Fight the Fanfic Chapter 8

The Decisive Battle

By Captain Gaul

Tom climbed up from the wreckage. “Frank? Devon? Where are you guys?”

His vision blurred, cleared, blurred again and then he refocused his eyes. Frank and Devon waved at him, then stepped backwards through a yellow gate. Tom stumbled forward—“No! Wait!” But the gate closed too quickly. He looked around. His four comrades started to stir. And his eyes focused on something in the distance. He saw a lone figure striding towards him.

“Stop! Do not come near me—oh shit.” He stopped when he recognized the figure. “Let me alone! Please!”

Captain Gaul just shook his head and slapped the nightstick in his hands. “Son, you’re in BIG trouble.”

One of Tom’s cohorts whimpered; Tom and Gaul both instructed her to shut up. Then they all stood up, and Tom’s team faced the captain. It was quiet for a few minutes until Gaul broke the silence with a “boo!” One of the girls screamed and jumped into the air; Gaul then leapt at the group, battle-ready.

Tom cowered to the side as he watched Gaul beat and swiftly dispatch each of his cohorts. Inebriated, dazed, and frightened, they put up little resistance as each of their heads was whacked with the club. When he realized that all of his companions were dead, Tom felt a surge of adrenaline. He lifted his scepter and charged at Gaul wildly.

Calmly, Gaul drew his pistol and shot the scepter out of Tom’s hands. Despairing, Tom charged anyway, and beat his fists on Gaul’s shoulder as if he still had a weapon in them. Gaul just knocked him to the ground. Tom whimpered some more. “You can’t beat me! I’ve got Level ‘***’ stats!”

Gaul leant down to him. “And that means what to me?” He popped him in the face with his fist. As Tom moaned and held his bleeding nose, Gaul slapped his nightstick, rubbed the yellow materia, and shouted a spell—“Chocobo! Chocobo!” Tom screamed as an immense yellow bird appeared beside him, and started attacking viscously.

Though far from his death, as far as HP went, Tom could take no more of the humiliation, and took his own life with a spell. A minute later, there were no more signs of activity in the Guardia ruins, so Gaul left the place.

* * *

“Ya know, Devon?”

“Yeah, Frank?”

“We seem to be losing.”

“Like hell we are!”

“Nah man, I’m serious! We are gettin' our butts kicked here!”

“Don’t worry about it, dude. I’ve got a plan.”

“Oh yeah? What’s your big plan here?”

“If I tell you, the other author would just find out and arrange for his characters to screw it all up.”

* * *

Damn. They’re wising up.

* * *

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Our influences is growing, and we’ve got the extreme ages in our grasp. It won’t be hard to pull the strings in the future—or in prehistory.”

“And where are we gonna have a fortress now, Mr. Bigshot?”

“We’ll just have to build a new one.”

* * *

As they were speaking, it did indeed come to pass. Most of the Ioka tribe was suddenly overcome with a violent urge to obey the will of Devon, and within a few hours Ayla was attempting to sacrifice Frog (who had been visiting) to the Altar of Devon. When Kino stopped her and set Frog free, Ayla attacked him and savagely ripped him apart.

And in the future, every robot around suddenly was reprogrammed to follow Devon’s word. And when Frank and Devon arrived a few hours later, they were more than prepared to serve as construction workers/personal bodyguards.


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