Fight the Fanfic Chapter 6


By Captain Gaul

The invaders celebrated their victory with an incredible feast. Wine was passed, toasts were made, and the invaders found themselves eating things that no one in this world or that one would normally consider—for instance, Roast Green Imp en’ flambe. But no one cared; looting was what being a conqueror was all about.

Lucca was not sitting idle. She had heard about her friends’ betrayal, and sought to avenge them. She was rallying the townspeople in Leene Square to prepare a counter-strike.

Gaul used his limited knowledge of otherworldly healing magic to try and restore Moe’s health—the lightning spell had hit him harder than expected. And Chi was journeying to Magus’s castle to enlist his aid.

* * *

The basement revelry had reached a high state of drunkenness when Tom suddenly motioned for quiet. He gestured upstairs and the whole group obediently looked up and listened. They heard a great deal of motion, some hushed talking, and a few weapons being unsheathed. And, making gestures as if to silence one another, all of them simultaneously ran/stumbled up the stairs to the main hall.

The townsfolk snarled at the inebriated invaders. One of the invaders tried to snarl back, but tripped over a fold of carpet in the process and fell asleep on the floor. As the townsfolk drew and armed the guns that Lucca had handed them earlier, the invaders drew back and looked for some kind of ranged weapons. And so a standoff began.

Frank moved to cast an ice spell. At the exact same time, Lucca moved to cast a fire spell of equal strength. In cooperation, this would be called ‘antipode’, but in opposition, this would be called something along the lines of ‘oh crap’.

The catastrophe started off small. The blue wave and red wave just hung in mid-air, swirling about prettily. The standoff broke, and the two groups charged for each other…but at once the blue and red made a pretty purple, which then ripped through the air violently and emitted shock waves. The walls started to shake, and as the enemy army started to look around nervously, Lucca sounded retreat and the townspeople fled the castle.

Frank turned his head to address his comrades. “Guys…what the hell’s going on?”

The sphere exploded, and the castle disintegrated under the nova of energy. Guardia Forest suffered too, and what wasn’t shattered by the blast was set on fire by the fall out.

As the trio and their four surviving friends blinked to clear their vision, they realized that there wasn’t much left of the castle—there wasn’t even much left supporting the floor they were standing on. Grumbling, the magic users cast a sphere of transport about them, and ascended the group into the air.


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