The Aftermath Prologue

By My Hand

By Cait

It has been three years. Three blasted years I have spent living in this celler beneath the city of Rockaxe but each moment has been worth it. My plans are finally complete and my subjects have gathered enough followers to carry them out. Finally, it all has been worth it.

Many changes have been made during the three years since the war ended and the destruction of the Beast Rune. Highland and the City-State were weakened severely but after the two formed an alliance, they worked to make each other strong again. With the assistance of the Toran Republic and Tinto, the strengths of both country’s were restored within a period of two years.

Teresa has become the major of Greenhill after her father’s death six month after the war ended. Both Shin and Nina assist her in running the school and the city. Following Nina’s graduation from the New Leaf Academy, she became a teacher of appraisel and also continued to help Teresa and Shin.

Freed Y was given mayorship of Rockaxe, he and his wife living within the city walls. Despite Freed’s status, he did little to assist the weakened Rockaxe and instead spent his time helping the Valiance rebuild. Rockaxe continued to weaken and remains that way to this day. Its knighthood is nearly gone as well. Most of the Matilda Knights that survived the war stayed with Camus and Miklotov in the Valiance.

Muse was handed over to Jess who later passed away due to a sudden and brief illness. Majorship was then given to Fitcher, who was assisted by Hauser and Chaco. Rebuilding Muse took a strong effort but both its army and the city itself was reestablished and meetings upon Jowston Hill are still held.

Nanami left to get away from the reconstruction. She went with Sheen to the Toran Republic where the two were wed nearly three years later. The marriage of the two left everyone who knew the two surprised, including Sheena’s father, Lepant.

At the request of Shu, Apple left the Valiance to live with Jowy and Jilla in Highland. Shu felt that her skills were needed more there than in the Valiance and to this day, she lives with them, working as the Highland stratigist. Shu stayed to work at Ethan’s side, his trading business shared with Gorgon.

Little Pilika never did return to Ethan and Nanami. Instead, she was adopted by both Jowy and Jillia and is the successor of the Highland throne. Jowy has done his best to provide Pilika with the same kind of father that was killed but he knows that the girl is still in pain after learning of her parents were dead. She will never be able to forget it.

Peace between both Highland and the Valiance has grown in the past three years. However, no one can see what is forming beneath the floor boards of the Rockaxe inne. An evil is brewing, an evil that wishes to bring back the war and take revenge upon the only man who can be considered the true face of evil: Luca Blight.

Years ago, I stood in the ranks of a Highland Unit, no one guessing I was anything special. I served under Luca Blight, never regarded by the man I looked up to. I fought for my Prince and praise him for doing what he did to his father: the man was a weakling and dirtied the Highland throne.

The Ethan came along, him and his weak Valiance Movement. Somehow, they lured Luca Blight to his death. The world he created was destroyed: Jowy and Jillia Blight took the throne and Lord Ethan became so popular and so well-known that it sickens me. That was when I fled. That was when I went into hiding in this filfthy celler.

No one knows what’s coming. Only those who follow me will be the ones who survive this war. I will see Jowy and Ethan fall to their knees in front of me and I will kill both of them. Kill them for taking away what belonged to my lord.

I wonder… is anyone prepared for what’s about to hit them?

From the hand of,
Niam Solumnais

Chapter 1

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