The Willful Princess

By Cain

Gifted with Ice,
But given warmth of heart,
This golden-haired girl
Plays a great part
In the story of those
Who saved our world
From the creature of centuries,
Of death many fold.
She fought with her heart,
For she lacked strength of mind,
But to Crono, and others,
There were none more kind.
On the events that happened then,
One could say that she started it all.
For it was by her presence,
That came Lavos's fall.
A trip to a fair,
Against the king's wish,
She met a young boy.
One thought one a dish.
The boy would be Crono,
The all-time hero.
The girl was a princess,
Under a name pseudo.
He escorted her
Around the fair all,
But she disappeared
At the genius' stall.
He chased her, and so
Their journey began,
As they found out their past,
And the future of men.
So they traveled throughout,
With her strong will,
And she brought him back,
When Crono was killed.
She fought with aim true,
And a heart quite pure.
Some may have been beaten,
But Marle was the cure.

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