,
The source of pain and rage,
Who placed the Knight in a mutated cage,
Until you fight him, shunt him back to his age,
Better than he'd hoped for.

Time passes quickly.

Using the Time Wings,
Defeat you bring,
To he who could have been Zeal's King,
Yet destruction results, of all things,
The alien blasts down the island.

They tell me my name.

Your friends, they beg,
For my time egg,
Forcing my memories up from the dregs,
Knocking my superiority down a peg,
For I'm simply the Guru of Time.

You return to life.

Together you face,
For the fate of our whole race,
The Kingdom of Zeal's power base,
The creature who, in the worst possible case,
Would destroy life on our planet.

You destroy the beast.

Victory is achieved,
All present are relieved,
Your bravery and luck are not to be believed,
You may have lost several who had been deceived,
Yet you still saved the planet.

Together, you live.

I watched you traverse,
Through our universe,
Surviving battles, death and worse,
Knew you'd struggle under the hero's curse,
As I had seen through the Mists of Time.

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